1Y0-A26 ebook(31 to 40) for examinee: Jan 2021 Edition

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Q31. Scenario: An administrator installed a new storage repository for use by a XenServer pool. The administrator needs to enable multipathing to connect to the new storage device. What does the administrator need to enable to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A. High availability

B. Maintenance mode

C. Workload balancing

D. Virtual machine protection policy

Answer: B

Q32. Scenario: An administrator configures a bootstrap file with the Manage Boot Devices Utility. The administrator wants to make sure that the target devices in use start successfully. These target devices use drivers that have several timing and startup issues. Which option must the administrator select during the creation of the bootstrap file to correct these issues?

A. Verbose Mode

B. Interrupt Safe Mode

C. Network Recovery Method

D. Advanced Memory Support

Answer: B

Q33. Scenario: An administrator purchased a new iSCSI Dell EqualLogic SAN. The administrator is required to configure a new storage repository on the XenServer pool and offload intensive tasks such as LUN provisioning, snapshot and cloning of data to the new SAN. Which type of storage repository must the administrator create to meet the requirements of this scenario?


B. Hardware HBA

C. Software iSCSI

D. Advanced StorageLink

Answer: D

Q34. Scenario: An administrator is trying to start two new virtual machines in a XenServer resource pool in which several virtual machines are already running. However, the virtual machines will NOT start. What should the administrator do to get the two new virtual machines to start?

A. Disable XenServer Tools.

B. Configure workload balancing.

C. Enable dynamic memory control. 

D. Assign virtual machines to a vApp.

Answer: C

Q35. An administrator needs to perform maintenance on a XenServer host that is the pool master and that has high availability enabled. Which two commands would the administrator have to use to prepare the XenServer host for maintenance? (Choose two.)

A. host-disable

B. host-evacuate

C. host-shutdown-agent

D. host-management-disable

E. host-emergency-ha-disable

Answer: AB

Q36. When starting up a XenServer from SAN, the BIOS of the ___________ contains the instructions that enable the host to find the boot disk. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. host machine

B. array controller

C. host bus adapter

D. network interface card

Answer: C

Q37. Which two policy modes must the administrator apply to implement a XenServer workload balancing policy to help reduce power consumption and energy costs during all hours? (Choose two.)

A. Maximize Density

B. Fixed Optimization

C. Maximize Performance

D. Scheduled Optimization

Answer: AB

Q38. Scenario: To improve performance and increase security, a network team will be moving all XenServer hosts into a more secure, and high resiliency subnet. The administrator must now change the subnet mask on all XenServer hosts to match the new network: Which command will the administrator need to execute on each host?

A. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=dhcp netmask=

B. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=static netmask=

C. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=dhcp netmask=

D. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=static netmask=

Answer: B

Q39. Which action must an administrator take to configure unattended backups of virtual machine configurations?

A. Schedule virtual machine metadata.

B. Schedule a virtual machine snapshot.

C. Configure virtual machine protection policies.

D. Configure a script for exporting virtual machines.

Answer: A

Q40. Scenario: An administrator is configuring a distributed Provisioning services farm, which will span six remote sites. All remote sites are connected by WAN links and the Provisioning services SQL database in the main datacenter. Which option could the administrator configure to achieve high availability of Provisioning services during a network outage?

A. Database Mirroring

B. vDisk Load Balancing

C. Offline Database Support

D. Provisioning Server high availability

Answer: C