Top Actual 220-902 testing engine Tips!

The article at going over is very comprehensive.

Q81. A technician has been notified that recent vulnerabilities have been discovered related to a type of SOHO router. The technician has verified that all connections and settings are appropriate. Which of the following actions should the technician take NEXT? 

A. Change the router firewall settings 

B. Check for and apply a firmware update 

C. Reconfigure the QoS settings 

D. Change router user-names and passwords 


Q82. A user is unable to find the preferred default network printer in the printers list in the user profile. Which of the following is the FIRST step that should be taken? 

A. Map printer 

B. Reboot computer 

C. Check to see if printer is turned on 

D. Log in as a different user and see if printer is mapped 


Q83. A new help desk technician receives a trouble call from a user. The issue is something the technician has never encountered before, and does not know where to begin troubleshooting. The FIRST course of action is for the technician to: 

A. tell the customer the issue needs to be escalated to a higher tier technician. 

B. ask the customer if they would mind holding for no more than two minutes to check resources. 

C. tell the customer this is the first time encountering the issue and to please be patient. 

D. ask the customer to please hold while a senior technician is consulted regarding the issue. 


Q84. A technician is tasked with repairing a Windows 7 system including the removal of recently installed files and software. Which of the following system restoration methods would be the LEAST destructive way to achieve this? 

A. System Restore 

B. System Image Recovery 


D. Windows Memory Diagnostic 



Drag and drop the following Windows Versions to the correct feature on which they are found. Windows Versions may be used more than once. 


Q86. Ann, an executive, reports that she received a call from someone asking for information about her email account. Which of the following type of potential security threats does this scenario describe? 

A. Social engineering 

B. Spoofing 

C. Zero-day 

D. Man-in-the-middle 



Drag and drop the following Windows 7 versions in order according to their feature-sets, from MOST to LEAST. 


Q88. A user wants to save a file into another user’s directory, but the file save is denied. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the file save cannot be completed? 

A. The user must be a member of the Users group 

B. The user requires write permissions to the folder 

C. The user requires read permission to the folder 

D. The user must be a member of the Administrators group 


Q89. A user tries to connect to the Internet using a dial-up modem and receives a “No dial tone detected” message. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the technician should check to troubleshoot the issue? 

A. Check if the cable is connected on the modem’s phone RJ-45 port. 

B. Check if the cable is connected on the modem’s line RJ-11 port. 

C. Check if the cable is connected on the modem’s line RJ-45 port. 

D. Check if the cable is connected on the modem’s phone RJ-11 port. 


Q90. While navigating a Windows machine through command prompt, which of the following commands will a technician use to display the contents of the current folder? 

A. cd 

B. dir 

C. md 

D. rd