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2021 Mar 1z0-808 practice test

Q131. Given the code fragment: 

Which three code fragments can be independently inserted at line nl to enable the code to print one? 

A. Byte x = 1; 

B. short x = 1; 

C. String x = "1"; 

D. Long x = 1; 

E. Double x = 1; 

F. Integer x = new Integer ("1"); 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q132. Which two items can legally be contained within a java class declaration? 

A. An import statement 

B. A field declaration 

C. A package declaration 

D. A method declaration 

Answer: B,D 


Q133. Given the code fragment: 

Which three lines fail to compile? 

A. Line 7 

B. Line 8 

C. Line 9 

D. Line 10 

E. Line 11 

F. Line 12 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q134. Given: 

package p1; 

public class Test { 

static double dvalue; 

static Test ref; 

public static void main(String[] args) { 



What is the result? 

A. p1.Test.class 


B. <the summary address refrenced by ref> 0.000000 

C. Null 


D. Compilation fails 

E. A NullPointerException is thrown at runtime 


Q135. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. 2 4 6 8 

B. 2 4 6 8 9 

C. 1 3 5 7 

D. 1 3 5 7 9 


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Q136. Given the code fragment: 

What is the result? 

A. Element 0 Element 1 

B. Null element 0 Null element 1 

C. Null Null 

D. A NullPointerException is thrown at runtime. 


Q137. Given the code fragment: 

Which two modifications, when made independently, enable the code to print joe:true: 100.0? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

E. Option E 

Answer: A,C 

Q138. Which of the following data types will allow the following code snippet to compile? 

A. long 

B. double 

C. int 

D. float 

E. byte 

Answer: B,D 


Option B and D are the correct answer. 

Since the variables I and j are floats, resultant will be float type too. So we have to use float 

or primitive type which can hold float, such a primitive type is double, it has wider range 

and also can hold floating point numbers, hence we can use double or float for the blank. 

As explained above options B and D are correct. 

long and int can't be used with floating point numbers so option A is incorrect. 

Option E is incorrect as it have smaller range and also can't be used with floating point 



Q139. Given the code fragment: 

public class Test { 

static String[][] arr =new String[3][]; 

private static void doPrint() { 

//insert code here 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

String[] class1 = {"A","B","C"}; 

String[] class2 = {"L","M","N","O"}; 

String[] class3 = {"I","J"}; 

arr[0] = class1; 

arr[1] = class2; 

arr[2] = class3; 


Which code fragment, when inserted at line //insert code here, enables the code to print 


A. int i = 0; 

for (String[] sub: arr) { 

int j = sub.length -1; 

for (String str: sub) { 



B. private static void doPrint() { 

for (int i = 0;i < arr.length;i++) { 

int j = arr[i].length-1; 


C. int i = 0; 

for (String[] sub: arr[][]) { 

int j = sub.length; 



D. for (int i = 0;i < arr.length-1;i++) { 

int j = arr[i].length-1; 






not A: The following line causes a compile error: 


Not C: Compile erro line: 

for (String[] sub: arr[][]) 

not D: Output: C 

Q140. Which statement will empty the contents of a StringBuilder variable named sb? 

A. sb.deleteAll(); 

B. sb.delete(0, sb.size()); 

C. sb.delete(0, sb.length()); 

D. sb.removeAll();