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What is the difference between Entry Processors and Aggregators?

  • A. Entry Processors require a key or a set of keys, whereas Aggregators require filters.
  • B. Entry Processors can skip the network by executing against near caches directly, whereas Aggregators must execute on storage members.
  • C. Entry Processors are better suited to Map-Reduce operations than Aggregators.
  • D. Aggregators are optimized for read-only access, whereas Entry Processors can modify cacheentries.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true about minor or young garbage collections? (Choose two.)

  • A. Minor garbage collection is triggered when the eden space is full.
  • B. Minor garbage collection does not cause a stop the world operation.
  • C. Permanent generation is included in minor garbage collection.
  • D. Minor garbage collections are usually shorter, with minimal impact on performance.
  • E. Minor garbage collection does not occur when using a parallel collector.

Answer: AB

Which two actions can be used to create/add an index in Coherence? (Choose two.)

  • A. ValueExtractor
  • B. Comparator
  • C. QueryMap
  • D. MapIndex
  • E. SimpleMapIndex

Answer: AC

What three components of WLS can be managed by the WLS Management Pack EE?

  • A. Applications Deployments
  • B. SOA Composites
  • C. WLS Domains
  • D. WLS Managed Servers
  • E. Oracle ESB

Answer: ABC

Which Java command would list all the running Java applications on a system?

  • A. jpsm -m
  • B. jlist -m
  • C. jproc -m
  • D. jplist -m
  • E. jps -m

Answer: E

What is the main method used to collect the monitoring data of a Coherence cluster, its nodes, and caches?

  • A. Enterprise Manager agent on every host, querying JMX data from nodes running on that host
  • B. one central Enterprise Manager agent, querying JMX data from each node in the cluster
  • C. JVMD agent collecting data trough sampling of the JVM for each node
  • D. Enterprise Manager agent on every host, querying JMX data from nodes running on the host, and a central Enterprise Manager agent querying JMX data from a management node for cluster-level
  • E. one central Enterprise Manager agent querying JMX data from a single management node

Answer: D


A company relies on third-party web services for data.
Which two Coherence features can be applied to shield its customers from anticipated spikes in demand of the web services, without suffering potential performance degradation? (Choose two.)

  • A. dynamically increasing the partition count on a running server
  • B. configuring an overflow scheme so that spikes are handled gracefully
  • C. caching the results of the web service call with a configured expiration
  • D. dynamically adding Coherence cache servers to the cluster

Answer: BD

An Oracle RAC Database appliance was initially deployed with two database instances. The load on the database has now increased and another instance needs to be provisioned.
How would you add one more instance of the earlier deployed appliance?

  • A. Create and deploy a new assembly containing a single instance database appliance.
  • B. Add a new single instance database appliance into the previously created assembly and redeploy it.
  • C. Use the ScaleAppliance operation to scale up the deployed appliance instances from two to three.
  • D. Use the createAssemblyInstance operation to create a new instance of the existing assembly and deploy the new assembly instance.

Answer: D

You notice the following message in one of your cache server logs:
1Z0-468 dumps exhibit
Which statement correctly explains this message?

  • A. Member 102 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 1) that member 74 has left the cluster.
  • B. Member 1 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 74) that member 102 has left the cluster.
  • C. Member 1 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 102) that member 74 has left the cluster.
  • D. Member 74 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 1) that member 102 has left the cluster.

Answer: A

Your customer is a financial services company that uses a large compute grid (not Coherence) to do risk calculations. Objects representing risk scenarios are cached in Coherence. When these objects are updated, they are sent to the compute grid to recalculate risk via a continuous query cache. Assume that there are 100 compute servers in one data center and 100 GB of cached data. The customer is not worried about potential cluster instability, given their network design.
Which solution supports the customer’s requirements? Keep in mind licensing costs and features by edition.

  • A. Coherence Standard Editio
  • B. Nothing special is needed and Standard Edition is the low- cost option.
  • C. Coherence Enterprise Edition, with the compute grid clients being storage-disabled cluster members.
  • D. Coherence Grid Edition, with the compute grid clients being storage-disabled Coherence cluster members.
  • E. Coherence Enterprise Edition, with the compute grid running against a set of Coherence*Extend proxies and continuous query cache on Coherence*Extend clients.

Answer: A

Which change cannot be made in an assembly at deployment time?

  • A. setting the appliance’s memory and CPU requirements
  • B. changing the listening port of the product
  • C. not deploying an appliance by setting its target count to zero
  • D. not deploying an appliance by removing it from the assembly

Answer: A

Your application is configured to use Service Guardian with default settings to protect against stuck service threads. The application runs a set of EntryProcessors to perform various types of calculations. These calculations can take a few milliseconds, but occasionally take up to 30 minutes to process.
Which statement is true?

  • A. The Service Guardian willprotect all of the applications EntryProcessor processes withoutdetecting any as stuck.
  • B. The Service Guardian must be disabled for these longer EntryProcessors.
  • C. The Service Guardian does not protect threads running user code like EntryProcessors.
  • D. The EntryProcessor must issue manual heartbeats to the Service Guardian or risk being killed.

Answer: B

Which three metrics are commonly used to evaluate garbage collector performance? (Choose three.)

  • A. Throughput
  • B. Pause time
  • C. Method area
  • D. Native threads
  • E. Heap size

Answer: ABE

Explanation: 150020.pdf(page 5, performance metrics)

How many appliances can you deploy as part as an assembly?

  • A. only one
  • B. one to three
  • C. one to five
  • D. There is no predefined limit

Answer: C

Which configuration can be used for enabling Coherence as an L2 Cache?

  • A. @Entity@CacheInterceptor (CoherenceReadCustomizer.class)public class Employee implements Serializable
  • B. @Entity@Customizer(CoherenceReadCustomizer.class)public class Employee implements Serializable
  • C. @Entity@Customizer(CoherenceReadWriteCustomizer.class)public class Employee implements Serializable
  • D. @Entity@CacheInterceptor (CoherenceInterceptor.class)public class Employee implements Serializable

Answer: D

Which two JVM components can be configured to impact application performance? (Choose two.)

  • A. Heap
  • B. Local variables stack
  • C. Class loader
  • D. Bytecode interpreter
  • E. Garbage Collector

Answer: CE

Assume that network latency between two data centers is 5 milliseconds with minimal packet loss.
Identify two problems with running one Coherence cluster that spans these two data centers (Choose two.)

  • A. Outage in the WAN link can cause split brain.
  • B. Access and writes to data takes longer to complete.
  • C. Total loss of power in one data center can lead to split brain.
  • D. Network latency will lead to cluster instability.

Answer: AB

Which four actions can you perform by using features that are included in WLS management Pack EE? (Choose four.)

  • A. manage multiple domains centrally
  • B. perform in-depth JVM diagnostics
  • C. perform user-session diagnostics
  • D. trace transactions across multi-tier environments
  • E. perform disaster recovery operations
  • F. perform full session replay

Answer: ABE

Explanation: 1552456.pdf(page 1)

What three actions can you perform while using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (Studio and/or Deployer)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create deployment plans.
  • B. Create appliances and assemblies.
  • C. Build and package.
  • D. Transfer and deploy via Deployer.
  • E. Back up and restore.

Answer: ABD

A Coherence node dies and is removed from a cluster.
What two actions occur if that node was part of a distributed cache where backup_count = 1? (Choose two.)

  • A. Access is blocked to all operations while the cluster is rebalanced.
  • B. Data is re-partitioned so that all data is accessible again.
  • C. Partitions are moved so that the data is balanced among remaining nodes.
  • D. Backup partitions are promoted to be primary, and new backups are created.

Answer: AC


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