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Q81. Which two are valid array declaration? 

A. Object array[]; 

B. Boolean array[3]; 

C. int[] array; 

D. Float[2] array; 

Answer: AC 

Q82. Given the class definitions: 

And the code fragment of the main() method, 

What is the result? 

A. Java 



B. Java 



C. Java 



D. Compilation fails 


Q83. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. 2 4 6 8 10 12 

B. 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 

C. Compilation fails 

D. The program prints multiple of 2 infinite times 

E. The program prints nothing 


Q84. Which two items can legally be contained within a java class declaration? 

A. An import statement 

B. A field declaration 

C. A package declaration 

D. A method declaration 

Answer: BD 

Q85. View the exhibit: 

public class Student { 

public String name = ""; 

public int age = 0; 

public String major = "Undeclared"; 

public boolean fulltime = true;  

public void display() { 

System.out.println("Name: " + name + " Major: " + major); } 

public boolean isFullTime() { 

return fulltime; 


Public class TestStudent { 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

Student bob = new Student (); = "Bob"; 

bob.age = 18; 

bob.year = 1982; 

What is the result? 

A. year is set to 1982. 

B. bob.year is set to 1982 

C. A runtime error is generated. 

D. A compile time error is generated. 


Q86. A method is declared to take three arguments. A program calls this method and passes only two arguments. What is the results? 

A. Compilation fails. 

B. The third argument is given the value null. 

C. The third argument is given the value void. 

D. The third argument is given the value zero. 

E. The third argument is given the appropriate falsy value for its declared type. 

F. An exception occurs when the method attempts to access the third argument. 


Q87. Given: 

What three modifications, made independently, made to class greet, enable the code to compile and run? 

A. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.keystroke stroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

B. line 6 replaced with handy.*.KeyStroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

C. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.KeyStroke Stroke = new handy.dandy.KeyStroke(); 

D. import handy.*; added before line 1 

E. import handy.dandy.*; added after line 1 

F. import handy.dandy,KeyStroke; added after line 1 

G. import handy.dandy.KeyStroke.typeException(); added before line 1 

Answer: CEF 

Q88. Given: 

What is the result? 

Oracle 1z0-803 : Practice Test 

A. 0 Done 

B. First Exception Done 

C. Second Exception 

D. Done Third Exception 

E. Third Exception 


Q89. Given the code fragment: 

Q90. Given: 

A. Good Day! 

Good Luck! 

B. Good Day! 

Good Day! 

C. Good Luck! 

Good Day! 

D. Good Luck! 

Good Luck! 

E. Compilation fails