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New Cisco 200-355 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

Q10. A customer has ordered a Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller. What speed and quantity of ports are needed for full-speed operation?

A. 6 x 1 Gb

B. 6 x 10 Gb

C. 2 x 10 Gb

D. 2 x 1 Gb

E. 8 x 1 Gb

F. 8 x 10 Gb

Answer: B

Q11. What technology consists of small, low-power digital radios?


B. WiFi

C. ZigBee

D. Bluetooth

Answer: C

Q12. The administrator needs to create a report that shows all controllers, APs, and Cisco 3300

Series MSEs in the WLAN, including hardware and software information. Which report includes this information?

A. Device > Inventory

B. Mesh > Nodes

C. Network Summary > Executive Summary

D. Network Summary > 802.11 Summary

Answer: A

Q13. A customer has a corporate SSID that is configured to authenticate against an ACS server to validate client credentials on the corporate SSID. The customer has a firewall logically positioned on the network between the WLC and the ACS server in the network architecture. Which port must the firewall allow to ensure that authentication can occur?

A. 43

B. 1812

C. 5146

D. 8143

Answer: B

Q14. When using Cisco WCS version 7.0, which two features are available for the client troubleshooting tool when a Cisco Compatible Extensions v5 wireless client gets connected? (Choose two.)

A. Request CleanAir reports from the client

B. Send text messages to the client

C. Aggregated Cisco ACS authentication client information

D. Request the client to ping the DHCP-supplied IP gateway

E. Display a summary of client event history

Answer: B,D

Q15. Which two pieces of information are needed for the wireless client to connect to the wireless network? (Choose two.)


B. security settings

C. channel number

D. AP name

Answer: A,B

Q16. Which option lists the key features of Cisco Compatible Extensions v5?

A. Roaming and real-time diagnostics, MFP, a diagnostic channel that allows troubleshooting of the client, client reporting, optional location service, and expedited bandwidth

B. AP assisted roam, Cisco Centralized Key Management, radio measurements, and transmit power control

C. CAC, UPSD, voice metrics, MBSSIDs, location, link tests, and NAC

D. WME, proxy ARP, EAP-FAST, and WPA2, and single sign-on

E. LEAP, WPA, 802.1x and VLANs per AP, TKIP, and WiFi

Answer: A

Q17. An access point is currently transmitting at 4 mW. The customer needs to increase its signal strength by 6 dB to create a larger wireless cell. What should the new transmit power be?

A. 8 mW

B. 10 mW

C. 12 mW

D. 16 mW

E. 24 mW

Answer: D

Q18. What is the EIRP value for a transmitter that has a transmitter capable of 15 dBm, an antenna that has a gain of 12 dBi, and a cable that connects the transmitter to the antenna that has 1 db loss?

A. 26 dBm

B. 100 mW

C. .86 dBm

D. 165 dBm

E. 1000 mW

Answer: A

Topic 2, Exam Bank B

127.Refer to the exhibit.

What does the yellow shield with the exclamation mark indicate?

A. The network uses open authentication and no encryption.

B. The network uses an unsupported channel.

C. The signal is too distorted to connect.

D. The AP that is transmitting this SSID uses the wrong RF domain.

E. This is the ad-hoc network.

Q19. Which interface is used to connect the foreign and anchor controllers?

A. management

B. service

C. virtual

D. dynamic

Answer: A

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