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Identify the set enabled objects that are used for partitioning reference data.

  • A. department, location, jobs, grades
  • B. jobs, grades, salary plan, rates
  • C. legal entity, department, division, location
  • D. enterprise, legal entity, business unit,position

Answer: A

Given the customer requirement:
1Z0-1046-20 dumps exhibit If there is only one valid grade for a job or position, the value will be automatically defaulted in the grade field.
Which allows this to be achieved?

  • A. Enforce Valid Grades (Y/N) is set to Y in the profile options
  • B. Default the Grade from Job/Position (Y/N) is set to Y in the profile options
  • C. Default the Grade from Job/Position (Y/N) is set to N in the profile options
  • D. Enforce Valid Grades (Y/N) is set to N in the profile options

Answer: B

For the Change Manager transaction, the first-level approval is set to the Application Role type.The name of the application role is HR Specialist Sales. In the Change Manager approval rule configuration, the Enable Auto Claim option is deselected.
Which two actions take place when the transaction for manager change is initiated for employees? (Choose two.)

  • A. The transaction goes into error because it was no auto-claimed.
  • B. The transaction has to be approved by all HR Specialist Sales representatives for it to be approved.
  • C. The transaction goes for approval to all the workers who inherit the HR Specialist Sales role.
  • D. One of the HR Specialist Sales representatives should “Claim” the transaction for it to be assigned for approval.
  • E. If one of the HR Specialist Sales representatives rejects the transaction, others can still approve it.
  • F. The transaction will be auto-claimed and assigned randomly to anyone who has the HR Specialist Sales role.

Answer: CD

Which three options define Locations?

  • A. Location information is entered only onc
  • B. Subsequently, when setting up workforce structures the location is selected from a list.
  • C. Locations that are created can be represented on a map for easier identification and access.
  • D. Alocation identifies the physical addresses of a workforce structure, such as a department.
  • E. Locations that are created can be represented as a tree and can be used in the security profile.

Answer: ABC

An employee’s job description is “Recruiter” as of 01-Jan-2015. This job was updated in the system to “Consultant” on 01-Feb-2015. The 01-Feb-2015 assignment record is the latest effective dated employment record in the system. On 01-Mar-2015, the HR specialist wants to view this employee’s previous employment details and searches for them on the Person Management page. The HR specialist enters the effective as-of date value as 31-Jan-2015 with the search keyword “Recruiter” because the employee was workingas a recruiter on 31st Jan 2015. The search returns no rows.
What is causing this?

  • A. The Person Management page search does not support Job attribute keywords.
  • B. The Update Person Search Keyword process has associated the effective dates with thejob attributes in the keyword record resulting in search discrepancies.
  • C. The Update Person Search keyword process has failed on 31-Jan-2015 but ran successfully the next day.
  • D. The Person Management page search does not support date-effective keywords.
  • E. The Update Person Search Keyword process has updated the latest effective dated job attribute in the keyword record.
  • F. The Update Person Search keyword process has failed on 01-Mar-2015 but ran successfully the previous day.

Answer: E

Which three options are true about the Global Person model?(Choose three.)

  • A. Person records are global, independent of legal employers, and created only once for any perso
  • B. If the person leaves the enterprise, the person’s work relationships are terminated.
  • C. Person records continue to exist even when the person has no current work relationships in the enterprise and no current contact relationships with other workers.
  • D. Person records cease to exist when a person is terminated from an organization.
  • E. Person records hold information that is personal, such asname, date of birth, and disability information, or that may apply to more than one work relationship, such as national ID.
  • F. Person records are auto-archived two years after a person is terminated from an organization.

Answer: ABD

Your customer requires that the person number should not be generated if a request for new hire is not approved by the approver.
Which method should be used?

  • A. Automatic Upon Final Save
  • B. Automatic Upon Final Submission
  • C. Automatic Prior to Final Save
  • D. Automatic Prior to Submission

Answer: A

As an HR Specialist it is your responsibility to hire employees and enter their base salary information. After you selected a grade and salary basis, and entered the base salary, you expected to see the compa-ratio information display - but it does not.
What is the possible cause for the information NOT displaying?

  • A. The grade rate and the salary basis are tied to different frequencies.
  • B. The grade rate was not linked to the salary basis.
  • C. The grade and the salary basis are tied to different legislative data groups.
  • D. The graderate and the salary basis are tied to different legislative data groups.

Answer: D

A user has reported that one of his or her saved transactions was not available anymore from the transaction page. What is the reason for this behavior?

  • A. The saved transaction was rejected by the approval authority.
  • B. An identical transaction that was initiated for the person by another user was applied to the database.
  • C. The saved transaction was future date
  • D. The application displays only those transactions where the transaction date is less than or equal to system date.
  • E. The saved transaction was withdrawn by HR.

Answer: B

A static approval group named “Trio” comprises three members – Jacob, Susan, and Dia (in the mentioned order). For all the Manage Employment transactions, the approval should berouted to the “Trio” approval group. When the assignment change transaction is submitted, what is the order in which these members receive the assignment change approval notification?

  • A. System decides the approval route by randomly selecting approvers who are a part of the approval group.
  • B. First Approver – Dia, Second Approver – Susan, Third Approval – Jacob
  • C. All three get the notification at the same time.
  • D. First Approver – Jacob, Second Approver – Susan, Third Approver – Dia
  • E. Theapproval is routed alphabetically.

Answer: D

In an organization, a line manager is going on a long vacation and wants all his approval notifications to flow to his supervisor for approvalin his absence. How can he accomplish this task?

  • A. A system administrator always has to reassign the approval notification to the supervisor in the line manager’s absence.
  • B. The application automatically delegates the approval to his supervisor based on the leave applied for by the line manager.
  • C. He has to configure new approval routing policies.
  • D. A Vacation rule can be set under the Preferences section of worklist notification’s Human Capital Management server.

Answer: D

A client’s organization employs disabled individuals. All these individuals are registered with an external organization that supports them. The client wants to capture the registration details and somelegislative information pertaining to their disabilities.
As an implementation consultant, how would you configure the system to capture this information?

  • A. Define disability organizations in the system and, while creating person records, enter any other descriptive or legislative information pertaining to disability.
  • B. Define a tax reporting unit for the group of employees with disabilities.
  • C. Define Reporting Establishment for the group of employees with disabilities and capture the required information.
  • D. Because the organization supporting the disabled employees is an external organization, information pertaining to this cannot be captured in the system.

Answer: A

During implementation, a two-tier employment model - multiple assignment has beenset up. Now the client wants to store contract information.
Which statement is true about changing the employment model setting after implementation?

  • A. The client change from any two-tier option to another at any point of time, irrespective of the existence of work relationships.
  • B. If employees exists within the enterprise and legal employer the person model setting changed as there are not contract options that support a contract with multiple assignment.
  • C. The client can have both: a two-tier multiple assignment employment model can remain for its existing employees, and a two-tier multiple contracts single assignment can be created to hire new employees with the same legal employer.
  • D. The client cannot move form a two-tier multiple assignment to two-tier single contract and single assignment after implementation.

Answer: C

You want to track changes to certain Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud records, for example, changes to employment and assignment records. You want tocreate your own actions and associate them with predefined action types.
Identify two correct statements about actions. (Choose two.)

  • A. User-defined actions can be created and linked to predefined action types.
  • B. An action must always have an action reason associated.
  • C. Only one action can be associate with an action type.
  • D. Actions can be launched from the Organization Chart page and are controlled by data security.
  • E. Actions are not a mandatory work structure.

Answer: AD

A manager checks the availability of a worker. The manager is not aware that the worker does not have a work schedule assigned. Which of the three items will be used to determine the availability of a worker? (Choose three.)

  • A. Calendar Events
  • B. Absences
  • C. Standard Working Hours
  • D. Time Sheet
  • E. Contract Data

Answer: ABC

An organization uses the Previous Employment content type to capturerelevant employment details of employees. What do you do to make this content type available in other applications?

  • A. Do nothin
  • B. After the content type is created, it is available for use in all applications.
  • C. Make sure it is a non-free-form content type.
  • D. Specify a Subscriber Code for the content type.
  • E. Make sure it is a free-form content type.

Answer: C

Which two options are trueabout Oracle Workforce Predictions? (Choose two.)

  • A. It predicts team/individual involuntary termination and performance.
  • B. It predicts team voluntary termination and performance.
  • C. It predicts individual voluntary termination and performance.
  • D. Contingent Worker and Nonworker work relationships are included.

Answer: BC


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