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Q1. An administrator needs to back up the metadata of a XenServer pool on a scheduled basis to replicate to the Disaster Recovery site. Which two steps must the administrator take to backup the pool? (Choose two.)

A. Open XenCenter.

B. Open the XenServer console.

C. Configure scheduled snapshots.

D. Select Backup, Restore and Update.

E. Select Resource Pool Configuration.

Answer: BD

Q2. Scenario: An administrator is in charge of distributing streamed Windows desktops to users using Provisioning services. Users have reported that they CANNOT access any printers while using the streamed desktops. The administrator has confirmed local printers are installed in the base image. What could be causing this issue?

A. Printer drivers are NOT configured.

B. Network printers are NOT assigned to the users.

C. Active Directory printers are assigned to the users.

D. Printer Management is enabled in the vDisk properties.

Answer: D

Q3. Which command should the administrator use to back up XenServer pool metadata regularly?

A. xe pool-param-get

B. xe pool-sync-database

C. xe pool-dump-database

D. xe pool-enable-local storage caching

Answer: C

Q4. Scenario: An administrator built four new hosts in an existing XenServer pool that already has multiple hosts connected to a shared storage over Fibre Channel. The administrator discovered that the new hosts are NOT able to connect to the existing storage repositories. Which two steps can the administrator take to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Check the log files.

B. Recreate the storage repositories.

C. Verify that the LUNs are mapped and zoned correctly.

D. Convert the storage repositories to shared storage repositories.

Answer: AC

Q5. Scenario: An administrator tries to start a virtual machine on a host that has an NFS storage repository. The virtual machine gives the error "This virtual machine needs storage that cannot be seen from the server." Which action, within XenCenter, can the administrator take on the NFS storage repository to correct this issue?

A. Repair

B. Forget

C. Detach

D. Set as default

Answer: A

Q6. Scenario: An administrator is adding a new host to a XenServer resource pool.

XenServer is already installed on the host, but the NTP server settings are configured incorrectly on the host. Which file can the administrator edit to adjust the NTP server settings on the new XenServer host?

A. /etc/ntp.conf

B. /etc/ntp/keys

C. /etc/init.d/ntpd

D. /etc/ntp/step-tickers

Answer: A

Q7. Scenario: XenServer Pool1 must be configured to provide fault tolerance in case a host fails. Pool1 consists of 10 XenServer hosts. Which command should the administrator execute to enable fault tolerance?

A. xe pool-param-add

B. xe pool-join name=Pool1

C. xe pool-ha-enable name=Pool1

D. xe pool-ha-enable heartbeat-sr-uuids=<sr_uuid>

Answer: D

Q8. An administrator needs to create a template from an existing virtual machine that is installed with Windows Server 2008. The administrator needs to the virtual machine before converting it into a template. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. copy 

B. export 

C. sysprep

D. snapshot

Answer: C

Q9. Scenario: An administrator is in the process of updating a database server on a virtual machine and would like to preserve its current state in case something goes wrong. The virtual machine is being used in a production environment and needs to remain online.

What can the administrator do to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A. Preserve the virtual machine by exporting it to an external drive.

B. Enable high availablity to ensure the virtual machine remains online.

C. Perform an online backup by taking a snapshot of the virtual machine.

D. Make a copy of the virtual machine in case the original needs to be deleted.

Answer: C

Q10. What can the administrator create to configure a high availability plan for a group of mission critical virtual machines in a single pool?

A. Site 

B. vApp 

C. Folder

D. Secondary Site

Answer: B