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As an Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud implementation consultant, you are configuring an enterprise structure for an organization that has undergone major restructuring. The client wants you to make multiple versions of the enterprise structure so that they can decide on a final one that suits them based on proper analysis and comparison.
What should you do to meet this requirement of the client?

  • A. Design the enterprise structure by using individual tasks available for each of the organizations and keep changing it until the final structure is agreed upon.
  • B. Create and load one enterprise structure at a time through Establish Enterprise Structure, analyze the structure and, if it does not suit the client, use the rollback optionbefore creating another structure.
  • C. Configure multiple enterprise structures by using the Establish Enterprise Structure guided flow.Analyze and compare them by using the configuration review pages, including the Technical Summary Report, before loadingthe final one.
  • D. Configure multiple enterprise structures and load all of them simultaneously so that analysis and comparison can be done.

Answer: C

Select three correct Workforce Structure definitions. (Choose three.)

  • A. Department
  • B. Location
  • C. Division
  • D. Geography
  • E. Facility
  • F. Country

Answer: ABC

You are configuring Enterprise Onboarding Checklists and need to c to newhires during onboarding by line managers and HR specialists.
Which Checklist enhancement supports this requirement?

  • A. Checklist Category
  • B. Checklist Validity
  • C. Checklist Completion
  • D. Task Library

Answer: C

The Human Resource Representative of the organization if trying to set up the Jobs and Positions for the enterprise.
What are the three options that the Human Resource Representative should be aware of regarding Jobs and Positions?(Choose three.)

  • A. Jobs are shared by Sets and Positions are assigned to Business Units.
  • B. Jobs and Positions are shared by Sets.
  • C. Department and location can be defined for a Position.
  • D. When creating Positions, the grades that are specified forthe job become the default grades for the Position.

Answer: ACD

Identify the correct option regarding the status of a person who has a Non-Worker work relationship (for example, an externaltrainer) with a legal employer, and applies for employment with the same legal employer and gets hired as an employee.

  • A. The person retains the Non-Worker work relationship with the legal employer.
  • B. The person has only an Employee workrelationship with the legal employer.
  • C. The person no longer has a Non-Worker work relationship and has only an Employee work relationship with the legal employer.
  • D. The person has both Non-Worker and Employee work relationship with the legal employer.

Answer: D

A Human Resource Representative is inthe process of transferring an employee from the French Subsidiary to the US Subsidiary and exercise the option of Global Transfer.
Identify the three options for the Global Transfer process.

  • A. The Human Resources Representative can override the default by deselecting the assignments that are not required to be terminated; these assignments retain their original status and the work relationship is not terminated.
  • B. A new work relationship in the destination legal employer is not created automatically.
  • C. The existing employment terms and assignments in the source work relationship are terminated and their status is set to Inactive - Payroll Eligible by default.
  • D. A new worker relationship in the destination legal employer is created automatically.
  • E. The Human Resource Representative cannot override the default changes.

Answer: ABC


You are required to setgeography validation for country-specific address style. You have configured the application correctly, but users are still entering addresses in the wrong address format. What can be done to change this?

  • A. Create a new geography validation.
  • B. Set thegeography validation level to Error instead of No Validation.
  • C. Effective End Date for geography validation is end of time.
  • D. Educate users to use the country-specific address format only.

Answer: B

Grade structures (grades, grade rates, and grade ladder) were configured for your customer and the required employee assignment data was migrated to the system. However, there was a change in requirement andthe customer decided to delete some grades because they were no longer used. When you try to delete one such grade from the system, the system throws an error.
Identify three possible reasons for the system error. (Choose three.)

  • A. There areassignment records of one or more employees associated with this grade.
  • B. The grade has grade rates defined.
  • C. The grade is linked to a grade ladder.
  • D. A grade cannot be deleted and can only be made inactive by changing the status to “Inactive”.
  • E. A grade cannot be deleted and can only be end-dated.

Answer: ABC

There has been are-organization requiring all the employees of Department A to be moved to Department B. Which option will enable this activity to be addressed in a single request?

  • A. Run the Refresh Manager Hierarchy process.
  • B. Run the Synchronize Person Records process.
  • C. Run the Mass Update process.
  • D. Run the Send Pending LDAP Requests process.

Answer: C

The line manager of an employee is also the HR manager for that employee. The Promotion approval rules state that a transaction should be approved by the line manager followed by HR. If this employee receives a promotion, the approval will go to the manager twice. The customer requires that when approvers repeat in the routing chain, only one approval notification should be triggered to such approvers.
What steps in Business Process Management (BPM) Worklist should you perform to meet this requirement?

  • A. Change the Task Aggregation configuration to Once Per Task.
  • B. Change thevalue of Complete task Immediately When Participant Chooses to Approve.
  • C. Select Allow Participants To Edit Future Participants.
  • D. Deselect Allow Participants To Edit Future Participants.
  • E. Select Allow All Participants To Route Task To Other Participants.

Answer: ABC

Action Reasons provide further explanation for actions, for example, an action of transfer could have reasons such as reorganization or career progression. As adeveloper, you have created Actions as part of Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud setup. Now you are in the process of adding Action Reasons.
Identify the three correct statements regarding Action Reasons. (Choose three.)

  • A. Action Reasons can be user defined.
  • B. Action Reasons are primarily used for analysis and reporting.
  • C. Worker termination predictions use Action and Action Reason to determine whether termination is voluntary or involuntary.
  • D. Action Reasons can be deleted if no longer being used.

Answer: ABC

When an HRspecialist searches for Awards and Honors, such as “PhD”, the Person Gallery page displays only the direct reports of the HR specialist who comply with the honor. When the HR specialist searches for areas of expertise, such as “Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud”, it displays all the employees of the organization who has Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud as their areas of expertise.
Identify the reason for this behavior.

  • A. HR does not have access to other departments where employees are “PhD”.
  • B. HR has access to Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud department.
  • C. PhD is a sensitive keyword and is used elsewhere in the person’s information.
  • D. Areas of expertise is public information.
  • E. HR does not have access to the “Experience and Qualification” card.

Answer: D

You are part of a new implementation and have the seeded HR Specialist role. You are able to find all the workers in Person Gallery, but not able to view a single worker on the Person Management page. Identify two reasons for this. (Choose two.)

  • A. The Person Security Profile in the data role, which is attached to the seeded HR Specialist application role, does not allow the person access to data.
  • B. The Person Profileis not created for any of the employees in the new instance.
  • C. The Refresh Manager Hierarchy process is not run in the instance.
  • D. The seeded HR Specialist role does not have access to hire the worker in the instance.
  • E. The Public Person Security Profile is set up as View All Workers in the data role, which is attached to the seeded HR Specialist application role.

Answer: AD

Which employment model options are available for newly provisioned HCM Cloud environments?

  • A. 2-tier single assignment, 2-tier single contract single assignment, 2-tier multiple contracts multiple assignment, 2-tier multiple assignment
  • B. 2-tier multiple assignment, 2-tier single assignment
  • C. 2-tier single assignment, 2-tier multiple assignment, 2-tier multiple contracts multiple assignment
  • D. 2-tier single assignment, 2-tier single contract single assignment, 2-tier multiple assignment, 2-tier multiple contracts single assignment

Answer: B


A customer has a requirement to add a new Action when hiring Part-Time Employees. What is the correct option?

  • A. Create an additional lookup with the value Hire Part-Time Employee.
  • B. Create an additional Action Hire Part-Time Employee and associate it with the Action type Hire an Employee.
  • C. Create an additional Action type HirePart-Time Employee and do not associate it with any Action type.
  • D. Create an additional Action Reason Hire Part-Time Employee and associate it with the Action type Manage Employee.

Answer: B

As an HR manager in your organization, you want to categorize the hiring process as part-time hiring and full-time hiring.
What is the correct action to take in order to meet this requirement?

  • A. Create two new actions and associate them with the existing action type, Hire an Employee.
  • B. Create two new actions: hire part-time employee and hire full-timeemployee.
  • C. Create two new actions and new action reasons and associate them with each other.
  • D. Create two new action types: hire part-time employee and hire full-time employee.
  • E. Create two new action types and associate them with the existing action,Hire.

Answer: A

The HR of Finance Department searches for an employee who is the Finance Auditor. The search is conducted with an effective date of 01-Jan-2015 on the Person Management page. The search does not yield any results.
Identify two reasons for this behavior. (Choose two.)

  • A. The employee has multiple assignments and being a Finance Auditor is a part of the secondary assignment.
  • B. The employee is working as a contingent worker in Finance Department.
  • C. The employee is inactive as of 01-Jan-2015.
  • D. The employee was a contingent worker until 31-Dec-2014 and will rejoin as an employee on 02-Jan-2015.
  • E. The employee is working as an employee in Finance Department.

Answer: CD


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