May 2021 updated: 2v0-621 vce

Exam Code: 2V0-621 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
Certification Provider: VMware
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2021 May 2V0-621 Study Guide Questions:

Q17. Lockdown Mode has been enabled on an ESXi 6.x host and users are restricted from logging into the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI). 

Which two statements are true given this configuration? (Choose two.) 

A. A user granted administrative privileges in the Exception User list can login. 

B. A user defined in the DCUI.Access without administrative privileges can login. 

C. A user defined in the ESXi Admins domain group can login. 

D. A user set to the vCenter Administrator role can login. 

Answer: A,B 

Q18. Which Platform Service Controller Password Policy determines the number of days a password can exist before the user must change it? 

A. Maximum Lifetime 

B. Password Age 

C. Maximum Days 

D. Password Lifetime 

Answer: A 

Q19. Which three components should an administrator select when configuring vSphere permissions? (Choose three.) 

A. Inventory Object 

B. Role 

C. User/Group 

D. Privilege 

E. Password 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q20. What are two reasons why a local flash device would be unavailable for use with Virtual SAN? (Choose two.) 

A. It has a VMFS datastore present. 

B. It is in use by the vFlash Read Cache feature. 

C. It is smaller than the minimum capacity required for Virtual SAN usage. 

D. It does not have any partitions created. 

Answer: A,B 

Q21. What is the highest object level from which a virtual machine can inherit privileges? 

A. Host Folder 

B. Data Center 

C. Data Center Folder 

D. VM Folder 

Answer: C 

2V0-621  exam question

Up to the immediate present vmware 2v0-621 exam:

Q22. An administrator created a six node Virtual SAN cluster, created a fault domain, and moved three of the six nodes into that domain. 

A node that is a member of the fault domain fails. 

What is the expected result? 

A. The remaining two fault domain members are treated as failed. 

B. The remaining two fault domain members stay protected by the domain. 

C. One of the non-member nodes will be automatically added to the fault domain. 

D. VMware High Availability will restart virtual machines on remaining nodes in the domain. 

Answer: A 

Q23. An administrator is performing a silent automatic update of VMware Tools on a Windows virtual machine. 

What syntax needs to be entered into the Advanced Options box? 

A. /s /v "/qn" /l "c:Windowsfilename.log" 

B. --prefix=/usr/local,/usr/lib,/usr/doc --silent 

C. --prefix=c:Windows,c:VMtools --silent 

D. /fs /v "/qn+" /l "c:Windowsfilename.log" 

Answer: A 

Q24. A vSphere 6 High Availability cluster has been configured with default settings. Four virtual machines in the cluster have been configured with these priorities: 

Prod-DB. High 

Prod-Email: High 

Prod-VC. Medium 

Dev-VDI: Low 

How many VM Overrides would need to be defined at the cluster level to meet the restart priorities? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

Answer: B 

Q25. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator recently created a Virtual SAN but no Storage Policies were defined. A few virtual machines were deployed to this cluster. The administrator analyzes the default Virtual SAN policy as shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Losing one cluster node will not affect data availability. 

B. Losing one Hard Disk in a cluster node will not affect data availability. 

C. Creating a virtual machine Swap file will fail if it violates default storage policy. 

D. Creating a virtual machine will succeed even if it violates default storage policy. 

Answer: A,B 

Q26. An administrator subscribes to the vCloud Air Disaster Recovery service. 

Which replicated objects can be directly monitored and managed? 

A. Virtual machine Snapshots 

B. vApps 

C. Virtual machines 

D. ESXi Hosts 

Answer: C

Guaranteed 2v0-621 exam:

Q27. An administrator is upgrading an ESXi 5.5 host to ESXi 6.x and gets the following error: 


What does this indicate? 

A. Insufficient memory on the ESXi host to complete the upgrade. 

B. Insufficient memory for Auto Deploy to complete the upgrade. 

C. Insufficient memory in vCenter Server to complete the upgrade. 

D. Insufficient memory for Update Manager to complete the upgrade. 

Answer: A 

Q28. What is the maximum number of snapshot instances in vSphere Replication that can be configured to recover a virtual machine at a specific point in time? 

A. 16 

B. 24 

C. 48 

D. 72 

Answer: B 

Q29. Which three options are available for ESXi Certificate Replacement? (Choose three.) 

A. VMware Certificate Authority mode B. Custom Certificate Authority mode 

C. Thumbprint mode 

D. Hybrid Deployment 

E. VMware Certificate Endpoint Authority Mode 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q30. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator reviews the Health of a virtual machine, as shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, which three metrics can be used to determine the virtual machine's Workload characteristics? (Choose three.) 


B. Memory 

C. Network IO 

D. Threads 

E. vNUMA Stats 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q31. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is configuring a storage device as shown in the Exhibit. 

What is the expected effect on the stated device after running the command? 

A. I/O will rotate on all storage targets regardless of port group state. 

B. I/O will rotate on all storage targets that are Active Optimized state only. 

C. I/O will rotate on all storage targets that are Active Unoptimized state only. 

D. I/O will rotate on all storage targets that are on Available Nodes only. 

Answer: B 

Q32. An administrator is implementing a vSphere 6.x environment containing one vCenter Server and five ESXi hosts. The administrator has just finished deploying the vCenter Server appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller (PSC) and needs to ensure that default security certificates within the vSphere 6.x environment are replaced with new certificates. 

What should the administrator do to complete this task with the least administrative effort? 

A. Add the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server before updating the VMCA root certificate on the PSC. 

B. Make VMCA an Intermediate Certificate Authority to ensure each added ESXi hosts receives the same certificate. 

C. Replace the VMCA root certificate before adding the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server. 

D. Create ESXi host security certificates using the SSL Thumbprint mode to ensure consistency among all hosts. 

Answer: C 

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