Shortcuts To 1y0-202(1 to 10)

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Q1. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator creates a new Desktop OS master image and attempts to create a Machine Catalog based on that master image. However, the administrator is unable to locate the master image in Citrix Studio.

A possible cause of the issue is that the master image _____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. is NOT stored in the configured resource connection for the Site

B. does NOT have the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) installed

C. does NOT have the Target Device software installed

D. contains an unsupported OS version

Answer: B

Q2. HDX insight is an appliance that can deliver data from the ICA sessions flowing through ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. Citrix Studio

B. Citrix Director

C. NetScaler

D. StoreFront

Answer: C

Q3. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to set up a XenDesktop environment. The administrator chooses to install the SQL Server version that is included on the XenDesktop installation media.

By choosing this option, which edition of SQL Server license is installed for the XenDesktop environment?

A. SQL Server Standard Edition

B. SQL Server Express Edition

C. SQL Server Developer Edition

D. SQL Server Enterprise Edition

Answer: B

Q4. Which Citrix component will a Citrix Administrator install on every machine that delivers published applications?

A. Provisioning Services

B. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)

C. StoreFront server

D. Citrix Studio

Answer: D

Q5. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer configured NetScaler Gateway for remote users. A Citrix Administrator now needs to configure StoreFront Beacons accordingly.

Which two Beacon addresses can the administrator use as Internal Beacons according to Citrix leading practices? (Choose two.)

A. A local intranet website


C. Localhost

D. Citrix StoreFront FQDN

E. Citrix NetScaler FQDN

Answer: D,E

Q6. Which PowerShell cmdlet will a Citrix Administrator use to show a list of all configured published applications along with associated user names in a XenApp 7.6 environment?

A. Get-BrokerApplicationInstance

B. Get-BrokerUser

C. Get-BrokerApplication

D. Get-Brokersession

Answer: C

Q7. A Citrix Administrator enabled file-type association (FTA), but users are unable to use published applications to open files on their local drive.

Which two reasons are causing this issue? (Choose two.)

A. The user is connected using Receiver for Web.

B. The user is denied access to the local drive in the “Client security dialog box”.

C. An instance of the same application is installed on the local device.

D. A Citrix policy is configured for folder redirection.

Answer: C,D

Q8. A Citrix Administrator can use the HDX Monitor for issues related to ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) NOT registering

B. printer drives

C. graphic experience

D. logon duration

Answer: C

Q9. A Citrix Administrator requires exclusive control at the virtual machine level without having to manage the hardware.

Which hosting platform will the administrator choose in this scenario?

A. Cloud-Hosted

B. Service Provider

C. Citrix Cloud

D. On-Premises

Answer: B

Q10. Which tool shows the output projected in the attached screenshot? Click the Exhibit button to view the screenshot.


A. Citrix UPD Finder

B. StressPrinter

C. Print Detective

D. Citrix UPS Print Driver Certification

Answer: C