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Q171. Which interface is used to connect the foreign and anchor controllers? 

A. management 

B. service 

C. virtual 

D. dynamic 


Q172. What is the purpose of the Log Analysis tab on the Client Troubleshooting page in Cisco WCS? 

A. After you click start, the tab shows debug information for the client that is trying to re-associate. 

B. The tab searches the logs for similar problems of other clients and generates a report. 

C. The tab generates a report from historical logs for the client that is having problems. 

D. The tab shows logs from the past hour for the client that is having problems. 


Q173. A network engineer is connected via wireless to a Cisco AireOS WLC and wants to download the configuration but is unable to do so. Which change will correct the issue? 

A. enable management via wireless 

B. connect via wired network 

C. enable Telnet 

D. enable WebAuth SecureWeb 

E. connect on 5-GHz SSID 


Q174. You have a lightweight AP that has been moved to a new subnet and has become stranded because DNS and DHCP servers are unavailable. The AP cannot connect to the controller. 

When connected to the console port, which three minimum parameters must you configure? (Choose three.) 

A. AP IP address 

B. controller name 

C. AP hostname 

D. default gateway IP address 

E. controller IP address 

F. username and password 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q175. An AP using version 7.0 MR1 broadcasts a Layer 3 CAPWAP discovery message on the local IP subnet. Which step does the AP take next? 

A. Determine if the controller responses include the primary controller. 

B. Determine if the controller responses include the master controller. 

C. Send a discovery request using DHCP option 43. 

D. Send a discovery request using DNS. 

E. Send a discovery request using locally stored information on the AP. 

F. Send a discovery request using OTAP. 


Q176. An engineer is using a predictive survey tool to estimate placement of APs in a carpeted office space. Most interior walls should be assigned which attenuation value? 

A. 2 dB 

B. 3 dB 

C. 4 dB 

D. 5 dB 


Q177. Which statement describes a security weakness of a WPA2 with a PSK? 

A. The compromised key can be used for another connection. 

B. The key can be eavesdropped from the wireless medium. 

C. The key can be recreated from a few eavesdropped frames. 

D. The key is not case-sensitive and is vulnerable to compromise by brute-force methods. 


Q178. What are the three primary functions of the Cisco Unified Wireless LWAPP architecture? (Choose three.) 

A. control and management of the CAPWAP 

B. tunneling of VPN clients over the WAN 

C. tunneling of WLAN client traffic to the WLC 

D. collection of 802.1Q trunks 

E. collection of 802.11 data for management 

F. control and management of VTP 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q179. Configurations are commonly uploaded and downloaded to a WLC. 

Which options are other examples of a file that can be uploaded from a Cisco 2500 Series WLC? 

A. packet capture 

B. crash file 

C. code 

D. login banner 



Q180. The network administrator has used VLANs to separate VoIP frames from data frames in the wired network. What must the administrator use to separate those frames in the wireless network? 

A. multiple SSIDs 

B. multiple authentications 

C. multiple WEP or WPA keys 

D. multiple channels 

E. multiple 802.11 radios (a, b, g, n)