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Q1. In setting up the wireless network, it is desired that the DHCP server that is configured in WLC1 provides IP addressing to the WLAN. When devices attempt to join the network, they fail to receive an IP address in the range provided by the DHCP server in WLC1, but they do receive an IP address from the DHCP server in SW1. What is causing this issue? 

A. The external DHCP server in SW1 will always be the preferred DHCP server and WLC1 will always be the secondary DHCP server in the WLAN. 

B. The DHCP server address for SW1 needs to be removed from the DHCP server configuration in WLC1. 

C. The primary DHCP server address in WLC1 is incorrect. 

D. The primary DHCP server configured in WLC1 is not enabled. 


Q2. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two options does this icon represent about the status of the respective AP on a Cisco WCS version 7.0 map? (Choose two.) 

A. The 802.11a/n radio is administratively disabled. 

B. The 802.11a/n radio has a minor fault. 

C. The 802.11a/n radio has a major fault. 

D. The 802.11b/g/n radio is administratively disabled. 

E. The 802.11b/g/n radio has a minor fault. 

F. The 802.11b/g/n radio has a major fault. 

Answer: C,D 

Q3. You are on the phone working with a colleague that is console connected to a lightweight AP that has lost its configuration. Which three actions are necessary to allow the AP to connect to a controller? (Choose three.) 

A. Configure the AP IP address. 

B. Configure the controller name. 

C. Configure the controller IP address. 

D. Configure the AP hostname. 

E. Configure the AP IP default-gateway. 

F. Configure the AP username and password. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q4. The existing Cisco Unified Wireless Controller is running version 7.0 code for both the controllers and the Cisco WCS. A controller has been configured with an appropriate rogue rule condition to report discovered APs to the Cisco WCS. 

Which default alarm level is used to display all rogue APs in the Alarm Summary? 

A. Critical 

B. Flash 

C. Urgent 

D. Major 

E. Minor 




Q6. Which CLI command is used on a Cisco WLC to troubleshoot mobility, rogue detection, and load-balancing events? 

A. debug dot11 

B. debug capwap all 

C. show dot11 details 

D. show capwap details 


Q7. An access point is currently transmitting at 4 mW. The customer needs to increase its signal strength by 6 dB to create a larger wireless cell. What should the new transmit power be? 

A. 8 mW 

B. 10 mW 

C. 12 mW 

D. 16 mW 

E. 24 mW 


Q8. Which governing body analyzes the applications and environments in which wireless networks are used? 





E. WiFi Alliance 


Q9. What is Cisco WCS Navigator? 

A. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WCS servers 

B. a server for storing and reviewing Cisco Spectrum Expert station data 

C. a server for storing the location data of wireless clients 

D. a GUI for displaying the data of Cisco CleanAir APs, aligned with an uploaded map 

E. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WLC systems 


Q10. Which two algorithms are available in RRM? (Choose two.) 

A. coverage-hole detection 

B. dynamic channel assignment 

C. RSSI normalizer 

D. transmitting channel expander 

E. rogue detection 

Answer: A,B