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Q76. A vApp named Sales has a Memory Limit of 32 GB and a CPU Limit of 12,000 MHz. There are three virtual machines within the vApp: 

Sales-DB -- Has a memory reservation of 20 GB. 

Sales-DC -- Has a memory reservation of 8 GB. 

Sales-Web -- Has a memory reservation of 8 GB. 

Which statement is correct? 

A. All three virtual machines can power on, but will have memory contention. 

B. All three virtual machines can power on without memory contention. 

C. Only two of the three virtual machines can power on. 

D. Only one of the virtual machines can power on. 

Answer: C 

Q77. Which two actions are prerequisites to adding ESXi 6.x hosts to a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify that there is at least one Distributed Port Group on the Distributed Switch. 

B. Verify that the Distributed Port Group have active uplinks configured in its teaming and failover policy. 

C. Verify that the Distributed Switch has been configured with a Network Profile. 

D. Verify that Network I/O control for Management Traffic is configured for the highest share value. 

Answer: A,B 

Q78. A vSphere administrator needs to backup a virtual machine that has a Microsoft SQL Server Database installed. 

Which solution allows for an application quiesce to occur during backup? 

A. VMware vCenter Converter 

B. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 

C. VMware vSphere Replication 

D. VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced 

Answer: D 

Q79. The vSphere administrator is configuring directory services for an ESXi host: -- Exhibit --

-- Exhibit --

What should the vSphere administrator do to configure the host to use CAM services? 

A. Check the Use vSphere Authentication Proxy checkbox. 

B. Set Select Directory Service Type to CAM services. 

C. Specify CAM$ for the Domain. 

D. Set Trusted Domains to camname.tld where name.tld is the domain that the host is joining. 

Answer: A 

Q80. An administrator is attempting to remove an ESXi 6.x host from a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). When the administrator attempts to remove the host, the following error is observed: 

The resource '16' is still in use. 

What three steps are needed to successfully remove the host from the switch? (Choose three.) 

A. Select Manage Ports on the vDS for the host. 

B. Locate all ports currently in use on the vDS for the host. 

C. Migrate or delete any vmkernel or virtual machine adapters associated with the switch. 

D. Remove all network cards from the switch before trying to remove the host. 

E. Create a standard switch for everything to be automatically be migrated to. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q81. An administrator is configuring the Failover Order option on a vSphere Distributed Switch. 

Which two options should be used with IP-hash load balancing? (Choose two.) 

A. Active Uplinks 

B. Standby Uplinks 

C. Unused Uplinks 

D. Override Failover Order 

Answer: A,C 

Q82. An administrator is configuring the Maximum Transmission Unit value on a vSphere Distributed Switch. 

Which two options are typical values for ESXi networking? (Choose two.) 

A. 1492 

B. 1500 

C. 9000 

D. 9089 

Answer: B,D 

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Q83. An administrator has an application that requires connection directly to PCI devices through a virtual machine. 

What is a limitation of this configuration? 

A. Devices must be reserved for PCI passthrough on at least one host on which the virtual machine will run. 

B. Snapshots are not supported with DirectPath I/O passthrough devices. 

C. A maximum of 18 PCI vSphere DirectPath devices can be added to a virtual machine. 

D. Only one PCI controller can be presented to the virtual machine. 

Answer: B 

Q84. Which two Fibre Channel zoning options are supported with vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.) 

A. Single-Initiator 

B. Single-Initiator-Single-Target 

C. Multiple-Initiators-Single-Target 

D. Multiple-Initiators-Multiple-Targets 

Answer: A,B 

Q85. An administrator must determine an appropriate backup solution, given these conditions: . 50 of the virtual machines are in a resource pool named Finance. 

50 of the virtual machines are in a resource pool named QA. 

Which solution allows an administrator the ability to backup 100 virtual machines? 

A. Use Snapshot Manager on the vCenter Server to backup the virtual machines. 

B. Use the VMware Consolidated Backup (vcb) tool on the ESXi Host to backup the virtual machines. 

C. Use the VMware Data Recovery (VDR) Appliance on the vCenter Server to backup the virtual machines. 

D. Use the VMware Data Protection (VDP) Appliance on one of the ESXi Hosts to backup the virtual machines. 

Answer: D 

Q86. An administrator is planning a vSphere infrastructure with the following specific networking requirements: 

. The ability to shape inbound (RX) traffic 

. Support for Private VLANs (PVLANs) 

. Support for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) 

What is the minimum vSphere Edition that will support these requirements? 

A. vSphere Essentials Plus 

B. vSphere Standard 

C. vSphere Enterprise 

D. vSphere Enterprise Plus 

Answer: D 


http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/compare http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/features/distributed-switch.html 

Q87. How many Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) can be configured on a vSphere 6.x Distributed Switch? 

A. 64 

B. 96 

C. 128 

D. 256 

Answer: A 

Q88. What happens to the status of users already logged into ESXi Shell when a vSphere administrator enables lockdown mode? 

A. Users remain logged in and can run commands, except to disable lockdown mode. 

B. Users remain logged in and can run commands, including disabling lockdown mode. 

C. Users are immediately logged out of ESXi Shell. 

D. Users are logged out after a timeout specified by the vSphere administrator. 

Answer: A 

Q89. Which three features can be enabled for a new host cluster? (Choose three.) 

A. Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling 

B. High Availability 

C. Fault Tolerance 

D. Distributed Resource Scheduling 

E. Virtual SAN 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q90. What are two benefits of using NFS 4.1 with vSphere 6.x as compared to NFS 3? (Choose two.) 

A. NFS 4.1 supports Kerberos Authentication 

B. NFS 4.1 supports multipathing 

C. NFS 4.1 supports IPv6 

D. NFS 4.1 supports hardware acceleration 

Answer: A,B 

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