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You receive a status code: 502 Proxy Error. Which is a possible event cause for this error?

  • A. when the proxy setup is incorrect
  • B. while registering a large number of devices using the Batch Registration feature under the Devices menu
  • C. while adding proxy for an enterprise application device
  • D. while the proxy server is not responding to the request

Answer: B


You have been tasked with monitoring the SOA composite applications and the underlying environment within a SOA Cloud Service instance.
Which SOA Cloud Service web application is best for viewing completed composite instances?

  • A. Fusion Middleware Control
  • B. WebLogic Service Console
  • C. SOA Cloud Service Console
  • D. Service Bus Console
  • E. SOA Composer

Answer: E

What is the default value for Command Notification Timeout?

  • A. 5 seconds
  • B. 2 seconds
  • C. 10 seconds
  • D. 1 second

Answer: A


Which three background colors are displayed for autocomplete in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
  • B. Red for invalid binding names
  • C. Green for valid binding names
  • D. Orange for unmatched binding names

Answer: ABC

Explanation: The background colors displayed for the autocomplete options are:
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Green for valid binding names
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Red for invalid binding names
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
If a control isn’t linked to an attribute or if a control is linked to an invalid attribute, an error message is
displayed in the Binding
field and an error icon is displayed in the canvas. When a control doesn't have a valid
binding, any value entered into the control in runtime is not passed on to the form payload.

What two grants allow an API Manager to use a service in their API?

  • A. Manage Service
  • B. View All Details
  • C. Deploy Service
  • D. Reference Service

Answer: BC


What options are available for Escalation and Expiration of human tasks in Process Cloud Service?

  • A. Escalate, Restart, Next or Previous
  • B. Renew, start, end, or error
  • C. Never Escalate, Skip, hierarchy, or New
  • D. Never expire, Expire, Renew, or Escalate

Answer: D

Configuring Task Expiration, Renewal, or Escalation
You can configure a human task to never expire, to expire after a certain time, to renew the expiration time, or to escalate after a certain time passes.
To configure an action to perform on a specific deadline:
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Click the Escalation and Expiration
tab on the implementation pane.
The Escalation and Expiration tab appears.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Use the radio buttons to specify if you want the human task to Never expire, Expire, Renew, or
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Never expire: the human task doesn’t expire and if no user completes it, it remains in the users task list for an indeterminate period of time.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Expire: the human task expires after the specified time and is no longer accessible from the task list.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Renew: when the specified time passes, the expiration date is extended for one more period until it reaches the specified amount of renewals allowed.
1Z0-1042 dumps exhibit Escalate: when the specified time passes, the human task is escalated to the specified escalation levels.

What Expression Language does Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) use?

  • A. RegEx
  • B. Groovy
  • C. Friendly Enough Expression Language (FEEL)
  • D. Process Expression Language (PEL)

Answer: C

Explanation: Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) defines Friendly Enough Expression Language (FEEL) to provide
standard executable semantics to all expressions used within a decision model.
In Process, you use FEEL to define expressions within all notations of decision logic, including decision tables.

Which two options cannot be performed from the Monitoring Dashboard?

  • A. Activity Stream Download
  • B. Artifacts Download
  • C. Download Incident Logs
  • D. Download Lookup
  • E. Download Diagnostic Logs

Answer: BC

Which three are tasks that can be performed in the Monitoring page for device data messages and alert messages?

  • A. Create
  • B. Update
  • C. View
  • D. Filter
  • E. Search

Answer: ACE

Which built-in API platform policy lets you manipulate the request context?

  • A. Application Rate Limiting Policy
  • B. Key Validation Policy
  • C. Redaction Policy
  • D. Groovy Script Policy

Answer: D


Assuming that a particular user possesses the "Deploy to Gateway" grant, what grants on an API are required in order to deploy that API?

  • A. Manage API or Deploy API
  • B. Manage API
  • C. Entitle API
  • D. View all Details and Deploy API

Answer: A

You have been tasked with provisioning a Managed File Transfer (MFT) Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
Which of provisioning requirement is NOT valid?

  • A. You are required to obtain an authentication token for an Object Storage bucket within an accessible OCI compartment.
  • B. You can use any Oracle Database instance running in either OCI or OCI Classic.
  • C. You must create a Virtual Cloud Network in OCI with at least two subnets.
  • D. Provisioning MFT requires creating a SOA Cloud Service instance in OCI choosing "MFT Cluster" as a service type.

Answer: C

What two tasks can a user with the Application Developer role perform?

  • A. Subscribe to a Plan.
  • B. Deploy to a Gateway.
  • C. Create an API.
  • D. Create an Application.

Answer: CD


Which Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOA CS) component provides stateful orchestration?

  • A. Oracle Mediator
  • B. Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • C. Oracle Service Bus
  • D. Oracle Business Rules
  • E. Oracle BPEL Process Manager

Answer: E

Which two actions can be repositioned in integration with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

  • A. Function Call
  • B. Switch
  • C. Stage File with Read File in Segments
  • D. Stage File

Answer: AB

Which two statements correctly define the use cases for Business Process Execution Language(BPEL) vs. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) vs. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

  • A. Decision Model and Notation (DMN) replaces BPMN in modern Cloud Architectures.
  • B. All are part of a typical/traditional on-premise enterprise integration strategy and can also be animportant part of a hybrid on-premises/Cloud architecture.
  • C. BPEL is inherently better than BPMN in managing orchestrations that involve people, because BPEL can also interact with systems.
  • D. An ESB is used primarily for stateless messages and service mediatio
  • E. The ESB construct is being replaced by API's and API Gateways in modern Cloud architectures.
  • F. BPEL and ESB are both good technologies for doing heavy transformations of data before sending the data to a back-end system or database.

Answer: DE

Which JNDI name value must be provided when configuring the properties of a new database adapter outbound connection pool to support dependent SOA composite applications?

  • A. The associated XA database adapter plan deployed with this database adapter outbound connection pool.
  • B. The defined XA database adapter connection factory configured for this WebLogic domain.
  • C. The corresponding XA enterprise resource adapter application deployed to the same WebLogic cluster.
  • D. The corresponding XA datasource configuration deployed to the same WebLogic cluster.

Answer: C

During a design review of your OIC orchestration-style integration, it has been recommended that you refactor it into smaller integrations.
Which two things should you do in order to invoke the multiple integrations without needing to create explicit connections for each endpoint?

  • A. Import each local integration you wish to invoke into your calling integration environment.
  • B. Add the local-enabled flag for each integration you wish to invoke.
  • C. Use the local integration wizard to define each integration to be invoked.
  • D. Request the enablement of the oic.ics.console.integration.local.integration feature flag.
  • E. Build each smaller integration as a local-only integration interface.

Answer: CE

Which four are valid for integration using Service Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOACS)?

  • A. Retrieve/Update supported data elements on the SaaS applications using REST Services in real time.
  • B. SOACS has read access to HCM and ERP Cloud (SaaS) Applications data.
  • C. Create Files in the required format and Orchestrate PBL data loads into the HCM/ERP Cloud.
  • D. Create Files in the required format and Orchestrate FBDL data loads into the HCM/ERP Cloud.
  • E. Create Files in the required format and Orchestrate ADFDi data loads into the HCM/ERP Cloud.
  • F. Create Files in the required format and Orchestrate HDL data loads into the HCM/ERP Cloud.

Answer: ABEF

Given that a gateway node should have a dedicated user credential for connecting to the API Platform Management Service, what grants should be assigned to that user?

  • A. Node Service Account
  • B. Deploy API
  • C. View all Details
  • D. Deploy to Gateway

Answer: A

You want to configure SOA Cloud Service instance to allow for a cluster of three WebLogic server instances. Which is a valid consideration when configuring the Load Balancer within your SOA instance?

  • A. Load balancer configuration may only be configured after the SOA instance cluster has been provisioned.
  • B. Each load balancer node will share the same public IP address utilizing virtual routing redundancy protocol (VRRP).
  • C. A SOA instance can include up to three load balancer virtual machine nodes.
  • D. Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) is the only available implementation option.

Answer: A


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