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Which action must be performed on the orchestration process user interface to activate an orchestration process after the order orchestration configurations are completed?

  • A. Download the generated orchestration process.
  • B. Validate the orchestration process.
  • C. Release the orchestration process.
  • D. Release and deploy the orchestration proces

Answer: D

Explanation: " orchestration-processes.html#FAIOM1702198"nagement/r13-update17d/faiom/setting-uporchestration- processes.html#FAIOM1702198

Which three statements are true about the Extensible Flexfields setup for order capture integration? (Choose three.)

  • A. The Extensible Flexfield implementation requires customers to manually map incoming Extensible Flexfield data to all Order Management entities.
  • B. If the extensible attributes need to be passed to or received from downstream applications, the values must be passed in the payload structure.
  • C. If the attribute information will be provided during the import process, the values should be provided in the import web service payload structure.
  • D. The XLST “Copy-of” feature dynamically maps the input Extensible Flexfield to the Order Management entities and the Extensible Flexfield Order Management entity to the SDO/custom node for all Task Layers.
  • E. The XLST “Copy-of” feature dynamically maps the input Extensible Flexfield to the Order Management entities and the Extensible Flexfield Order Management entity to the SDO/customnode only for the Decomposition (Sales Order Integration), Template Task Layer, and Fulfillment Task Layer.

Answer: BCE

You are in the process of setting up a constraint that prohibits update to an extensible filexfield in a fulfillment line if Ship From Warehouse is X and the fulfillment line is booked. You are able to see the extensible filexfield on the “Manage Constraint Entities” page but not on the “Manage Processing Constraints” page.
What could be the reason?

  • A. The “generate packages” program was not submitted.
  • B. The “Publish extensible filexfield” process was not run.
  • C. The extensible filexfield is not enabled.
  • D. A “Record Set” needs to be created for the extensible filexfield to be visible on the “Manage Processing Constraints” page.

Answer: D

Explanation: A record set is a group of records that are bound by common attribute values for the purpose of constraint evaluation. You can define conditions and specify a record set to be validated for a given condition as defined by the validation template.

Your company has a single global installation that contains Oracle Cloud Product Management, Oracle Cloud Trading Community Model, and Cloud Order Management. It has all the execution systems implemented in tandem with Global Order Promising. The Master data elements have also been migrated to their respective areas. The next step is to run the date collection program to load the planning data repository.
Which five data elements will the collection program load into the planning data repository? (Choose five.)

  • A. Currencies
  • B. Shipping methods
  • C. Suppliers
  • D. Customers
  • E. Items
  • F. Cross-referenced data
  • G. Calendars

Answer: CDEFG

Your company wants to revise an existing sales order in Order Management Cloud to compensate the downstream legacy fulfillment system that does not allow any update to the already interfaced fulfillment lines.
What type of compensation pattern rule would you need to define for the orchestration process fulfillment step?

  • A. Define one rule of type CREATE.
  • B. Define one rule of type UPDATE.
  • C. Define two rules: one of type CANCEL and another of type CREATE.
  • D. Define one rule of type CANCEL_CREAT

Answer: C

Explanation: A rule that you can set on an orchestration process step that specifies the adjustments to make when an order changes.
Undo, Redo, Update, Cancel, and None are each an example of a compensation pattern. For example, assume the compensation pattern for a Create Shipment step is Redo, and that this step calls the Cancel service and the Create service.
If Order Management receives a change order that includes a new warehouse for this step, then it runs the Cancel service and the Create service again.

Which two activities can you perform by using Global Order Promising’s stand-alone work area? (Choose two.)

  • A. You can split quantities against a Sales Order Line to perform what-if simulations and evaluate better ways of promising an order.
  • B. You can re-schedule order lines that are already scheduled.
  • C. You can initiate back-to-back orders to expedite fulfillment of lines with a delayed schedule ship date.
  • D. You can simulate the Capable-to-Promise option in place of the Available-to-Promise option for quicker fulfillment.

Answer: AB

A company manufactures and ships industrial water filters from its only factory unit in Indi

  • A. Which four types of lead time can the company use to create promising rules in lead-time promising mode? (Choose four.)
  • B. total lead time
  • C. processing lead time
  • D. supplier lead time
  • E. transit lead time
  • F. cumulative total lead time
  • G. cumulative manufacturing lead time
  • H. user-defined lead time

Answer: AEFG

Your customer is in the business of selling laptops.
Which three seeded pricing attributes are available when you set up Customer Pricing Profiles for your customer? (Choose three.)

  • A. Customer rating
  • B. Cost-to-serve
  • C. Customer value
  • D. Days Sales Outstanding
  • E. Customer credit limit

Answer: ABC

Which three statements are true about Discount Lists? (Choose three.)

  • A. Users can define discounts for configurable models on Discount Lists.
  • B. Discount rules can be defined at multiple levels: the root item, the components, or the entire configuration.
  • C. Discount rules can be defined at the root level only.
  • D. Tier and attribute-based adjustments are supported only at the root item level.
  • E. Tier and attribute-based adjustments are supported at multiple levels: the root item, the components, or the entire configuration.

Answer: ABD

Explanation: References: Pricing_Administration.doc

Your company wants to notify the external system when there is a high possibility that an order is going to be delayed.
Which four steps are required to invoke the external system connector to notify that an order is going to be delayed? (Choose four.)

  • A. Set up the Jeopardy threshold for the orchestration process task.
  • B. Set up the lead time for the orchestration steps in the orchestration process definition.
  • C. Register the web service connector.
  • D. Create a routing rule for the orchestration process task.
  • E. Enable a business event trigger point for Jeopardy and associate the connector.
  • F. Set up the Use Defined Lead time in the Available To Promise Rul

Answer: ABDE

Which two statements are true about the functional capabilities of Oracle Cloud Configurator? (Choose two.)

  • A. For users who do not have access to Oracle Fusion Product Hub, Oracle provides an alternative option to create models directly in the workspace area.
  • B. Only the optional structure and attributes of a Product Item are imported from Product Hub to Configurator and not the mandatory elements because they cannot be configured by an end user.
  • C. Multiple drafts of the same model can be modified at the same time, but they must be in differentworkspaces.
  • D. The user interface pages are tightly connected to the mode
  • E. You cannot add, delete, or reorder pages without affecting the model structure.

Answer: BC

Explanation: “Configurator models are imported from items maintained in Oracle Fusion Product Hub (which is accessed by the Product Information Management work area) that have a Structure Type of Model. Only the optional structure and attributes of the product item are imported, because the required elements of the product item cannot be configured by an end user. The option classes and optional standard items for each model item are also imported.”
“Configurator models are versioned objects. A model can go through multiple drafts before being released in a series of versions.
There can be multiple drafts of the same model being modified at the same time, but they must be in different workspaces. A message notifies you if you add a model to a workspace when another draft exists in another workspace. There can only be a single released version of a model with the same effective start date.”

Which process requires the Process Supply Chain Orchestration Interface process to be executed manually so that a supply order gets created?

  • A. Planned Order Releases
  • B. Drop Shipment
  • C. Back-to-Back Procurement
  • D. Back-to-Back Contract Manufacturing
  • E. Min-Max planning replenishing a purchase request

Answer: E

Explanation: Needs to be run manually for Inventory MINMAX

Your customer has requested that sales order details are sent to his e-mail address. How will Order Management Cloud format the order details in the e-mail?

  • A. Order Management will include the order details in an attached Word document.
  • B. Order Management will include the order details in an attached PDF (Portable Document Format).
  • C. You cannot send order details through an e-mail.
  • D. Order Management will include a link to a webpage with order details in the body of the e-mail.
  • E. Order Management will include the order details in the body of the e-mai

Answer: B

Which four options apply to the "Lead Time" mode? (Choose four.)

  • A. Lead time can be specified in multiple ways.
  • B. The item is promised on the requested date irrespective of availability.
  • C. Calendars and transit time constraints are respected.
  • D. No supply availability search is performed.
  • E. The order promising engine does not generate any peggin

Answer: ACDE

Which two attributes can you use to group shipment lines into a single shipment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Carrier
  • B. FOB
  • C. Item
  • D. Sales Order
  • E. Ship-to location

Answer: BE

Explanation: A shipment comprises a set of shipment lines, grouped by certain common shipping attributes, that are scheduled to be shipped to a customer's ship-to location on a specific date and time. You can include items from different sales orders in a shipment. You can either manually or automatically group shipment lines to create a shipment. The shipment lines are grouped by the mandatory default criteria: ship-from location and ship-to location. However, you may also include additional grouping criteria, such as customer, freight terms, FOB (Free on board), and shipping method.

Select the two principle elements of the pack functionality in shipping execution. (Choose two)

  • A. Trip
  • B. Delivery
  • C. Trip stop
  • D. Delivery line
  • E. License plate number

Answer: DE

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