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2021 Mar 210-255 test engine

Q21. Which stakeholder group is responsible for containment, eradication, and recovery in incident handling?

A. facilitators

B. practitioners

C. leaders and managers

D. decision makers

Answer: A

Q22. Which CVSSv3 metric value increases when attacks consume network bandwidth, processor cycles, or disk space?

A. confidentiality

B. integrity

C. availability

D. complexity

Answer: D

Q23. Which option can be addressed when using retrospective security techniques?

A. if the affected host needs a software update

B. how the malware entered our network

C. why the malware is still in our network

D. if the affected system needs replacement

Answer: A

Q24. Refer to the Exhibit. A customer reports that they cannot access your organization's website. Which option is a possible reason that the customer cannot access the website?


A. The server at is using up too much bandwidth causing a denial- of-service.

B. The server at has a virus.

C. A vulnerability scanner has shown that has been compromised.

D. Web traffic sent from has been identified as malicious by Internet sensors.

Answer: C

Q25. Which description of a retrospective maKvare detection is true?

A. You use Wireshark to identify the malware source.

B. You use historical information from one or more sources to identify the affected host or file.

C. You use information from a network analyzer to identify the malware source.

D. You use Wireshark to identify the affected host or file.

Answer: B

Up to the immediate present 210-255 exam:

Q26. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of log is this an example of?


A. syslog

B. NetFlow log

C. proxy log

D. IDS log

Answer: A

Q27. Which CVSSv3 Attack Vector metric value requires the attacker to physically touch or manipulate the vulnerable component?

A. local

B. physical

C. network

D. adjacent

Answer: D

Q28. Which option is generated when a file is run through an algorithm and generates a string specific to the contents of that file?


B. hash

C. IP address

D. destination port

Answer: C

Q29. During which phase of the forensic process is data that is related to a specific event labeled and recorded to preserve its integrity?

A. collection

B. examination

C. reporting

D. investigation

Answer: A

Q30. Which identifies both the source and destination location?

A. IP address


C. ports

D. MAC address

Answer: C