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Q81. What business trend allows employees to use personal devices to access enterprise data and systems? 






Q82. A data center is reaching its power and cooling capacity. What two virtualization 

technologies can address the problem by directly reducing the number of physical devices? (Choose two.) 

A. virtual switching systems 

B. virtual device contexts 

C. virtual servers 

D. virtual routing and forwarding 

E. virtual port channels 

F. virtual LANs 

Answer: B,C 

Q83. Where in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture model does network management reside? 

A. Enterprise data center module 

B. Enterprise campus module 

C. Enterprise edge module 

D. Service Provider edge module 

E. Service Provider data center module 



The network management servers reside in the campus infrastructure but have tie-ins to all the components in the enterprise network for monitoring and management. 

Q84. Which two design approaches provide management of enterprise network devices? (Choose two.) 

A. in-band 

B. out-of-line 

C. out-of-band 

D. in-line 

Answer: A,C 

Q85. Which RFC defines the IPv6 standard? 

A. RFC 1918 

B. RFC 2338 

C. RFC 2460 

D. RFC 2740 


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Q86. What is the first step when creating a network security policy? 

A. define what should be protected 

B. investigate how likely an attack is to occur 

C. implement measures to protect assets 

D. hire a security firm to perform penetration tests 


Q87. A secure WAN design requires dynamic routing and IP multicast. What two VPN protocols meet these requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. Standard IPsec 

B. P2P GRE over IPsec 


D. AnyConnect 


F. Easy VPN 


Answer: B,C 

Q88. When selecting which hardware switches to use throughout an enterprise campus switched network, which consideration is not relevant? 

A. whether data link layer switching based upon the MAC address is required 

B. the number of shared media segments 

C. which infrastructure service capabilities are required 

D. whether to support Layer 3 services at the network edge 


Explanation: Shared media are not used in modern networks; all links are operating full-duplex Link: 

Q89. A network engineer is following the three tiered Network Hierarchical Model. At which tier is 

route summarization implemented? 

A. core 

B. distribution 

C. backbone 

D. access 


Q90. What are the three primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design hierarchy? (Choose three.) 

A. provide end-user connectivity 

B. provide high speed transport 

C. provide QoS services 

D. enforce security policies 

E. provide WAN connections 

F. connect access devices to the core backbone 

Answer: C,D,F