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New LPI 201-450 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Which commands are used to load modules into the Linux kernel? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. insmod

B. loadmod

C. kernload

D. modprobe

E. probemod

Answer: AD

Q2. Which commands below are useful to collect data about remote filesystem connections? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. pidstat

B. nfsiostat

C. sadf

D. cifsiostat

Answer: BD

Q3. Why is the root file system mounted read-only during boot and remounted with write permission later on?

A. Because if problems with the root file system are detected during the boot, fsck can be run, without risk of damage.

B. Because this way crackers cannot collect information about root with boot sniffers.

C. To avoid writing to the disk, unless the root password is known.

D. To avoid other operating systems overwriting the Linux root partition.

E. Because the disk has its own write protection that cannot be changed by the operating system.

Answer: A

Q4. What happens if the Linux kernel can't mount the root filesystem when booting?

A. An error message is shown and the administrator is asked by the kernel to specify a valid root filesystem to continue the boot process.

B. An error message is shown and the system reboots after a keypress.

C. An error message is shown and the system boots in maintenance mode.

D. An error message is shown showing which device couldn't be mounted or informing that init couldn't be found.

E. An error message is shown stating that the corresponding kernel module couldn't be loaded.

Answer: D

Q5. Where would fsck put any unreferenced file or file fragments on a ext4 filesystem?

A. recover

B. lost+found

C. back

D. lost

Answer: B

Q6. What is the main template file used by autofs?

A. default.maps

B. auto.conf

C. auto.master

D. autofs.master

Answer: C

Q7. Which command turns an existing ext2 filesystem non-destructively into an ext3 filesystem? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)


/sbin/tune2fs, tune2fs

Q8. Which of the following tools are used to measure memory usage? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. mpstat

B. pstree

C. sar

D. top

E. vmstat

Answer: CDE

Q9. What is the correct parameter to pass to the kernel at boot time to force it to use only one of the available processors?

A. maxcpus=1

B. usecpus=1

C. smpcpus=1

D. vcpumx=1

Answer: A

Q10. Which of the following best describes the format of the /etc/fstab file?

A. device name; filesystem type; mount point; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order

B. device name; mount point; filesystem type; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order

C. device name; mount point; mount options; filesystem type; dump filesystem; fsck order

D. mount point; filesystem type; device name; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order

E. mount point; device name; filesystem type; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order

Answer: B

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