Top 10 rapidshare 220-902 for consumer (121 to 130)

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2017 Apr 220-902 practice exam

Q121. A user prefers an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard for a laptop. The user does not want to use the built-in screen; however, when the laptop lid is closed, it goes into sleep mode. Which of the following Control Panel items can be used to disable this feature? 

A. Action Center 

B. System 

C. Display Settings 

D. Power Options 


Q122. A technician has just installed a video card in a PC. The video card is not working, although 

it was working fine on the test bench. Which of the following Windows tools should the technician use to start troubleshooting the problem? 

A. Task Manager 

B. Device Manager 

C. System Configuration 

D. Computer Management 


Q123. A user wants to configure a smartphone to save all attachments from an email to a cloud-based service. Which of the following would be BEST to use to accomplish this? 

A. Google Drive 

B. iCloud 

C. One Drive 



Q124. An engineer working with large detailed CAD files notices over time that the workstation is taking significantly longer to open files that used to launch quickly. Other applications work fine, and the engineer confirms all of the data has been backed up the night before. A technician determines that the workstation is about two years old. Which of the following would be the technician’s FIRST step in troubleshooting the problem? 

A. Run defrag on the hard drive 

B. Restore the CAD files from backup 

C. Replace the hard drive 

D. Remove and reinstall the CAD software 


Q125. In preparation for an operating system upgrade, a technician is tasked with installing additional memory modules in a computer. Which of the following safety steps should be performed FIRST? 

A. Use safety goggles 

B. Remove jewelry 

C. Put on an ESD strap 

D. Disconnect power 


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Q126. Which of the following features is being used when a smartphone is used to purchase a product at a retail kiosk? 


B. Virtual assistant 


D. Bluetooth 


Q127. Which of the following is a security threat that disguises itself as legitimate software? 

A. Trojan 

B. Worm 

C. Virus 

D. Spyware 


Q128. A technician is configuring wireless for a home office. The customer wants to prevent others from accessing the wireless network. The customer has a small number of devices on the network and does not want to have to remember a complicated password. Which of the following should the technician recommend? 

A. Enable MAC filtering 

B. Disable SSID broadcast 

C. Assign static IP addresses 

D. Turn on content filtering 


Q129. A technician has been tasked with loading the operating system on every PC with a blank hard drive on a network. The technician wishes to install the operating system with minimal physical interaction with the PCs. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this? 

A. Clone the operating system from an image onto optical media. 

B. Use the original software media to load the operation system on every PC. 

C. Set up a central image that the PCs can load from a PXE boot. 

D. Create an image and copy it from a USB drive using an unattended answer file. 


Q130. A technician is tasked with setting up a user’s webmail on a tablet, phone, and laptop. The user would like the data synced to all three devices. Which of the following items can be synced to the devices via webmail? (Select THREE). 

A. Free/busy 

B. Programs 

C. Documents 

D. Calendar 

E. Favorites 

F. Social media 

G. Contacts 

Answer: A,D,G