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Exam Name: LPIC-2 Exam 201 Part 1 of 2 version 4.5
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New LPI 201-450 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

Which file contains the message that is displayed above the login prompt of the system console? (Specify the full name of the file, including path.)



New Questions 3

Which of the filter keywords below could be used in the following command:

tcpdump u2013i eth0 ______203.0.113.8 (Choose three.)

A. host

B. ip

C. src

D. dst

E. ipv6

Answer: ACD

New Questions 4

What does the -p3 option to the patch command do?

A. It will strip off path information from each file mentioned in the patch file up to and including the third / character.

B. patch continues execution as long as there are three or fewer errors.

C. It instructs patch to look up to three lines of context before or after the declared line in the original file for a match.

D. patch will keep three previous versions of each file in the output to prevent loss of change history.

E. It instructs patch to conform more strictly to the POSIX standard.

Answer: A

New Questions 5

Which of the following commands can be used to list IPv4 addresses and MAC addresses for IP devices that the system has seen on the local network?

A. arp

B. ifconfig

C. ipadm

D. iwlist

Answer: A

New Questions 6

Which of the following commands restores only those files containing lpi in their name from the archive lpifiles.tar.gz?

A. tar xvzf lpifiles.tar.gz --wildcards u2021*lpi*u2021

B. tar xvzwf lpifiles.tar.gz u2021*lpi*u2021

C. tar -xvfz lpifiles.tar.gz --deep u2021*lpi*u2021

D. tar -xvzf lpifiles.tar.gz --subdirs u2021*lpi*u2021

E. tar xvzf lpifiles.tar.gz --globbing u2021*lpi*u2021

Answer: A

New Questions 7

What should be done to ensure a client machine uses the recursive nameserver running on the IP address ? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf.

B. Run route add nameserver

C. Run ifconfig eth0 nameserver

D. Ensure that the dns service is listed in the hosts entry in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.

E. Run bind add nameserver

Answer: AD

New Questions 8

What command is used to make an exact copy, at a single point in time, of a logical volume for backup purposes?

A. lvsnap

B. lvsnapshot

C. lvcreate

D. lvcopy

E. lvclone

Answer: C

New Questions 9

Which of the following commands creates a Btrfs subvolume named volume in/mnt?

A. btrfs subvolume add u2013n volume /mnt

B. btrfs create subvolume /mnt volume

C. btrfs-subvolume create /mnt/volume

D. btrfs subvolume new volume /mnt

E. btrfs subvolume create /mnt/volume

Answer: E

New Questions 10

The following command has just been run successfully: cd /opt; tar xvf /dev/nst0;

What will happen if the command sequence is run again?

A. An error saying that there is no tape present is generated because the tape has been ejected after being used.

B. The contents of /opt will be restored again.

C. The entire contents of /opt will be replaced with the contents of the next file on the tape.

D. The contents of /opt will have additional content added from the next file on the tape.

Answer: D

New Questions 11

Which command is used to make an exact copy, at a single point in time, of a logical volume while still allowing the original logical volume to be updated?

A. lvcclone

B. lvcreate

C. lvm2

D. lvsnap

E. lvsnapshot

Answer: B

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