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2021 Mar 2V0-620 exam answers

Q51. The vSphere administrator is configuring directory services for an ESXi host: -- Exhibit --

-- Exhibit --

What should the vSphere administrator do to configure the host to use CAM services? 

A. Check the Use vSphere Authentication Proxy checkbox. 

B. Set Select Directory Service Type to CAM services. 

C. Specify CAM$ for the Domain. 

D. Set Trusted Domains to camname.tld where name.tld is the domain that the host is joining. 


Q52. An administrator is creating a new vSphere Distributed Switch that will be utilized with a specific vSphere Cluster. The cluster itself contains a mix of ESXi 5.x and 6.x Hosts. 

Which Distributed Switch version should be created to support this configuration? 

A. Distributed Switch: 6.0.0 

B. Distributed Switch: 5.0.0 

C. Distributed Switch: 5.1.0 

D. Distributed Switch: 5.5.0 


Q53. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A vSphere 6.x Standard Switch is configured with 4 virtual machine portgroups, as shown in the exhibit. 

Which portgroup would be utilized by default when creating a new virtual machine? 

A. Access Network 

B. DMZ Network 

C. VM Network 

D. Virtual Machine Network 


Q54. An administrator is monitoring a High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) enabled cluster and has noticed that virtual machines in the cluster are being migrated without user intervention. 

Why is this happening? 

A. The DRS Automation level is set to Fully Automated. 

B. The Automation level is set to Automatic. 

C. The DPM Threshold is set to Aggressive. 

D. The Power Management feature is configured. 


Q55. A developer needs to create a multi-tier development stack for a home lab. 

Which vSphere product will support the architecture required for the least software cost? 

A. vSphere Hypervisor 

B. vSphere Essentials 

C. VMware Player 

D. VMware Workstation 


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Q56. An administrator logs into the vSphere Web Client, but is unable to see any hosts and clusters. 

Which two options could fix the problem? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify that the client web browser and vCenter Server are in the same broadcast domain. 

B. Verify that the vCenter Server system is registered with the same Platform Services Controller as the vSphere Web Client. 

C. Log in to the vCenter Server as a user within the Active Directory domain. 

D. Log in to the vSphere Web Client as a user with permissions on the vCenter Server system. 

Answer: B,D 

Q57. A virtual machine has been renamed and an administrator is unable to find files with the new virtual machine name in the datastore. 

What is the reason for this? 

A. The names of the files on the datastore do not change. 

B. The names of the files on the datastore have been corrupted. 

C. The virtual machine needs to be re-added to the inventory. 

D. The Distributed Resource Scheduler moved the virtual machine to another host. 


Q58. An administrator is attempting to enable Storage I/O Control on a datastore, but it is failing. What is the likely reason for this failure? 

A. The host is connected to a datastore is running on ESX 4.0. 

B. The host is connected to a Fibre Channel storage array. 

C. The datastore has multiple extents. 

D. The datastore is managed by a single vCenter Server. 


Q59. An administrator has recently installed a new ESXi 6.x Host, and during the configuration notices sporadic network problems. To check whether the issue occurred sometime during the configuration, the administrator would like to reset the system. 

How can this be accomplished in the shortest amount of time? 

A. Run the ESXi installer again and reinstall the host. 

B. Select the Reset System Configuration option from the vSphere Client when connected directly to the host. 

C. From the Direct Console User Interface, select Reset System Configuration. 

D. Use a host profile to reset the configuration to a default state. 


Q60. When modifying a vApp, which two vSphere entities can be added? (Choose two.) 

A. A resource pool 

B. A network pool 

C. A vApp 

D. A folder 

Answer: A,C