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2021 Mar 220-902 latest exam

Q141. A technician is tasked with enabling TLS version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 on a client Internet Explorer browser. Which of the following Internet Options Tabs should the technician look to enable the aforementioned TLS settings? 

A. Advanced 

B. Security 

C. Privacy 

D. Connections 


Q142. An end user calls the company’s IT service desk to report an inability to open encrypted emails on a mobile device. Which of the following BEST represents a possible cause? 

A. A valid certificate suitable for S/MIME is not installed. 

B. Emails received by the user lack suitable digital signatures. 

C. SSL/TLS certificates stored on the device are expired. 

D. The sender did not have the addressee’s public certificate. 


Q143. A user receives an unsolicited call from a technician claiming to be from a Microsoft certified partner. The technician tricks the user into allowing them access to their PC because of malware alerts that were being broadcasted. Which of the following attacks is this user a victim of? 

A. Shoulder surfing 

B. Phishing attack 

C. Social engineering 

D. Malware infection 


Q144. A user’s PC breaks and a technician needs to configure a new machine with a copy of their computer image stored on a remote server. Which of the following technologies would help RIS install this image? 





E. CD 


Q145. A technician is tasked with removing a virus file that created a custom service. The technician has located the file to be removed using an antivirus scanner, but the scanner did not successfully remove the file. When the technician attempts to manually remove the file, an error message appears that says, “The file is in use by another program.” Which of the following tools would be the BEST to use to correct the issue? 

A. Terminal 


C. Event Viewer 

D. Services Console 

E. Recovery Console 


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Q146. A technician gets a call from a customer stating that their computer will not boot. They are getting the following error “invalid system disk”. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST? 

A. Verify the operating system is installed correctly. 

B. Verify that all removable drives are empty. 

C. Verify Boot.ini is on the hard drive. 

D. Verify the computer will boot into safe mode. 


Q147. Which of the following updates should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the OS has the latest security patches? 

A. Anti-malware updates 

B. Driver updates 

C. Windows updates 

D. Firmware updates 


Q148. A user has installed a legacy application in Windows 7 and reports that only some of the functionality in it is operational. Another user is using the same application on a different Windows 7 machine and doesn’t report those problems. Which of the following features in Windows 7 may be responsible for this problem? 

A. System Protection settings 

B. User Account Control 

C. Action Center 

D. Data Execution Prevention 


Q149. A support technician is using virtualization software on a Windows 7 Enterprise PC to test Windows 8.1 Enterprise for a future deployment. When operating the Windows 8.1 VM, performing tasks in the host operating system becomes considerably slower. Which of the following options may improve performance in the host operating system? (Select TWO). 

A. Install more physical memory. 

B. Increase the size of the virtual hard drive. 

C. Install a different hypervisor. 

D. Reduce physical memory allocated to the VM. 

E. Clear temporary files in the VM. 

F. Install additional physical hard drives. 

Answer: A,D 

Q150. A technician has been tasked with limiting the users who can connect to a network printer located centrally within an office environment. Which of the following tools would be the BEST to utilize to achieve this goal?