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Q61. A user is reporting toner smudging on paper after printing. Which of the following should the technician inspect?

A. Print spooler

B. Fuser

C. Rollers

D. Maintenance kit

Answer: B

Q62. A technician is notified of an inkjet printer not printing properly. The user’s computer has the printer software loaded and is not displaying any errors. A test print was performed, with one of the colors not printing properly. Which of the following would the technician typically perform FIRST to resolve the issue?

A. Replace cartridges

B. Run a cleaning page

C. Clean heads

D. Clean fuser assembly

Answer: C

Q63. A user is requesting a cable to charge and transfer data for an Apple mobile device. Which of the following connection types would satisfy the user's requirements?

A. MicroUSB

B. Molex

C. MiniUSB

D. Lightning

Answer: D

Q64. Which of the following is the form factor of a standard Parallel connector?

A. DB-9

B. DB-15

C. DB-25

D. DIN-6

Answer: C

Q65. A technician is notified that a laptop is not booting. It is discovered that there are no system lights, sounds, or display when the power button is pressed. Which of the following should the technician attempt FIRST in the troubleshooting process?

A. Connect an external monitor into the laptop to determine if the LCD has failed.

B. Boot the system from either a boot CD or other removable media type.

C. Disconnect the AC and battery power and hold the power button for several seconds.

D. Remove any hard drives or optical drives, RAM, and any wireless cards or USB devices from the laptop.

Answer: C

Q66. Which of the following is a standard Intel processor socket type?

A. F

B. 754

C. 940


Answer: D

Q67. Which of the following MUST be the same when replacing a hard drive in a laptop?

A. The interface type of the existing drive

B. The speed of the new drive

C. The total data capacity of the PC

D. The cache size of the new drive

Answer: A

Q68. Which of the following devices would provide protection for electronic equipment in an area prone to intermittent, unstable power?

A. Power strip

B. Surge suppressor

C. Uninterruptible power supply

D. Line conditioner

Answer: C

Q69. Which of the following devices is BEST to use when designing a SOHO network to ensure the least amount of collisions?

A. Switch

B. Bridge

C. Hub

D. Access point

Answer: A

Q70. Which of the following would allow for multiple computers to share a display and input devices?

A. AGP video adapter

B. KVM switch

C. Portable TDR

D. PCI video adapter

Answer: B