Up to date 210-060 test questions Guide

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2021 Apr 210-060 practice exam

Q21. Which server does Cisco recommend that you configure before a CUCM backup? 






Q22. Which three choices are functions or features of Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.) 

A. video-enabled messaging through converged networks 

B. text-to-speech, which allows access to Exchange emails from a telephone 

C. voice-enabled message navigation 

D. voice-enabled dialing to external users 

E. automated attendant capabilities 

F. automated call rerouting to agents through round robin, longest idle, or broadcast 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q23. A user wants their name to show on their phone instead of their directory number. Which configuration item allows an administrator to do this? 

A. Line Text Label 

B. Alerting Name 

C. External Phone Number Mask 

D. Caller Name 

E. Description 


Q24. To control telephony costs, management wants to restrict who can place long distance calls. Which two options allow for this restriction? (Choose two.) 

A. calling search space 

B. partitions 

C. route groups 

D. SIP trunk 

E. gateway 

Answer: A,B 

Q25. Which scenario allows user A in partition X to call user B in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. User B in partition X is not assigned to any CSS. 

B. User B in partition Y assigns both partitions to CSS-X. 

C. User B is not assigned to any partition or CSS. 

D. User B is assigned to partition Y and assigns to CSS-X. 


Up to the minute 210-060 sample question:

Q26. An engineer is syncing Cisco Unity Connection with LDAP. Which three things should the engineer consider during this process? (Choose three.) 

A. PINs and passwords are replicated from the LDAP database to Cisco Unity Connection database. 

B. LDAP authentication must be configured and enabled. 

C. There is no limit to the amount of LDAP filters that can be created. 

D. SSL certificates from LDAP must be uploaded to Cisco Unity Connection. 

E. LDAP synchronization must be configured and enabled. 

F. Cisco Unity Connection supports integrations with OpenLDAP. 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q27. When you attempt to add a phone to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express using the GUI interface, the error "No New Phone to Add" appears. Which command is causing the error? 

A. No auto-reg-ephone 

B. No service ephone-reg 

C. SIP-ua no auto-reg-ephone 

D. stcapp ccm-group 1 


Q28. Which two layers are Cisco Unified Communications component layers? (Choose two.) 

A. Infrastructure layer 

B. Data link layer 

C. Network layer 

D. Endpoints layer 

E. Transport layer 

Answer: A,D 

Q29. An end user is experiencing performance issues with their IP phone. Which phone feature could the administrator configure to allow the end user to notify them when issues occur? 

A. Cisco Quality Report Tool 

B. System Log Management 

C. Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting 

D. Cisco JTAPI 


Q30. A new user has successfully registered Cisco Jabber. Which option verifies that the Jabber client is connected to all appropriate back-end systems? 

A. Show Connection Status 

B. Report A Problem 

C. Advanced Settings 

D. About Jabber 

E. Reset Jabber