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Q51. Refer to the exhibit. WLC1 becomes unresponsive due to a power failure at a customer site. How does the access point that is shown in the WLC controller GUI behave now that WLC1 is disabled? 

A. associates to controller 

B. associates to controller 

C. associates to controller 

D. associates to controller 


Q52. What two capabilities would be present on a wireless client device that supports CCXv3? (Choose two.) 

A. WPA2 

B. 802.1x 





Answer: A,B 

Q53. How does an LWAP receive a configuration file? 

A. It is configured manually. 

B. It receives a configuration from the controller. 

C. It automatically ships with a configuration. 

D. It receives a configuration from a TFTP server. 


Q54. Which Cisco AnyConnect module provides wireless connectivity? 

A. telemetry 

B. web security 




F. posture 



Q55. An engineer is conducting an active survey for indoor coverage in a warehouse. The warehouse has long aisles with racks that extend to the ceiling. Which antenna type has a radiation pattern that is suited to provide coverage in each aisle? 

A. Yagi 

B. patch 

C. omnidirectional 

D. dipole 


Abreast of the times 200-355 practice test:

Q56. An engineer wants to deploy a 2504 controller as the anchor controller for a guest WLAN that resides on a 5508 controller in a different mobility group. What configuration change must be applied to support this deployment strategy? 

A. UDP 16666 and IP Protocol 97 must be enabled on the 2504 controller 

B. UDP 5246 and TCP Protocol 97 must be enabled on the router 

C. The 2504 controller must be added to the same mobility group as the 5508. 

D. DHCP Option 43 must be added to the neighboring switchport 


Q57. When using DHCP option 43, the discovery option supports vendor specific identifiers in order to obtain what IP address? 

A. core router's gateway 

B. closest distribution switch 

C. local WLAN controller 

D. local Radius Server 


Q58. In what WCS menu would an engineer locate the WCS software version? 

A. Administration > Settings 

B. Help > About Cisco WCS 

C. Help > Online Help 

D. Administration > License Center 


Q59. Which statement about ZigBee technology is true? 

A. It has low power consumption. 

B. It is designed only for point-to-point communications. 

C. It ranges up to 250 meters. 

D. It supports data rates up to 1 and 2 Mb/s. 


Q60. On the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller GUI, what sub-menu option under the Command menu will transfer code and configuration files to the controller? 

A. Download File 

B. Upload File 

C. Download Configuration 

D. Upload Configuration