[High quality] 220-902 CompTIA practice question 1-10 (Jun 2021)

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Q1. For the last year, a company has gathered statistics on the most common security incidents. The highest percentage deals with opening email attachments that contain malware. Which of the following would mitigate this issue without reducing productivity? 

A. Annual cyber security education 

B. Update antivirus signatures more often 

C. Block all email attachments 

D. Install an IPS on each workstation 


Q2. A user’s personal laptop was hacked. A technician troubleshooting the issue discovers the user used the numbers 123456789 as their account password. The user has not changed the password in two years. Which of the following best practices should the technician recommend the user implement to prevent future hacking? (Select TWO). 

A. Configure screen saver 

B. Set a strong password 

C. Set login time restrictions 

D. Use a more secure browser 

E. Change the password frequently 

Answer: B,E

Q3. A user reports that any URL entered redirects to the same web page. A technician concludes that the user’s computer has been compromised. Which of the following tools would the technician use to resolve the issue? 

A. Last known good configuration 

B. Anti-malware 

C. System restore 

D. Rogue antivirus 


Q4. A technician is configuring a SOHO wireless router for a small business with three employees. After the three employees’ laptops have successfully connected to the wireless network, the company would like to prevent additional access to the wireless network. The technician enables WPA2 on the wireless router. Which of the following additional settings should the technician change? 

A. Enable MAC filtering 

B. Disable SSID broadcast 

C. Reduce radio power level 

D. Update router firmware 


Q5. An end user needs to completely re-install Windows 7 on a home computer but it did not come with any OS discs. How would a technician accomplish this? 

A. Recovery partition 

B. Primary partition 

C. System restore 

D. System refresh 


Q6. The system administrator is tasked with installing Windows to 100 computers over the network. The systems administrator needs to remove system-specific identifiers. Which of the following would the system administrator use to accomplish this? 

A. Windows Deployment Services 

B. Remote Installation Services 

C. System Preparation Tool 

D. Unattended installation 



A technician has just removed malware from a Windows 7 system, but the user reports that every time they type a URL into Internet Explorer to navigate to a search engine the same standard page is being displayed on the browser. The page is asking the user to purchase antivirus software. 

Please resolve the problem using the available tools shown. 

When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button to submit your answer. 

Answer: Please review explanation for detailed answer. 

Q8. A technician is trying to install Windows on a computer. The install process reports there are no storage devices available, but the BIOS shows a hard drive is installed. Which of the following does the technician need to do? 

A. Create a primary partition 

B. Use NTFS 

C. Enable PXE 

D. Install third-party drivers 


Q9. A user advises that a computer is displaying pop-ups when connected to the Internet. After updating and running anti-malware software, the problem persists and the technician finds that two rogue processes cannot be killed. Which of the following should be done NEXT to continue troubleshooting the problem? 

A. Run msconfig to clean boot the computer 

B. Run Event Viewer to identify the cause 

C. Run System Restore to revert to previous state 

D. Run Recovery Console to kill the processes 


Q10. A technician is troubleshooting a PC with multiple volumes. To verify which are active and assigned drive letters, the technician should use the LIST function of which of the following commands? 

A. extract 

B. diskpart 

C. bootrec 

D. chkdsk