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Q31. A new employee has reported that print jobs are printing as garbled text. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for this issue?

A. The printer needs a maintenance kit installed

B. The network cable on the printer is unplugged

C. The workstation has the incorrect drivers installed

D. The employee does not have the proper permissions

Answer: C

Q32. Which of the following RAM types supports triple channel configurations?





Answer: C

Q33. A user has reported that the company notebook is performing some random mouse actions requiring the user to make a lot of typing corrections. How can the technician solve the issue for the user?

A. Adjust the mouse settings so the mouse moves slower

B. Reverse the buttons on the mouse pad

C. Adjust the mouse settings so the mouse moves faster

D. Use the function keys to disable the mouse pad

Answer: D

Q34. A user is searching for a piano keyboard to connect to a PC. The user would like the keyboard to communicate with the PC. Which of the following features should the user look for on a piano keyboard to BEST facilitate this?





Answer: A

Q35. Which of the following ports is used for a secure browser connection for an online purchase?

A. 23

B. 80

C. 110

D. 443

E. 3389

Answer: D

Q36. A brownout has occurred within a building. A technician is repairing a workstation which has a power light, but is not displaying anything on the screen and is not making any sounds during boot up. Which of the following should be used to further troubleshoot the


A. Loop back plug

B. POST card

C. Power supply tester

D. Multimeter

Answer: B

Q37. A customer brings a laptop in for repair, because the screen image is upside down. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

A. Change the screen orientation

B. Replace the video card

C. Connect an external monitor

D. Update the video card drivers

Answer: A

Q38. When troubleshooting a PC that intermittently shuts off, which of the following should be monitored?

A. Boot sequence

B. CPU temperature

C. SMART status

D. TPM module

Answer: B

Q39. The loud clicking noise coming from a faulty hard drive is MOST likely created by:

A. the coil reversing polarity in an endless loop.

B. one or more bad spindle motor bearings.

C. repeated motion of the read/write head armature parallel to the platter.

D. the solid state read/write head scratching the platter surface.

Answer: C

Q40. Ann, a user, boots her laptop and notices the screen flashes then turns black. It was working during her presentation yesterday. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be completed?

A. Use a multimeter to test voltage.

B. Replace the laptop with a new one.

C. Replace the battery.

D. Connect an external display device.

Answer: D