Top 10 lab 200-310 for candidates (111 to 120)

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2021 Apr 200-310 brain dumps

Q111. Which two features are supported by single wireless controller deployments? (Choose two.) 

A. automatic detection and configuration of LWAPPs 

B. LWAPP support across multiple floors and buildings 

C. automatic detection and configuration of RF parameters 

D. Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming 

E. controller redundancy 

F. mobility groups 

Answer: A,B 

Q112. What are the three modes of unicast reverse path forwarding? (Choose three.) 

A. strict 

B. loose 


D. global 


F. local 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q113. Which of these is the equation used to derive a 64 Kbps bit rate? 

A. 2 x 8 kHz x 4-bit code words 

B. 8 kHz x 8-bit code words 

C. 2 x 4-bit code words x 8 kHz 

D. 2 x 4 kHz x 8-bit code words 


Explanation: While the human ear can sense sounds from 20 to 20, 000 Hz, and speech encompasses sounds from about 200 to 9000 Hz, the telephone channel was designed to operate at about 300 to 3400 Hz. This economical range carries enough fidelity to allow callers to identify the party at the far end and sense their mood. Nyquist decided to extend the digitization to 4000 Hz, to capture higher-frequency sounds that the telephone channel may deliver. Therefore, the highest frequency for voice is 4000 Hz. According to Nyquist theory, we must double the highest frequency, so 2x4kHz = 8kHz. 

Each sample will be encoded into a 8-bit code. Therefore 8kHz x 8-bit code = 64 Kbps (notice about the unit Kbps: 8kHz = 8000 samples per second so 8000 x 8-bit = 64000 bit per second = 64 Kilobit per second = 64 Kbps) 



Nyquist theory: 

“When sampling a signal (e.g., converting from an analog signal to digital), the sampling frequency must be greater than twice the bandwidth of the input signal in order to be able to reconstruct the original perfectly from the sampled version.” 

Q114. When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer does the Remote Access and VPN module establish its connection? 

A. Building Access 

B. Campus Core 

C. Enterprise Branch 

D. Enterprise Data Center 


Q115. Which two are types of network virtualization? (Choose two.) 

A. VSS: Virtual Switching System 

B. VRF: virtual routing and forwarding 

C. VCI: virtual channel identifier 

D. VLSM: variable length subnet masking 

E. VM: virtual machine 

F. VMP: Virtual Memory Pool 

Answer: A,B 


Network virtualization encompasses logical isolated network segments that share the same 

physical infrastructure. Each segment operates independently and is logically separate 

from the other segments. Each network segment appears with its own privacy, security, 

independent set of policies, QoS levels, and independent routing paths. 

Here are some examples of network virtualization technologies: 

VLAN: Virtual local-area network 

VSAN: Virtual storage-area network 

VRF: Virtual routing and forwarding 

VPN: Virtual private network 

VPC: Virtual Port Channel 

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Q116. With respect to IPv6 addressing, from a design perspective, which of these statements is it important to keep in mind? 

A. IPv6 addressing provides convenience of anycast addressing without any configuration requirements. 

B. IPv6 does not use multicast addressing. 

C. An IPv6 router will not forward packets from one link to other links if the packet has either a link-local source or a link-local destination address. 

D. Dynamic address assignment requires DHCPv6. 


Q117. An engineer has configured a router to send level 7 messages to a syslog server. What severity level are these messages? 

A. error 

B. warning 

C. debug 

D. informational 

E. notice 


Q118. Which three service categories are supported by an ISR? (Choose three.) 

A. voice 

B. security 

C. data 

D. Internet 

E. storage 

F. satellite 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q119. Which Gigabit Ethernet media type provides the longest reach without a repeater? 

A. 1000Base-CX 

B. 1000Base-LX 

C. 1000Base-SX 

D. 1000Base-T 


Q120. Spanning Layer 2 across geographically separate data centers is a key consideration for current data center designs. Which is the name of the NX-OS technology that facilitates MAC in IP transport for Layer 2 VLANs across any IP network? 

A. Overlay Transport Virtualization 

B. Virtual Private LAN Services 

C. Generic Routing Encapsulation 

D. QinQ tunneling