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Q1. Identify three business entities that can be auto-assigned by territory definition. (Choose three.) 

A. accounts 

B. sales quotas 

C. assets 

D. leads 

E. opportunities 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q2. Identify three functional responsibilities associated with the Channel Manager role. (Choose three.) 

A. Pursue Partner Leads and Opportunities 

B. Manage Partner Accounts 

C. Manage Partner Programs 

D. Manage Sales Planning and Forecasting 

E. Manage Partner Enrollment 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q3. What will happen when you configure the Quota Factor attribute of sales stages? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. This field drives metrics for the Stalled Opportunities report. 

B. This field represents the likelihood (in percent form) of winning the opportunity. 

C. This field signifies the average number of days that you expect this sales stage to last. 

D. This field feeds the data in the Sales Pipeline reports. 

E. This field allows the sales method to be shared across multiple business units. 


Q4. What is the out-of-the-box visibility of accounts for sales reps? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Sales reps can view accounts only if they are owners or are on the Sales team. 

B. Sales reps can view, edit, and delete all accounts. 

C. Sales reps can view all accounts and edit accounts if they are on the account team. 

D. Sales reps have no access to accounts unless they are on the Account Territory team. 


Q5. Which tool will a developer use to alter security for an existing job role on a custom object? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Oracle Application Composer 

B. Functional Setup Manager 

C. Oracle Authorization Policy Manager 

D. Oracle Identity Manager 


Q6. Which four options are copied when you copy an opportunity? (Choose four) 

A. Revenue information, such as quantity, unit price, revenue amount, and the like 

B. Opportunity header attributes, including standard and custom fields 

C. Schedule information and the underlying scheduled transactions 

D. Sales credits, including recipients, amounts, and percentages 

E. Notes, Tasks, Appointments 

F. Assessments, Attachments, Deal registrations 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q7. Which statement is false about dynamic choice list fields? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Dynamic choice list fields are based on a many-to-one relationship between objects. 

B. Dynamic choice list fields are available only for standard objects. U c 

C. Dynamic choice list fields establish a relationship between objects. 

D. Dynamic choice list fields derive values from existing data on another object. 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q8. Identify three lookup types that are required to manage Leads in Oracle Sales Cloud. (Choose three.) 

A. Manage Time Frames 

B. Manage Lead Status 

C. Manage Resource Groups 

D. Manage Ranks 

E. Manage Resources 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q9. Your customer would like to migrate multiple business objects from their legacy system data to Oracle Sales Cloud. If you import a record that references another record, then the referenced record must exist in the Oracle Sales Cloud database before you do this import. 

What is the correct sequence that you can use to import business objects? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Country Structure, Geography, Employee Resource, Customer, Contact, Product Group, Lead, Opportunity, Note, Activity 

B. Geography, Country Structure, Customer, Product Group, Employee Resource, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Note, Activity 

C. Country Structure, Geography, Employee Resource, Customer, Contact, Product Group, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Note 

D. Geography, Country Structure, Resource, Customer, Contact, Product Group, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Note 


Q10. Which Setup and Maintenance task is used to run imports in Oracle Sales Cloud? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Manage File Import Activities 

B. Manage File Importing 

C. Run File Imports 

D. Schedule File Import Activities