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Q11. Scenario: A large number of users log on to the XenApp 6.5 farm every weekday morning at 8:00 am. An administrator decides to configure Session PreLaunch in this environment.

Which additional impact will this configuration have on the environment?

A. If changes are required to the published application, it must be recreated.

B. Users will consume a Citrix license even when no user sessions are open.

C. A one instance limit is automatically invoked within the application properties.

D. Application user load based on this application cannot be used within a load evaluator.

Answer: B

Q12. Scenario: An administrator in a XenApp farm is in the process of replacing a couple of the failed XenApp servers in the farm. The administrator has been instructed to execute the DSCHECK command once the servers have been replaced.

What will be the outcome of executing the DSCHECK command?

A. Recover the local data store

B. Purge corrupt local host cache entries

C. Purge the data store of incorrect entries

D. Display information about servers in the farm

Answer: C

Q13. Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator plans to integrate a new application. This application is profiled to be streamed to a group of users and will be published to be streamed to the client.

Some users are able to launch the streamed application but a few of them are NOT able to do so.

What could cause this issue?

A. The administrator did NOT install Citrix Receiver.

B. The administrator did NOT configure Citrix Receiver.

C. The administrator did NOT install the Citrix Offline Plug-in.

D. The administrator did NOT configure the Citrix Offline Plug-in.

Answer: C

Q14. Scenario: An administrator has configured a XenApp Web site and customized the footer text of the site to reflect the required customer-specific hyperlinks. The administrator now plans to back up the site.

Which file must the administrator back up?

A. Default.ica

B. Web.config

C. Repair.SFO

D. WebInterface.conf


Answer: D

Q15. Scenario: A recent security breach occurred in which a member of staff was able to copy company confidential information onto a device which was then removed from company premises. A Citrix Adminstrator has been instructed to disable client drive mapping when staff using corporate issued domain-member laptops attempt to access XenApp resources.

Which section of the ICAClient.ADM template file must the administrator configure to facilitate this request?

A. Client Engine

B. User Experience

C. User Authentication

D. Remoting Client Devices

Answer: D

Q16. Scenario: A new administrator has been asked to ensure that all servers meet the minimum required patching level. A test server has been used to confirm that all patches can be deployed to the production servers. Testing has identified that production servers are NOT at the same patch level.

Which action can the administrator take to identify which patches are required on each production server?

A. Use the Citrix Computer policy wizard.

B. Use the Citrix AppCenter History node.

C. Use the Citrix AppCenter Configuration Tools node.

D. Use the Prepare this server for imaging and provisioning task.

Answer: C

Q17. Scenario: A XenApp Administrator in an enterprise environment plans to use Access Gateway to secure ICA connections from the external network. The Access Gateway is in the DMZ using ICA proxy mode.

Which two locations for these components would be the most secure? (Choose two.)

A. Place the XML broker in the DMZ.

B. Place the Web Interface in the DMZ.

C. Place the XML broker in the internal network.

D. Place the Web Interface in the internal network.

Answer: CD

Q18. An administrator pulls the ICA Session Round Trip Time report in the attached exhibit from EdgeSight.

Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.

What can the administrator deduce about the user experience?

Case Study Title (Case Study):

A. USB devices cannot be redirected for all of these users.

B. For Users 15, 2 and 14, USB devices cannot be redirected.

C. HDX Flash configured through default settings will run on the server.

D. HDX Flash configured through default settings will run on the client device.

Answer: C

Q19. Scenario: An administrator needs to configure scheduled restarts for half the farm at 1:00 pm and the other half at 2:00 pm. All the servers reside in the same OU.

Which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Go to the servers in AppCenter, and use the Logon Control options.

B. Create worker groups named 1PM and 2PM, and add servers accordingly.

C. Create two Citrix policies with settings to restart, and filter the policies by worker group.

D. Create two GPOs with settings to restart, and assign the GPOs to the OU containing the farm servers.

Answer: BC

Q20. Which two methods can an administrator use to configure Web Interface in high availability mode? (Choose two.)

A. Windows Cluster services

B. NetScaler Load Balancing feature

C. Windows Load Balancing services

D. NetScaler Access Gateway feature

Answer: BC