Rebirth 220-901 test Guide

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Q111. A user is noticing fine black particles on printouts and in the printer itself. Which of the following tools is recommended to fix this issue?

A. Denatured alcohol

B. Toner vacuum

C. Compressed air

D. Moist towel

Answer:: B

Q112. Joe, a technician, is tasked to install a new client machine. He notices the machine is not getting any network connectivity. He tests the network cable between the PC and the network jack and confirms it is good. Joe goes to the network closet and finds several network cables not connected to the switch. Which of the following tools would Joe use to

determine which cable goes back to the correct network jack?

A. Loopback plug

B. Toner probe

C. WiFi analyzer

D. Punchdown tool

Answer: B


You would like to build a PC for storage redundancy. Select the appropriate IDE drives and build the PC for MAXIMUM performance, while using the MINIMUM amount of drives.


Q114. Which of the following would be the MOST important factor to consider when building a virtualization workstation?

A. High-end graphics card with onboard memory

B. A compact form factor

C. Dual monitor support

D. Maximum RAM and CPU cores

Answer: D

Q115. A workstation has a network link light, but it cannot access internal network resources. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. Slow transfer speeds

B. IP address conflict

C. Incorrect gateway

D. Packet collisions

Answer: B

Q116. Which of the following are factors when designing a home theater PC?

A. Wireless NIC

B. Audio frequency

C. Video refresh rate

D. Video output

Answer: D

Q117. After migrating a network-based print queue to a new server, users are reporting that documents are not printing correctly and print jobs will error out or print garbled text. Which of the following actions will BEST resolve this issue for the affected users?

A. Install the correct drivers on the server.

B. Delete and reconnect to the print queue on the client machine.

C. Restart the print queues on the print server.

D. Reinstall the printer drivers on the client desktops.

Answer: A

Q118. Which of the following devices transmits data to all ports regardless of final destination?

A. Firewall

B. Router

C. Switch

D. Hub

Answer: D

Q119. The OSD of a monitor indicates the proper video source is selected, but no image is displayed. Which of the following issues are the MOST likely reasons? (Select TWO).

A. The source cable is disconnected

B. The monitor’s brightness is set too low

C. The backlighting of the monitor is faulty

D. The monitor’s contrast is set too high

E. No device is sending source video

Answer: A,E

Q120. A client, Joe, has reported issues with the back cover of his company-issued smartphone. Joe stated that it seems to either come off on its own, or will not seat properly on the phone. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

A. The MicroSD card is not installed properly.

B. The battery needs to be replaced.

C. The charging port is bent.

D. The smartphone has a non-OEM cover.

Answer: B