Renovate 200-125: Examcollection real tutorials from 71 to 80

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2021 Oct 200-125 free question

Q71. - (Topic 5) 

What are three components that comprise the SNMP framework? (Choose three.) 


B. agent 

C. set 


E. supervisor 

F. manager 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q72. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

For what two reasons has the router loaded its IOS image from the location that is shown? (Choose two.) 

A. Router1 has specific boot system commands that instruct it to load IOS from a TFTP server. 

B. Router1 is acting as a TFTP server for other routers. 

C. Router1 cannot locate a valid IOS image in flash memory. 

D. Router1 defaulted to ROMMON mode and loaded the IOS image from a TFTP server. 

E. Cisco routers will first attempt to load an image from TFTP for management purposes. 

Answer: A,C 

Q73. DRAG DROP - (Topic 1) 


Q74. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

The company uses EIGRP as the routing protocol. What path will packets take from a host on the network to a host on the LAN attached to router R1? 

A. The path of the packets will be R3 to R2 to R1. 

B. The path of the packets will be R3 to R1 to R2. 

C. The path of the packets will be both R3 to R2 to R1 AND R3 to R1. 

D. The path of the packets will be R3 to R1. 

Answer: D 

Q75. - (Topic 8) 

Which command allows you to verify the encapsulation type (CISCO or IETF) for a Frame Relay link? 

A. show frame-relay lmi 

B. show frame-relay map 

C. show frame-relay pvc 

D. show interfaces serial 

Answer: B

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Q76. - (Topic 2) 

In a switched environment, what does the IEEE 802.1Q standard describe? 

A. the operation of VTP 

B. a method of VLAN trunking 

C. an approach to wireless LAN communication 

D. the process for root bridge selection 

E. VLAN pruning 

Answer: B 

Q77. - (Topic 7) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

An administrator pings the default gateway at and sees the output as shown. At which OSI layer is the problem? 

A. data link layer 

B. application layer 

C. access layer 

D. session layer 

E. network layer 

Answer: E 

Q78. - (Topic 9) 

After you configure the Loopback0 interface, which command can you enter to verify the status of the interface and determine whether fast switching is enabled? 

A. Router#show ip interface loopback 0 

B. Router#show run 

C. Router#show interface loopback 0 

D. Router#show ip interface brief 

Answer: A 

Q79. - (Topic 2) 

Refer to Exhibit: 

How many broadcast domains are shown in the graphic assuming only the default VLAN is configured on the switches? 

A. one 

B. two 

C. six 

D. twelve 

Answer: A 

Q80. - (Topic 8) 

Which two statements about using the CHAP authentication mechanism in a PPP link are true? (Choose two.) 

A. CHAP uses a two-way handshake. 

B. CHAP uses a three-way handshake. 

C. CHAP authentication periodically occurs after link establishment. 

D. CHAP authentication passwords are sent in plaintext. 

E. CHAP authentication is performed only upon link establishment. 

F. CHAP has no protection from playback attacks. 

Answer: B,C 

Topic 9, Mixed Questions 

317. - (Topic 9) 

Which two types of NAT addresses are used in a Cisco NAT device? (Choose two.) 

A. inside local 

B. inside global 

C. inside private 

D. outside private 

E. external global 

F. external local 

Answer: A,B 

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