Mar 2021 updated: Ucertify CompTIA 220-901 exam topics 51-60

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2021 Mar 220-901 exams

Q51. A technician is working on a laptop with a failed Ethernet port caused by ESD. Which of the following is the simplest solution to restore network connectivity?

A. Re-solder the network connector

B. Replace the Ethernet daughter board

C. Update the Ethernet driver

D. Enable wireless and connect to the WAP

Answer: D

Q52. A customer wants to copy a database that is 97GB in size for multiple uses. Which of the following format specifications should the customer use?



C. BD – RE


Answer: A

Q53. A technician is building a workstation that will only be used to connect remotely to a server. Which of the following types of PC configurations is BEST suited for this task?

A. Thin client

B. Home server PC

C. CAD workstation

D. AV workstation

Answer: A

Q54. Which of the following connectors can be used for video, audio, and storage devices?


B. DisplayPort


D. Thunderbolt

Answer: D

Q55. A user is notified of file system errors on an external hard drive. Which of the following tools can be used to repair common errors on the drive?

A. chkdsk

B. diskpart

C. format

D. sfc

Answer:: A

Improve 220-901 exam topics:

Q56. A machine receives an IP address starting with 169.254.x.x when which of the following occurs?

A. When the machine is using IPv6

B. When the next IP range begins with 169.253

C. When the DHCP server does not respond

D. When the operating system is Unix or Linux

Answer: C

Q57. Ann, a user, has recently installed a new Blu-Ray ROM in her desktop computer. The computer recognizes the device as a DVD-ROM. Which of the following actions would enable the system to recognize the device as a Blu-Ray device?

A. The operating system must be upgraded to Windows Ultimate.

B. Flash the system’s motherboard CMOS.

C. Upgrade to the latest Windows Media Player.

D. Install the manufacturer’s drivers for the OS.

Answer: D

Q58. A laptop logon screen can barely be seen, despite adjusting the display’s brightness setting. Which of the following display components is defective?

A. Backlight

B. Digitizer

C. Inverter

D. Polarizer

Answer: A

Q59. A user has requested a device that could be used for web-conferences while away from work. The device will mainly be used for emailing, document reviewing, and phone calls. Which of the following mobile devices would a technician MOST likely recommend?

A. Tablet

B. Smart camera

C. Phablet

D. Web camera

Answer: C

Q60. Which of the following types of device cable types are used to connect output devices such as printers and scanners?

A. Parallel




Answer: A