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Q11. Which two features do CoPP and CPPr use to protect the control plane? (Choose two.) 

A. QoS 

B. traffic classification 

C. access lists 

D. policy maps 

E. class maps 

F. Cisco Express Forwarding 

Answer: A,B 

Q12. What can the SMTP preprocessor in FirePOWER normalize? 

A. It can extract and decode email attachments in client to server traffic. 

B. It can look up the email sender. 

C. It compares known threats to the email sender. 

D. It can forward the SMTP traffic to an email filter server. 

E. It uses the Traffic Anomaly Detector. 


Q13. You want to allow all of your company's users to access the Internet without allowing other Web servers to collect the IP addresses of individual users. What two solutions can you use? (Choose two). 

A. Configure a proxy server to hide users' local IP addresses. 

B. Assign unique IP addresses to all users. 

C. Assign the same IP address to all users. 

D. Install a Web content filter to hide users' local IP addresses. 

E. Configure a firewall to use Port Address Translation. 

Answer: A,E 

Q14. What type of security support is provided by the Open Web Application Security Project? 

A. Education about common Web site vulnerabilities. 

B. A Web site security framework. 

C. A security discussion forum for Web site developers. 

D. Scoring of common vulnerabilities and exposures. 


Q15. Which statement about personal firewalls is true? 

A. They can protect a system by denying probing requests. 

B. They are resilient against kernel attacks. 

C. They can protect email messages and private documents in a similar way to a VPN. 

D. They can protect the network against attacks. 


Q16. For what reason would you configure multiple security contexts on the ASA firewall? 

A. To separate different departments and business units. 

B. To enable the use of VRFs on routers that are adjacently connected. 

C. To provide redundancy and high availability within the organization. 

D. To enable the use of multicast routing and QoS through the firewall. 


Q17. Which Sourcefire logging action should you choose to record the most detail about a connection? 

A. Enable logging at the end of the session. 

B. Enable logging at the beginning of the session. 

C. Enable alerts via SNMP to log events off-box. 

D. Enable eStreamer to log events off-box. 


Q18. What is one requirement for locking a wired or wireless device from ISE? Cisco 210-260 : Practice Test 

A. The ISE agent must be installed on the device. 

B. The device must be connected to the network when the lock command is executed. 

C. The user must approve the locking action. 

D. The organization must implement an acceptable use policy allowing device locking. 


Q19. In what type of attack does an attacker virtually change a device's burned-in address in an attempt to circumvent access lists and mask the device's true identity? 

A. gratuitous ARP 

B. ARP poisoning 

C. IP spoofing 

D. MAC spoofing 


Q20. What type of packet creates and performs network operations on a network device? 

A. control plane packets 

B. data plane packets 

C. management plane packets 

D. services plane packets