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Q1. Which type of analysis assigns values to scenarios to see what the outcome might be in each scenario?

A. deterministic

B. exploratory

C. probabilistic

D. descriptive

Answer: D

Q2. Which data type is protected under the PCI compliance framework?

A. credit card type

B. primary account number

C. health conditions

D. provision of individual care

Answer: C

Q3. Which CVSSv3 Attack Vector metric value requires the attacker to physically touch or manipulate the vulnerable component?

A. local

B. physical

C. network

D. adjacent

Answer: D

Q4. Which option can be addressed when using retrospective security techniques?

A. if the affected host needs a software update

B. how the malware entered our network

C. why the malware is still in our network

D. if the affected system needs replacement

Answer: A

Q5. Which data element must be protected with regards to PCI?

A. past health condition

B. geographic location

C. full name

D. recent payment amount

Answer: D

Renew 210-255 question:

Q6. What mechanism does the Linux operating system provide to control access to files?

A. privileges required

B. user interaction

C. file permissions

D. access complexity

Answer: C

Q7. Which component of the NIST SP800-61 r2 incident handling strategy reviews data?

A. preparation

B. detection and analysis

C. containment, eradication, and recovery

D. post-incident analysis

Answer: B

Q8. Which feature is used to find possible vulnerable services running on a server?

A. CPU utilization

B. security policy

C. temporary internet files

D. listening ports

Answer: D

Q9. Which element can be used by a threat actor to discover a possible opening into a target network and can also be used by an analyst to determine the protocol of the malicious traffic?


B. ports

C. SMTP replies

D. IP addresses

Answer: A

Q10. Which kind of evidence can be considered most reliable to arrive at an analytical assertion?

A. direct

B. corroborative

C. indirect

D. circumstantial

E. textual

Answer: A