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Q101. Which two actions are prerequisites to adding ESXi 6.x hosts to a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify that there is at least one Distributed Port Group on the Distributed Switch. 

B. Verify that the Distributed Port Group have active uplinks configured in its teaming and failover policy. 

C. Verify that the Distributed Switch has been configured with a Network Profile. 

D. Verify that Network I/O control for Management Traffic is configured for the highest share value. 

Answer: A,B 

Q102. An administrator is attempting to restore a number of files in a directory within the Operating System of a virtual machine. 

How can the administrator restore the files from a previous backup? 

A. Use the File Level Restore option from the selected backup of the virtual machine in the vSphere Web Client. 

B. Connect to the File Level Restore tool from a web browser in the virtual machine. 

C. Connect to the File Level Restore tool from the VMware Data Protection appliance. 

D. Use the File Level Restore option from the selected backup of the virtual machine in the vSphere Client. 


Q103. After selecting an object in vRealize Operations, how can a user compare the badge values of related child objects? 

A. Use the Scoreboard tab 

B. Use the Relationship tab 

C. Use the Members tab 

D. Use the Overview tab 


Q104. Which two components can be used when configuring Enhanced Linked Mode? (Choose two.) 

A. vCenter Server Appliance 

B. vRealize Operations Manager 

C. vSphere Management Appliance 

D. vCenter Server for Windows 

Answer: A,D 

Q105. What information is required as part of an interactive ESXi 6.x installation? 

A. Keyboard layout 

B. IP Address 

C. Root password 

D. DNS information 


Q106. An administrator is installing a new network card in an ESXi 6.x host that is part of a vSphere cluster. When the host is placed into maintenance mode, the vSphere Web Client displays the progress bar at 2% for over 30 minutes. 

Which two are likely reasons for this occurrence? (Choose two.) 

A. Maintenance mode is unable to migrate all virtual machines from the host. 

B. There is a large number of virtual machines that must be migrated from the host. 

C. VMware High Availability is in the process of reconfiguring the cluster. 

D. Each virtual machine on the ESXi host must be reconfigured to recognize the new adapter. 

Answer: A,B 

Q107. A user is trying to retrieve objects from a SharePoint server and finds the request is taking an excessive amount of time. An administrator tries to isolate the issue and notes the following: 

. Application performance is poor when compared to virtual machines on other 


. Performance improves when the virtual machine is moved to another host. 

. The virtual machine encounters higher than expected CPU %Ready times. 

What conclusion can be reached regarding the performance issues for this virtual machine? 

A. Host Power Management is directly impacting virtual machine performance. 

B. The virtual machine has a large number of snapshots. 

C. The Path Selection Policy for the storage device is set differently on the affected host. 

D. Network I/O control is configured for the portgroup. 


Q108. An administrator is moving a virtual machine into a resource pool. The VM and resource pool are configured as shown: 

VM configuration: 


2GHz CPU reservation 1GB Memory limit 

Resource Pool configuration: 


6GHz CPU reservation 1GB Memory reservation No limit to memory 

What happens to the virtual machine's resource settings when it is moved into the pool? 

A. The VM inherits the resource settings of the resource pool if expandable reservations is enabled. 

B. The VM's reservations and limits are ignored and removed. 

C. The VM keeps the 2GHz CPU reservation but receives the 1GB memory reservation. 

D. The VM keeps the 2GHz CPU reservation and the 1GB Memory limit. 


Q109. An administrator reports that the System Event log data is only available for 24 hours when reviewing the Hardware Status tab. 

Which condition could be responsible for the loss of data? 

A. A Reset event log was executed. 

B. The statistical collection level was set to a value of 1. 

C. The boot disk of the host is corrupt. 

D. Syslog has been configured at the vCenter Server level. 


Q110. Which two are true about the Risk badge in vRealize Operations? (Choose two.) 

A. The Risk badge indicates potential future problems that may degrade the performance of the system. 

B. Risks may require attention in the near future. 

C. The Risk badge indicates problems that are degrading performance of the system. 

D. Risks require attention now to correct system performance problems. 

Answer: A,B