All About 210-250 actual test Mar 2021

Exam Code: 210-250 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 Mar 210-250 exam prep

Q11. Where is a host-based intrusion detection system located?

A. on a particular end-point as an agent or a desktop application

B. on a dedicated proxy server monitoring egress traffic

C. on a span switch port

D. on a tap switch port

Answer: D

Q12. A user reports difficulties accessing certain external web pages, When examining traffic to and from the external domain in full packet captures, you notice many SYNs that have the same sequence number, source, and destination IP address, but have different payloads. Which problem is a possible explanation of this situation?

A. insufficient network resources

B. failure of full packet capture solution

C. misconfiguration of web filter

D. TCP injection

Answer: A

Q13. Which two features must a next generation firewall include? (Choose two.)

A. data mining

B. host-based antivirus

C. application visibility and control

D. Security Information and Event Management

E. intrusion detection system

Answer: D,E

Q14. One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems. What does CIA mean in this context?

A. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

B. Confidentiality, Identity, and Availability

C. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authorization

D. Confidentiality, Identity, and Authorization

Answer: A

Q15. Refer to the exhibit. 

During an analysis this list of email attachments is found. Which files contain the same content?

A. 1 and 4

B. 3 and 4

C. 1 and 3

D. 1 and 2

Answer: B

Improved 210-250 practice test:

Q16. Which information security property is supported by encryption?

A. sustainability

B. integrity

C. confidentiality

D. availability

Answer: A

Q17. Which type of exploit normally requires the culprit to have prior access to the target system?

A. local exploit

B. denial of service

C. system vulnerability

D. remote exploit

Answer: A

Q18. Which term represents the chronological record of how evidence was collected- analyzed, preserved, and transferred?

A. chain of evidence

B. evidence chronology

C. chain of custody

D. record of safekeeping

Answer: C

Q19. Which definition of a process in Windows is true?

A. running program

B. unit of execution that must be manually scheduled by the application

C. database that stores low-level settings for the OS and for certain applications

D. basic unit to which the operating system allocates processor time

Answer: C

Q20. If a web server accepts input from the user and passes it to a bash shell, to which attack method is it vulnerable?

A. input validation

B. hash collision

C. command injection

D. integer overflow

Answer: B