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Online 1z0-1064 free questions and answers of New Version:

Which option describes the automated page presentation for incoming calls?

  • A. a feature that displays a caller-appropriate application page based on your customer’s native languagewhen you answer your phone
  • B. a feature that displays a caller-appropriate application page based on a set of navigation rules defined for your customer when you answer your phone
  • C. a feature that displays a detailed caller profile based on a customizable set of parameters defined for your customer when you answer your phone
  • D. a feature that displays a detailed caller profile based on your customer’s country when you answer your phone

Answer: D

Your customer sells a wide variety of Mobile phones. To classify service requests efficiently you plan to create a new primary category called Mobile Phones.
Which four steps are required to define this new category?

  • A. Select Create Category > Create Top-Level Category.
  • B. Check the Active flag.
  • C. Select the task Manage Service Request Categories.
  • D. Select Status = “Active”.
  • E. Select Service Catalog in Functional Areas.
  • F. Select Create Category > Create Child Category.
  • G. Complete Category Name.

Answer: ACDF

Which two statements are true regarding the Audit History tab of a Service Request?

  • A. It is enabled by default.
  • B. It is available only to authorized administrators.
  • C. It is searchable by date range, username, event type, event severity, and event duration.
  • D. It is exportable to Excel.
  • E. It allows users to save searches for later reuse.

Answer: AE

Which two steps are needed to create a new business object in Digital Customer Service?

  • A. Assign the new business object to a new component.
  • B. Assign object access roles to an administrative user.
  • C. Map a Visual Builder Cloud Service business object to the object API.
  • D. Assign the new business object to a page.

Answer: BC

What three things should you perform to show product images in the Product Picker component in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. Add images as the product image will not be pulled from Engagement Cloud.
  • B. Add the Product object to your DCS application.
  • C. Add product ID(s) to the database component.
  • D. Configure products groups and product items in Engagement Cloud.

Answer: BCD

In which three situations can default coverage be applied?

  • A. globally, to all service requests that do not have any other coverage
  • B. for a specific SR category
  • C. for a specific SR status
  • D. for a specific period of time
  • E. to a specific customer account

Answer: ABD

Your customer has warned you that non-English speakers are going to get access to articles but all your articles are written in English.
Which option allows the customer to address the problem, so that all users can get articles in their native language?

  • A. Modify the original base locales of the articles to match the target language.
  • B. Deploy the Auto-Translate option on existing articles and turn on the “auto-Translate new articles” feature.
  • C. Enable new locales for the languages to be used and provision designated users to translate the articles.
  • D. Diagnose the usage of the articles to eliminate all nonused documents to avoid unnecessary translations.

Answer: C

Digital Customer Service application configuration settings in json.cfg include which four options?

  • A. Default communication preferences
  • B. Knowledge management language locales
  • C. Default chat channel preferences
  • D. Service request links
  • E. Knowledge management article links
  • F. Product and category filtering
  • G. Default notification preferences
  • H. Default timezone

Answer: BDEF

You want to configure the workflow for the standard Service Request (SR) object. Which four actions can you do?

  • A. You can modify the workflow to update field values within the SR object.
  • B. You can generate tasks for the SR object from the workflow.
  • C. You must make the changes using the Page Composer tool.
  • D. You will be required to code any new workflow actions in Groovy.
  • E. You can send an e-mail notification to specified recipients.
  • F. You can define the workflow to run when certain fields of the SR object are changed.

Answer: ABEF

Which three options are advantages of a structured approach to Knowledge Management as implemented in Engagement Cloud?

  • A. Shared Across the Organization: The information is available to all users given they possess the right roles, and is used and reused by them to create solutions and solve problems for other users.
  • B. In-Article Content Scanning: Knowledge Management is designed to process information inside the documents to categorize them into the corresponding products and categories to make searches more effective.
  • C. Single point of maintenance: The Knowledge Base can be maintained easily as it is centralized.
  • D. Multi-Language Capabilities: Users can create their articles in their native language and enableAuto-Translate to make it available to users from other regions with different languages without effort.
  • E. Easy to Search: Knowledge Articles content and Service Request context can be used together to recommend the best Knowledge Articles to an agent.

Answer: ABE

Which three steps are required to configure the system to send an email notification when a milestone has reached warning status?

  • A. Add an extension column to the milestone object to hold the warning threshold value.
  • B. Configure an analytics report showing milestones in warning status.
  • C. Specify the warning threshold for the milestone in the standard coverages.
  • D. Create standard text to be posted to the message thread.
  • E. Configure the email template to be used for notification.
  • F. Configure an object workflow action to send the email when the milestone status changes to warning.

Answer: BCE

Select three correct limits and restrictions when importing data from a file.

  • A. Both create and update operations are available for imported records.
  • B. By default, the import starts immediately after it is activated.
  • C. Groovy Scripts and object workflows that have been configured for the object being imported are always executed.
  • D. The maximum number of records in each CSV file should not exceed the maximum limit of 10,000,000 records.
  • E. If the values in the imported CSV file contain a new line character, then they must be enclosed within quotation marks.

Answer: ABC

If you want to disable the ability to delete activities for all users, what action should you perform?

  • A. Remove the “delete activities” button from all pages used by the users who have this access.
  • B. Remove the “delete activities” role from all the users who have this role.
  • C. Remove the “delete activities” privilege from all the roles for users who have this access.
  • D. Remove the users of the roles who have the “delete activities” access.

Answer: D

What should you do to enable Password Reset in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. Add the Password Reset component to your DCS application.
  • B. Instruct users that they can only change their password by chatting with an agent.
  • C. Enable the “Password Reset” option in the User Administration component.
  • D. Obtain the Change Password Link and add it to your DCS page.

Answer: D

Which four actions does the REST API for Service Requests (SRs) allow?

  • A. Update SR milestone
  • B. Create SR
  • C. Update SR assignee
  • D. Delete SR by SR number
  • E. Delete SR by SR title

Answer: ABCD

Your customer has informed you about a possible error in the screen pop-up when receiving a call. The problem is that the edit contact screen pop is shown whenever a call is received but most of the time the calls are regarding open Service Requests. As a result, agents have to navigate to that page, losing time and being ineffective.
What is causing the problem?

  • A. Rules do not follow an orde
  • B. When a call is received, the “edit contact” screen pop appears because it is the default rule that has been selected, regardless of the service request number or other tokens received.
  • C. Rules follow a priority orde
  • D. When the system finds a contact token it automatically opens the “edit contact” page, because that rule has been configured before the Service request rule, regardless if a service Request token is also available.
  • E. A configuration in the pages tab of the screen pop is missing, the URL to the page to be displayed has not been provisione
  • F. The URL is empty so the system shows the contact edit page.
  • G. Screen pops are not configurabl
  • H. When a call arrives, the system automatically opens the page of the object in question, these cases being the contact page.

Answer: C

Your customer asked you to modify the default severity value for new service requests. Which three steps should you follow to make the change?

  • A. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Service > Service Request > Manage Service Request Profile Options.
  • B. Select the profile SVC_SR_DEFAULT_SEVERITY_CD.
  • C. Lock the Profile Option for editing.
  • D. Modify the Profile Value and save.
  • E. Unlock and publish the new selected profile value.
  • F. Select View > Detach.

Answer: BDE

Identify three considerations before starting the configuration of assignment rules to service requests.

  • A. the attributes of queues to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • B. the candidates of service requests to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • C. the candidates of queues to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • D. the attributes of service requests to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • E. the rule sets you want to create and the rules to include in each rule set

Answer: BCE

Which two statements are true about system-to-system authentication between Digital Customer Service (DCS) and Oracle Engagement Cloud?

  • A. It does not require matching passwords between Engagement Cloud and DCS.
  • B. It is configured exclusively via the Engagement Cloud Security Console.
  • C. It enables anonymous users to search the DCS knowledge base.
  • D. It must be configured by a user signed in to the Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service with a valid developer or administrator account.

Answer: BC

Which three statements are true about building Digital Customer Service (DCS) applications?

  • A. Many DCS applications can be active in production at the same time.
  • B. DCS includes a “reference implementation template” that illustrates recommended implementation practices.
  • C. Only one version of a DCS application can be active in production at any time.
  • D. DCS application can be embedded in other sites.

Answer: BCD


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