Advanced Guide: 2v0-621 exam

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2021 Jul vmware 2v0-621 exam:

Q97. Which two statements are true regarding Virtual SAN Fault Domains? (Choose two.) 

A. They enable Virtual SAN to tolerate the failure of an entire physical rack. 

B. Virtual SAN ensures that no two replicas are provisioned on the same domain. 

C. Virtual SAN ensures that all replicas are provisioned on the same domain. 

D. They require VMware High Availability (HA) to ensure component distribution across domains. 

Answer: A,B 

Q98. An administrator would like to use a passphrase for their ESXi 6.x hosts which has these characteristics: 

. Minimum of 21 characters 

. Minimum of 2 words 

Which advanced options must be set to allow this passphrase configuration to be used? 

A. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 7, 21, 7 passphrase=2 

B. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 7, 7 passphrase=2 

C. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 2, 21, 7 

D. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 21, 2 

Answer: B 

Q99. An administrator creates a custom ESXi firewall rule using an XML file, however the rules do not appear in the vSphere Web Client. 

Which action should the administrator take to correct the problem? 

A. Load the new rules using esxcli network firewall reload. 

B. Load the new rules using esxcli network firewall refresh. 

C. Verify the entries in the XML file and then reboot the ESXi host. 

D. Remove the ESXi host from the inventory and add it back. 

Answer: B 

Q100. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is adding an Active Directory over LDAP Identity Source for vCenter Single Sign-On, as indicated in the Exhibit. 

What is the correct value to configure for the Domain alias? 

A. The domain's NetBIOS name. 

B. The fully qualified domain name. 

C. vsphere.local 

D. A user defined label. 

Answer: A 

Q101. When upgrading vCenter Server, an administrator notices that the upgrade fails at the vCenter Single Sign-On installation. 

What must be done to allow the upgrade to complete? 

A. Verify that the VMware Directory service can stop by manually restarting it. 

B. Verify that the vCenter Single Sign-On service can stop by manually restarting it. 

C. Uninstall vCenter Single Sign-On service. 

D. Uninstall the VMware Directory service. 

Answer: A 

Q102. Which two features are available for virtual machines configured with DirectPath I/O? (Choose two.) 

A. Fault Tolerance 

B. Suspend and Resume 

C. Virtual Symmetric Multi-Processing (vSMP) 

D. Virtual Non-Uniform Memory Access (vNUMA) 

Answer: C,D 

Q103. Which secondary Private VLAN (PVLAN) type can communicate and send packets to an Isolated PVLAN? 

A. Community 

B. Isolated 

C. Promiscuous 

D. Primary 

Answer: C 

Q104. An administrator connects to an ESXi 6.x host console in order to shutdown the host. Which option in the Direct Console User Interface would perform this task? 

A. Press the F12 key 

B. Press the F2 key 

C. Press Alt + F1 simultaneously 

D. Press Alt + F2 simultaneously 

Answer: A 

2V0-621  practice

Update 2v0-621 dump:

Q105. An administrator wants to reduce the memory overhead for a 3D graphics enabled virtual machine (VM). 

What advanced feature can be added to the VM configuration file to reduce memory overhead? 

A. vga.vgaOnly=TRUE 

B. vga.svgaEnable=FALSE 

C. svgaEnabled=FALSE 

D. svgaDisable=TRUE 

Answer: A 

Q106. What are three reasons why a virtual machine might fail to power on? (Choose three.) 

A. The virtual machine is running on an ESXi host which has an expired license. 

B. The virtual machine is running on a datastore which has insufficient disk space for the .vswp file. 

C. The virtual machine is in a cluster with vSphere HA Admission control enabled. 

D. The virtual machine has a disconnected network adapter. 

E. The virtual machine does not have a Virtual Hard Disk assigned. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q107. In a vSphere High Availability cluster, what is the VM Monitoring I/O stats interval default value? 

A. 60 seconds 

B. 90 seconds 

C. 120 seconds 

D. 180 seconds 

Answer: C 

Q108. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A Storage Policy for a Virtual SAN is set to the default policy, as shown in the Exhibit. 

Which change would reduce the storage consumption by one third? 

A. Number of failures to tolerate = 1 

B. Number of disk stripes per object = 2 

C. Number of failures to tolerate = 3 

D. Number of disk stripes per object = 1 

Answer: A 

Q109. An administrator needs to migrate a very large virtual machine to vCloud Air from a branch office. 

Which two components can be used to meet this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. vCloud Air Disaster Recovery 

B. Offline Data Transfer 

C. vCloud Connector 

D. Data Center Extensions 

Answer: B,C 

Q110. Which two groups of settings should be reviewed when attempting to increase the security of virtual machines (VMs)? (Choose two.) 

A. Disable hardware devices 

B. Disable unexposed features 

C. Disable VMtools devices 

D. Disable VM Template features 

Answer: A,B 

Q111. When attempting to remove a host from a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS), an administrator observes the error message: 

The resource '16' is in use 

What are two reasons why this error would be displayed? (Choose two.) 

A. VMkernel network adapters on the vDS are in use. 

B. Virtual machine network adapters are connected to the vDS. 

C. Network I/O Control has been configured on the vDS. 

D. There is active network traffic on the vDS. 

Answer: A,B 

Q112. A device's vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) support status command line output shows: 

naa.500253825002a865 VAAI Plugin Name: ATS Status: unsupported Clone Status: unsupported Zero Status: supported Delete Status: unsupported 

What is the corresponding VAAI support status in the vSphere Web Client? 

A. Unknown 

B. Supported 

C. Not supported 

D. Unsupported 

Answer: A 

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