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The following grants were executed:
GRANT CREATE ROUTING ON sales.* TO ‘webadmin’@’%’; GRANT ALTER ON PROCEDURE sales.myproc TO ‘webadmin’@’%’;
A user successfully connects to the database as webadmin and created a stored procedure named get_reports. The next day, the user logs in again as webadmin and wants to delete the stored procedure named get_reports, and therefore, issues the following statement:
USE sales;
DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS get_reports; What is the result of executing the statement?

  • A. The user will get an error because he or she did not use the ALTER statement to drop the stored procedure.
  • B. The user will get an error because he or she did not put the database name in front of the stored procedure name.
  • C. The stored procedure named get_reports will be dropped.
  • D. The user will get an error because he or she does not have the permission to drop stored procedure

Answer: C

Group Replication uses global transaction identifiers to track executed transactions and are fundamental in avoiding transaction conflict. Which additional three steps help in avoiding conflicts in group replication?

  • A. Set isolation level to be SERIALIZABLE.
  • B. Use the binary log row format.
  • C. Set isolation level to be READ COMMITTED.
  • D. Configure IPv6 network for hosts.
  • E. Guarantee a secondary index on every table.
  • F. Guarantee a primary key on every table.
  • G. Set multiple slave parallel worker thread

Answer: ABF

You are setting up a new installation of MySQL Server 5.7 (a GA release.) You have used a ZIP or TAR
package to ensure that the mysqld binary, along with its support files, such as plug-ins and error messages, now exist on the host. Assume that the default datadir exists on the host. You installed the binary in the default location (the default -- basedir value) for your operating system.
Which step should you perform before defining your own databases and database tables?

  • A. Execute a command with a minimal form of: mysql --initialize
  • B. Register mysqld as a service that will start automatically on this host machine.
  • C. Create a configuration file containing default-storage-engine=InnoDB.
  • D. Set an exception in the host machine’s firewall to allow external users to talk to mysqld.
  • E. Create additional login accounts (so that everyone does not need to log in as root) and assign them appropriate privileges.

Answer: C

You have a server that has very limited memory but has a very large table. You will use mysqldump to back up this table.
Which option will ensure mysqldump will process a row at a time instead of buffering a set of rows?

  • A. --tab
  • B. --single-transaction
  • C. --quick
  • D. --skip-buffer

Answer: C

A MySQL replication slave is set up as follows: Uses all InnoDB tables
Receives ROW-based binary logs Has the read-only option
The replication slave has been found in an error state. You check the MySQL error log file and find these entries:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
What are two possible causes for this error to occur?

  • A. The applications have the SUPER privilege, which allows them to update rows.
  • B. The root user on the slave has executed FLUSH LOGS, causing the relay-log to doublewrite.
  • C. For tables with UNIQUE keys, statement-based replication must be used to maintain integrity.
  • D. The slave was created with mysqldump –u root –p --skip-lock-tables –all-databases > /data/datA.sql
  • E. The slave user does not have INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE permission and cannot execute the Write_rows function.

Answer: CD

Host slave1 has ip address Host slave2 has ip address Examine these commands:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Why did this error occur?

  • A. The host on the command line is not defined in the login path.
  • B. The mysqld instance has not been restarted after creating the login path.
  • C. There is no password defined in the login path.
  • D. The DNS is not configured correctly for slave1 host.
  • E. The .mylogin.cnf file is not readabl

Answer: E

Examine the mysqldumpslow output:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Which two options could explain the slow query?

  • A. There is network congestion between client and server.
  • B. No index has been defined on the filtered column.
  • C. There are 108 queries still being executed.
  • D. A table lock is causing delays.
  • E. A full table scan is being use

Answer: AE

A master-slave replication setup has the slave showing this error:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
On the master server, the binary logs show:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
What could explain this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. binlog_cache_size=1024 is too small and transactions are lost.
  • B. binlog_format=STATEMENT and a non-deterministic query was executed.
  • C. enforce_gtid_consistency=ON and consistency is broken between the master and the slave.
  • D. The sync_relay_log=1000 setting on the slave is too small.
  • E. sync_binlog=0 and the master server crashe

Answer: AC

You have created a new user with this statement:
CREATE USER ‘erika’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘first#1Pass’ PASSWORDEXPIRE; What is the outcome?

  • A. When ‘erika’@’localhost’ tries to log in with the MySQL command-line client, the user will have to change the password before seeing the mysql> prompt.
  • B. When ‘erika’@’localhost’ tries to log in with the MySQL command-line client, the user will not be permitted to log in because the password is expired.
  • C. When ‘erika’@’localhost’ tries to log in with the MySQL command-line client, the user will be permitted to log in but will not be able to issue ant statements until the user changes the password.
  • D. You receive a syntax error that indicates that you cannot set a password and expire it at the same tim

Answer: A

Which statement best describes the purpose of the InnoDB buffer pool?

  • A. It is amount of buffers available during a transaction.
  • B. It caches only the indexes for InnoDB tables.
  • C. It caches data and indexes for InnoDB tables.
  • D. It holds changes made during a transaction before they are written to the log.
  • E. It is a pool of memory for SQL query sort operations from within the InnoDB engin

Answer: C

When you examine a new MySQL installation with default configuration, you find a file called ibdata1 in the database directory. Which two statements are true about this file?

  • A. it contains the binary log.
  • B. it contains a general tablespace.
  • C. it is the default location for all new tables that you create.
  • D. it contains the system tablespace.
  • E. it contains the redo log.
  • F. it contains the undo lo

Answer: CD

One of your colleagues is trying to make a change using the mysql command-line client for his or her application session.
The colleague instant messages you this command: mysql> SET SESSION max_connections = 200; Why does the command fail?

  • A. max_connections requires the GLOBAL scope.
  • B. Its current user does not have the SUPER privilege.
  • C. max_connections is not a dynamic variabl
  • D. You need to change the config file and restart the database.
  • E. Users can control only the max_user_connections variabl

Answer: A

Which three allocate memory per thread in MySQL?

  • A. query cache
  • B. thread cache
  • C. read buffer
  • D. internal temporary table
  • E. sort buffer
  • F. InnoDB buffer pool instance

Answer: CEF

Which two statements are true regarding the creating of new MySQL physical and logical backups?

  • A. Physical backups can be used to recover from data corruption.
  • B. Logical backups are human-readable whereas physical backups are not.
  • C. Logical backups are always larger than physical backups.
  • D. Physical backups are usually slower than text backups.
  • E. Physical backups are usually faster than text backup

Answer: AE

You have a MySQL instance with the following variables in the /etc/my.cnf file:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
You issue these statements: USE prices;
UPDATE sales.january SET amount=amount+1000;
An hour after excluding the statements, you realize that you made a mistake and you want to go to the binary log and look at the statements again.
Which statement is true? (Choose two.)

  • A. You would receive an error on the statement because you cannot update a different database that what is specified with the USE statement.
  • B. The changes caused by the UPDATE statement are logged to the binary log because the instance is using --binlog-format = ROW
  • C. The statement would fail because you cannot update more than one row at a time when using –binlogformat = ROW.
  • D. Nothing is logged because you are executing an UPDATE statement that will cause changes to more than one row, and you do not have the --binlog-format value set to STATEMENT.
  • E. Nothing was written to the binary log because you cannot perform a calculation in a query without enclosing the statement in single quotation marks.

Answer: DE

Which two methods accurately monitor the size of your total database size over time?

  • A. monitoring the Innodb_rows_inserted status variable
  • B. monitoring the innodb_redo_log_size variable
  • C. monitoring the information_schemA.TABLES table
  • D. monitoring datadir size in the operating system
  • E. monitoring cumulative Innodb_page_size increase
  • F. monitoring the performance_schema_hosts_size variable

Answer: CF

Suppose you are adding rows to a MyISAM table and the --datadir location runs out of disk space. What will happen when this occurs?

  • A. The server will crash.
  • B. The server suspends that INSERT operation until space becomes available.
  • C. An error message will be returned to the client .Server Error: ER_IO
  • D. The server suspends operations for all storage engines until space becomes availabl

Answer: B

Consider that local disk files are accessible via MySQL with commands such as: mysql> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘/etc/passwd’ INTO TABLE mypasswords; What change could be made to stop any breach via this insecurity?

  • A. executing REVOKE LOADFROM *.*
  • B. setting the --local-service=0 option when starting mysqld
  • C. executing REVOKEFILEFROM *_*
  • D. executing REVOKEFILE ON *_* FROM ‘ ‘@’%’
  • E. setting the --local-infile=0 option when starting mysqld
  • F. setting the --open-files-limit=0 option when starting mysqld

Answer: F

Which two statements describe how InnoDB recovery works?

  • A. InnoDB handles most crash recoveries automatically.
  • B. InnoDB blocks some operations when innodb_force_recovery is set to greater than 0.
  • C. There will in general be lost committed transactions after a crash using the default settings.
  • D. It is required to enable binlog_gtid_simple_recovery to perform a crash recovery.
  • E. It is recommended to set innodb_force_recovery = 1 as part of normal operations.
  • F. It is always required to enable innodb_force_recovery to perform a crash recover

Answer: BF

The MySQL installation includes the mysql_config_editor utility for managing login paths stored in a
.mylogin.cnf file.
Which two are true about the login path feature?

  • A. mysql_config_editor is the only MySQL-provided utility that can print the values stored in.mylogin.cnf.
  • B. A .mylogin.cnf file can store at most one login path.
  • C. It provides a FIPS-compliant keyring for storing MySQL login details.
  • D. A .mylogin.cnf file can be edited using a text editor, such as vim or Notepad++.
  • E. It is an alternative to storing the MySQL login details in a my.cnf file.
  • F. It provides means to help avoid accidentally exposing the MySQL login detail

Answer: EF

A MySQL Server has been running an existing application successfully for six months. The my.cnf is adjusted to contain this additional configuration:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
The MySQL Server is restarted without error.
What effect will the new configuration have on existing account?

  • A. They are not affected by this configuration change.
  • B. They all connect via the secure sha256_password algorithm without any configuration change.
  • C. They will have their passwords updated on start-up to sha256_password format.
  • D. They will have to change their password the next time they login to the serve

Answer: A

You want to create a temporary table named OLD_INVENTORY in the OLD_INVENTORY database on the master server. This table is not to be replicated to the slave server.
Which two changes would ensure that the temporary table does not propagate to the slave?

  • A. Set binlog_format=MIXED with the --replicate-ignore-temp-table option.
  • B. Use the --replicate-do-db, --replicate-do-table, or --replicate-wild-do-table option with the value equal to OLD_INVENTORY.
  • C. Change the binlog_format option to ROW and restart mysqld before you create the OLD_INVENTORY table.
  • D. Stop SQL_THREAD on the slave until you have finished using the OLD_INVENTORY temporary table.
  • E. Use the --replicate-ignore-table option with the value equal to OLD_INVENTORY.OLD_INVENTORY and restart mysqld before creating the temporary table.

Answer: BE

You have installed MySQL Server for the first time on your system. However, the data directory along with the tables in the mysql system database are missing. Which step do you perform to create the contents of the data directory?

  • A. Run the create_system_tables.sql file
  • B. Run the mysql_unpack.sql file
  • C. Invoke mysqld with the --initialize option.
  • D. Invoke mysql with the --initialize optio

Answer: C

Due to an authentication plug-in that is used on the server, passwords are required to be sent as clear text as opposed to the usual encrypted format.
Which two methods would allow the mysql client to connect to the server and send clear text passwords?

  • A. mysql --protocol=PLAIN –uroot –p –h
  • B. INSTALL PLUGIN mysql_cleartext_password SONAME ‘’;
  • D. SET GLOBAL mysql_cleartext_passwords=1;
  • E. mysql --enable-cleartext-plugin –uroot –p –h

Answer: DE


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