Oracle 1z0-900 Questions Pool 2021

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Given the code fragment:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
Assuming this bean is used only in the code fragment above, how long will the injected Bean instance be available?

  • A. for the lifetime of the enterprise application
  • B. for the lifetime of the request
  • C. for the lifetime of the session
  • D. for the lifetime of the Service object

Answer: D

Reorder quantities for an item subinventory are calculated using Fixed Lot Multiple and Round Order Quantity. Assume that the reorder quantity is 24 and you specify 10 for the fixed lot multiple and enable rounding the reorder quantity.
What will be the reorder quantity?

  • A. 30
  • B. 20
  • C. 24
  • D. 25

Answer: A

A supply request has been received in supply chain orchestration. Both organizations belong to the same legal entity and they do not have a buy-sell relationship between them.
Which type of execution document can fulfill the supply request?

  • A. Transfer Order
  • B. Purchase Requisitions
  • C. Purchase Order
  • D. Sales Order

Answer: A

Which two features are provided by the JSTL Core library for a JSP? (Choose two.)

  • A. iteration over a collection
  • B. buffering of large result sets
  • C. testing conditions
  • D. message localization

Answer: AD

You are working with JMS publish-subscribe operations.
What happens when a producer publishes a message to a topic for which a durable subscription exists but there are no subscribers available?

  • A. The publisher waits for a subscriber, who then consumes i
  • B. However, the publisher will time out if no consumer arrives within the given timeout period.
  • C. The publisher sends the messag
  • D. However, it is never consumed because there wasn’t anything listening when it arrived, regardless of the message timeout length.
  • E. The publisher successfully sends a message, which will be consumed later, once there is a subscriber, assuming the message hasn’t timed out.
  • F. The message publisher is immediately notified about the lack of subscribers and can decide for itself if, and when, to resend.

Answer: C

The Applications Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi) user interface is supported in Oracle Fusion Receiving, Inventory Management, and Shipping products.
Identify four ADFdi user interfaces that are supported.

  • A. Upload ASN or ASBN
  • B. Manage Lot/Serial Interface
  • C. Manage Inventory Transaction Correction in Spreadsheet
  • D. Review Receipts Interface
  • E. Review Count Interface Records
  • F. Manage Shipment Message Interface

Answer: BCDF

How do you specify a default error page in your web.xml file?

  • A. <on-error><location>/general-error.html<location></on-error>
  • B. <error-page><error-code>*</error-code><location>/general-error.html</location></error-page>
  • C. <on-error><error-code>*</error-code><location>/general-error.html</location></on-error>
  • D. <error-page><location>/general-error.html</location></error-page>

Answer: B

Your client wants the purchasers to be able to run the min-max for items under their control and then manage the POs created out of these.
Which parameters can they use to be able to do this?

  • A. Planning Level
  • B. Sort by
  • C. From Item to Item
  • D. From Buyer to Buyer
  • E. From Planner to Planner

Answer: C

You are building the User Preferences page of an application. A user can change values, such as his or her name, password, address, company, and so on. These values are sent to a CDI backing bean via AJAX when the user tabs out of each field. However, the values must be retained in the CDI bean and stored in the database only when the user clicks the Save button.
Which two scopes will allow your CDI bean to retain its state while the user is interacting with the User Preferences page? (Choose two.)

  • A. Dependent
  • B. View
  • C. Session
  • D. Request
  • E. Application

Answer: CD

Given the code fragment:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
What output will be returned when this servlet is called a GET request?

  • A. Service() method called.
  • B. Service() method called.Get() method called.
  • C. An HTTP error
  • D. GET() method called.

Answer: A

Your customer has a complex financial reporting structure.
Which three elements should you define first in order to form a basis for this reporting?

  • A. Tax, Legal, and Industry
  • B. Managerial, Operational, and Industry
  • C. Legal, Managerial, and Functional
  • D. Legal, Autonomy, and Operational

Answer: C

Your client has decided that Discrete Manufacturing will be implemented at a future stage, so any new supply from current manufacturing will be added to current inventory by the Open Transactions Interface. The immediate requirement is to go live with Inventory and Order Management.
Which two seeded transaction types can be omitted for material status control?

  • A. All Transaction Types Related to Work in Process
  • B. Average Cost Update
  • C. Backflush Subinventory Transfer
  • D. Miscellaneous Issues and Receipts
  • E. All Internal Transactions

Answer: AC

How can a servlet indicate to the browser that cookie data should be sent over a secure connection?

  • A. Call the getSecure(true) method on the cookie object.
  • B. Encrypt the cookie dat
  • C. The browser automatically sends encrypted data over a secure connection.
  • D. Set the ENCRYPT header in the response.
  • E. Configure SessionTrackingMode.SSL on the ServletContext object.

Answer: A

Which statement is true about the WS-Security standard?

  • A. It is a Java EE standard for protecting SOAP services.
  • B. It relies on HTTP security mechanism to protect SOAP messages in transmit.
  • C. It provides message-level security.
  • D. It defines protocol-specific ways of protecting SOAP messages.

Answer: C

Your client has just up their chart of accounts. They are now designing the organization hierarchy in the system.
Which three structures should the customer use the to do this?

  • A. Warehouse, Subinventory, and Locators
  • B. Cost Centers, Organizations, and Locations
  • C. Cost type, Default Cost Structure, and Item Organization
  • D. Divisions, Business Units, and Departments

Answer: D

A user is performing a material return transaction against access stock in an Inventory organization; however, the user fails to select the Physical Material Return Required check box.
What happens?

  • A. It is considered as accounting-only return.
  • B. Stock is reserved.
  • C. A transfer order line remains open.
  • D. Shipment lines are created.

Answer: A

In Supply Chain Orchestration, Automated Change Management performs which two functions?

  • A. change to need by dates of a purchase order
  • B. splitting of a sales order
  • C. changing the ship method on a sales order
  • D. change to item attributes
  • E. changing the supplier on a purchase order

Answer: AB

Given the code sample:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
And the next fragment from beans.xml:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
And this injection point:
@Inject GenericMessenger messageHandler;
Which type would be injected at run time and referenced by the messageHandler variable?

  • A. SmsHandler
  • B. MsgHandler
  • C. None of the abov
  • D. An exception would be thrown due to ambiguous bean references.
  • E. GenericMessenger

Answer: D

You have been asked to implement internationalization in your JSF web application. Where do you configure the supported locales?

  • A. in the <f:view> tag of the Facelet page
  • B. in the web.xml file
  • C. in the faces-config.xml file
  • D. in the src folder

Answer: A

During Cloud Inventory implementation your customer requires you to enable the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) KPI to review the list of standard reports which is useful for their current business scenario. When navigating to reports and analytics, the warehouse dashboard doesn’t show any KPI watchlist.
Identify two causes. (Choose two.)

  • A. Logistics Business Intelligence Analytics is enabled.
  • B. Logistics Business Intelligence Analytics is not implemented.
  • C. Organization is not enabled for warehousing.
  • D. Data permissions for the organization being referenced are not set up.
  • E. Supply Chain and Order Management Business Intelligence Analytics is not enabled.

Answer: BE

Your customer has defined three business units: two of the them require the same set of receivables payment terms whereas the third needs a separate set of receivables payment terms.
How will you receive this requirement?

  • A. Define one data set with common payment terms and exclude the payment terms feature from the third business unit.
  • B. Define one reference data set and modify the business unit security.
  • C. Define two reference data sets, assign the first set to the two business units which will share the same payment terms and second set to the business unit which need separate payment terms.
  • D. Define three reference data sets and assign each data set to each business unit.

Answer: C


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