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Oracle Digital Assistant supports several messenger-specific channel types, such as iOS, Android, Web, and Facebook. If your messenger client is nc supported, what is the simplest way to connect your skill or digital assistant to the client?

  • A. Use a custom component to extend a supported channel type.
  • B. Implement the channel using a Webhook.
  • C. You can't connect to a unsupported messenger clien
  • D. You can only connect channels to the supported clients.
  • E. Ensure that your skill only outputs text and not Images or visual components such as card
  • F. Then use the standard Web channel, which you can use for text-only conversations.

Answer: B

In the System.Agentinitiation component, what is the purpose of "resumedMessage:"?

  • A. sets the message to be displayed if no agents are available
  • B. sets the message to be displayed to a user if the user sends repeated messages to connect
  • C. sets the message to be displayed when the channel times out and reconnects
  • D. sets the message to be displayed to a user while waiting for the agent to connect

Answer: A

Select the FALSE statement regarding Oracle's recommendation for defining your bot’s personality and
conversational design.

  • A. You should hide from users the fact that they are communicating with a bot and give them the impression that it's a human they are interacting with.
  • B. You should consider naming your bot and using an appropriate avatar.
  • C. Your bot should have a persona that matches that of your target audience.
  • D. Words carry emotions and you should carefully consider verbiage and tone in your dialog responses.

Answer: B

You have a skill for ordering pizzas. In your experience, you have found that 95% of your customers want a regular crust and just 5% prefer gluten-free crust. Because so few people are likely to want a gluten-free crust, you don't want to prompt for that option, but you do want to make it available.
Assuming you already have a composite bag entity that contains a PizzaCrust entity that has the values "regular" and "gluten free", what would be the simplest way to have your skill enable a user to order a pizza with a gluten-free crust without the skill prompting the user for that option?

  • A. Don't set a prompt for the PizzaCrust entity item.
  • B. For the PizzaCrust entity item, set the Extract With property to reference an entity with the single value "gluten free".
  • C. In the composite bag, set the PizzaCrust entity item's Prompt for Value property to Fals
  • D. Then, once the the composite bag is resolved, check if the PizzaCrust entity has a valu
  • E. If it doesn't, set its value to "regular".
  • F. Don't set a prompt for the PizzaCrust entity item and set the Out of Order Extraction property to True.

Answer: A

Which two statements about message translation in a skill are true?
If auto-translation is enabled and a component has its translate property set to false, then the component output message or level will not get auto-translated to the detected user languages.
A system.Output component that reads its text message from a resource bundle does not require auto-translation or its translate property set to true to display translated.

  • A. A missing syste
  • B. DetectLanguage state in a dialog flow causes an exception for components that read their output message from bundle.
  • C. For the System.Translateinput component to work, it requires a previously executed system.DetectLanguage component state.
  • D. Enabling auto-translation in a dialog flow does not translate the user input message.

Answer: BC

Which two features of Oracle Digital Assistant should you use to allow a skill to specifically classify the user message "What's my balance in savings?" and to identify the type of account?

  • A. an entity that defines account types (with values such as "checking" or "savings")
  • B. an intent that is been trained with utterances such as "check balance", "What is my current balance?", and "How much money do I have?"
  • C. an input form rendered by a webview that is hosted within a Digital Assistant
  • D. dialog flows with a system.Text component to read the user input
  • E. a resource bundle populated with phrases such as "check balance", "What is my current balance?", and "How much money do I have?"

Answer: BE

An input component references an entity-type variable from its variable property and does not have the maxPrompts property set. Which two statements describe valid options to help users deal with validation errors?

  • A. You can use the alternatePrompt property for user input components to display alternative prompts.
  • B. You can use the onlnvaliduserlnput property on the System.commonResponse component to conditionally show or hide UI controls.
  • C. You can use the syste
  • D. invaliduserinput?booiean expression to detect a previously failed input validation and display alternative prompts or additional UI controls.
  • E. You can use the user input component's textReceived action transition to detect validation errors and to navigate to a state in the dialog flow.
  • F. You can use the user input component's cancel action transition to navigate to a different state in the dialog flow, display a help message to the user, and navigate back into the dialog flow state that previously failed input validation.

Answer: BC

Examine the code snippet below:
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
Which two statement are true regarding the functionality of a composite bag referenced by the variable pizza?

  • A. Any individual entity item can define its own maxPrompts to override the value in the dialog flow.
  • B. The first time an incorrect value for an entity item is resolved, it will result in an error and transition to the state called maxError because cancelPolicy is set to immediate and this overrides the setting for maxPrompts.
  • C. Each entity item in the composite bag will be prompted for a valid value three time
  • D. After the last invalid input, the flow will navigate to a state called setPizzaDough.
  • E. Each entity item in the composite bag will be prompted for a valid value three time
  • F. After the last invalid input, the flow will navigate to a state called maxError.

Answer: A

Which is a FALSE statement about empty transitions?

  • A. Empty transitions can lead to unexpected navigation.
  • B. You should define a next transition on every state.
  • C. Empty transitions occur when using the next transition element.
  • D. Avoiding empty transitions will prevent many unexpected dialog flows.

Answer: C

Which statement about digital assistants is FALSE?

  • A. A digital assistant can be used to manage a set of skills, including skills that you create yourself and skills that you have added from the Skill
  • B. A digital assistant ensures that a user completes a conversation in one skill before allowing that user to trigger the intent of a different skill
  • C. A digital assistant can communicate with customers through different messaging platforms.
  • D. A connection to a back-end service is through a custom component that is used by a skill, rather than one that is used by a digital assistant.

Answer: B

ting your skill with certain phrases, you notice that two intents within the skill consistently come out as the top two resolved ones and within a few points of each other.
Given the small and unpredictable nature of which intent was top, which strategy would be the easiest to employ to ensure that the user is able to choose the correct Intent?

  • A. Keep adding training data until you get a predictable result every time.
  • B. Change the Confidence Threshold during your testing until the correct intent always wins.
  • C. For each intent, create an entity of phrases that are distinct to each intent, and add the appropriate entity to the corresponding intent.
  • D. Change the Confidence Win Margin so that both intents are offered to the user.
  • E. Change the Explicit Invocation Threshold to zero to ensure that the correct intent is picked up when the user mentions the name of the intent.

Answer: E

What statement correctly describes the Authentication Service ion Oracle Digital Assistant?

  • A. The Authentication Service authenticates users to Oracle Identity Cloud Servic
  • B. It provides customizable login screens that are displayed in the context of a user-bot conversation.
  • C. The Authentication Service holds the identity provider configuration that is used at run time in Oracle Digital Assistant to retrieve an access token that authorizes REST service calls.
  • D. The Authentication Service authenticates Oracle Digital Assistant users to a social media identity provider (for example, Facebook) and associates social media accounts with accounts stored in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  • E. The Authentication Service allows bot designers to configure a custom webhook to authenticate and authorize users using the System.OauthAccountLink component.

Answer: D

Which three statements are true about composite bagentities?

  • A. They define a business domain object as a collection of related system entities and custom entities.
  • B. When you add entities to the composite bag, you can control how they get extracted in related to other entities and when they are prompted for.
  • C. The composite bag will always enforce that every entity has a valid value before allowing the conversation to move on to the next state in the dialog flow.
  • D. You need to create a separate composite bag to handle nonentity types such as string
  • E. Locations, and attachments.
  • F. The composite bag can resolve all entity values using only a single state in the dialog flow.

Answer: BCE

You have a digital assistant with a pizza skill. While ordering a pizza, the user triggers the digital assistant's Help system intent by entering "help". What is the default functionality of the digital assistant assuming no help functionality has been implemented in the pizza skill?

  • A. The digital assistant displays a prompt and a card which can be configured to show examples of what the skill can do.
  • B. Nothin
  • C. You need to explicitly define a help state in the pizza skill.
  • D. The digital assistant displays the information contained in the Description field of the skill.
  • E. The digital assistant displays a dialog to confirm if the user wants hel
  • F. If the user selects "yes", the skill returns to the system, intent and awaits user input.
  • G. The current conversation stops and the skill returns to the system, intent and awaits user input.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true for the system.webview component?

  • A. Parameters passed from the skill to the web application cannot be accessed through JavaScript.
  • B. Property names in the web application response payload must match with the variable names in the dialog flow.
  • C. When registering web applications in a skill, bot designers can see the data structure returned by the app
  • D. Parameters passed from the skill to the web application are accessible through JavaScript.
  • E. The webview.onDone parameter is automatically added to the payload and passes the skill's callback URL property to the web application.

Answer: AD

You are writing a dialog flow and you are at the end of the conversation. For the final state, you are not sure whether to use a return transition use a next transition that goes to the start of the dialog flow.
Which statement is true?

  • A. The return transition goes to the start of the dialog flow and resets all variables, whereas next simply navigates.
  • B. The next and return transitions are the same and you can use them interchangeably.
  • C. The next transition automatically clears variables on navigation, whereas return doesn't.
  • D. The next transition can only be used for forward navigation in the flow.

Answer: B

Which three options are true for this dialog flow code?
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit

  • A. The above code is poor programming because the accountType variable will be set twice.
  • B. If Syste
  • C. SetVariable Sets accountType to a value, the Syste
  • D. List component does not display a list of options.
  • E. Usage of empty transitions is a bad practice because it can lead to unexpected results.
  • F. The system.List component always displays a list of options, regardless of the value of accountType.
  • G. If the result of calling system.SetVariable results in accountType being unset or null, the dialog engine moves to use the next state, which is a system.List component that shows various account options.

Answer: ABC

Which two statements are true regarding local web application invocation using the system.webview component?

  • A. Local webviews require a Node.js environment and must have a package, json file in their root folder.
  • B. An SPA application can issue an Ajax post command to the callback URL that has been passed with the web application launch
  • C. system.webview components can only be used with web channels.
  • D. Local webviews require SPA applications to have an index.html file in their root folder.

Answer: AD

In your conversation flow, you want to make sure that users always see a message, even when there is no data to display. To implement this, you decide to use a system.SetVariable componentthat verifies that the variable mydata contains a value and, if it does sets the value of the displayVar variavbe to the value of mydata. If no value is specified for mydata, then displaVar is set to the string ‘No Data.’
Which two BotML with Apache FreeMarker examples implement this requirement?
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D
  • E. Option E

Answer: BE

View the Exhibit.
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
You have been askedto review a skill for its readinessfor go live. Which four issues would you raise as a priority?

  • A. The unresolvedlntent has not been trained.
  • B. The utterances have too much commonality.
  • C. All utterances should start with an uppercase letter and end with a period.
  • D. The word "please" may inadvertently skew the results.
  • E. You should never have single-word utterances.
  • F. The number of utterances looks to be too low and artificial for a go-live.

Answer: ABDF

For Agent Integration, you want the bot-user conversation history to become available to the called human agent. Select the configuration option you need to set to make this happen.

  • A. Set a custom property on the Service Cloud instance accessed by Oracle Digital Assistant.
  • B. Set the "convHistory" variable in the System.Agentinitiation component.
  • C. This is controlled from Service Cloud and has to be turned on by setting a custom property.
  • D. In the skill settings, switch the Skill Conversation logging option to "On".

Answer: A

You are exploring a use case that calls for users to enter different types of entity values. As a way of minimizing the complexities involved in having users enter vales correctly in a text message,, you are considering a skill that enter data using visual GUI components such as radio buttons and fields that validate user input.
What should you to support this functionality?

  • A. Create a dedicated skill for collecting the information on the order form and then add it to a digital assistant.
  • B. Create a series of text prompts to collect the user input.
  • C. Create a webview service that connects the skill to a web app that renders the order form.
  • D. In the composite bag entity, add a regex entity.

Answer: D


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