Top Citrix 1Y0-A26 faq Choices

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Q21. Which two CLI commands will correctly restart a virtual machine? (Choose two.)

A. xe vm-start vm=<vm_name>

B. xe vm-reboot vm=<vm_name>

C. xe vm-reboot uuid=<vm_UUID>

D. xe vm-reset-powerstate vm=<vm_name> -force

Answer: BC

Q22. An administrator needs to configure a Provisioning services environment for Microsoft volume license management. Which properties could the administrator configure to accomplish this task?

A. Farm

B. vDisk

C. Server

D. Target device

Answer: B

Q23. Scenario: The SAN Administrator provided an NFS share for the XenServer Administrator to use. The share name is NfsLun01 and is located at

Which format must the administrator use to connect to the share?


B. \\NfsLun01



Answer: A

Q24. An administrator needs to throttle traffic from the virtual print server because it has been impacting all virtual machines on the network. On which object should the QoS policy be configured?


B. Global

C. Server

D. Network

Answer: A

Q25. An administrator needs to apply an update to a XenServer pool, but needs to control the update path and the virtual machine migration. What does the administrator need to do to achieve this?

A. Update all hosts in the pool using the xe CLI.

B. Use the Install Update wizard to update the pool.

C. Update each host individually starting with the pool master.

D. Select manual update mode when updating the pool in XenCenter.

Answer: C

Q26. Scenario: An administrator needs to add two new XenServer hosts to an existing pool.

Before adding a host to the pool, the administrator created a network bond on the pool master. Which CLI command must the administrator run to replicate the bond on the new hosts?

A. xe pool-join

B. xe bond-create

C. xe network-create

D. xe pool-param-set

Answer: A

Q27. Scenario: An administrator needs to upgrade the current XenServer environment to version 6.0. The current XenServer environment consists of 20 production virtual machines running mission- critical applications. When is it appropriate for the administrator to use the rolling pool upgrade wizard in this environment?

A. When upgrading from XenServer 5.5 or earlier

B. When high availability is enabled in the current environment

C. When virtual machines in the current environment need to keep running

D. When the current environment contains a SAN adapter for the StorageLink storage repository

Answer: C

Q28. An administrator needs to run commands to specify___________ to configure email alerts at the host level. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. alarm_priority on the host

B. alarm_priority on the virtual machine

C. the sender email address and SMTP server

D. the recipient email address and SMTP server

Answer: D

Q29. Scenario: An administrator has added a new provisioning server to an existing farm. The store is on a separate file server. What does the administrator need to configure to have existing virtual machines use the Stream Service from the new provisioning server?

A. vDisk store

B. TFTP Service

C. DHCP options

D. Bootstrap options

Answer: D

Q30. Scenario: An administrator needs to increase the maximum memory range from 1 GB to 2 GB on a virtual machine configured with dynamic memory control. The virtual machine runs Windows Server 2008, has XenServer tools installed, and it is currently in a running state. What should the administrator consider prior to adjusting the memory configuration of the virtual machine?

A. The XenServer host needs to have enough available memory.

B. XenServer workload balancing needs to be enabled on the host.

C. The virtual machine needs to be moved to another resource pool.

D. The virtual machine needs to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.

Answer: D