Quick Guide: 2v0 621d dumps

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Q21. An administrator enables High Availability (HA) on a Virtual SAN cluster.

There are four vmkernel port groups with the following IP addresses assigned:

✑ Management:

✑ vMotion:

✑ Virtual SAN:

✑ Fault TolerancE.

Which IP address will HA use for traffic?





Answer: C

Q22. What are two limitations of Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) on a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.)

A. IP Hash load balancing is not a supported Teaming Policy.

B. Software iSCSI multipathing is not compatible.

C. Link Status Network failover detection must be disabled.

D. It does not support configuration through Host Profiles.

Answer: B,D

Q23. Deletion of an NFS datastore generates the following error:

Sysinfo error on operation returned the following status: Busy

Which step can be performed that will allow the deletion to complete successfully?

A. Storage vMotion any virtual machines on the datastore to another location.

B. Remove the datastore from the Storage DRS cluster in which it resides.

C. Verify the value of the NFS.HeartbeatDelta is not set to 0.

D. Suspend any running virtual machines and unmount the NFS datstore.

Answer: A

Q24. Which two methods are recommended for managing the VMware Directory Service? (Choose two.)

A. Utilize the vmdir command.

B. Manage through the vSphere Web Client.

C. Manage using the VMware Directory Service.

D. Utilize the dc rep command.

Answer: A,B

Q25. An administrator wants to configure an ESXi 6.x host to use Active Directory (AD) to manage users and groups. The AD domain group ESX Admins is planned for administrative access to the host.

Which two conditions should be considered when planning this configuration? (Choose two.)

A. If administrative access for ESX Admins is not required, this setting can be altered.

B. The users in ESX Admins are not restricted by Lockdown Mode.

C. An ESXi host provisioned with Auto Deploy cannot store AD credentials.

D. The users in ESX Admins are granted administrative privileges in vCenter Server.

Answer: A,C

Q26. After configuring a Virtual SAN cluster, an administrator using the vSphere Web Client notices that the Virtual SAN datastore is smaller than expected. The cluster contains:

✑ Three ESXi hosts

✑ Each host has one 10GB SDD

✑ Each host has one 100GB HDD

Why would the Virtual SAN datastore show as 100GB instead of 300GB?

A. There is a network problem with the Virtual SAN vmkernel ports.

B. The Virtual SAN VASA provider is disabled.

C. vSphere High Availability is enabled on the Virtual SAN cluster.

D. The Virtual SAN cluster must be managed using the vSphere Web Client.

Answer: A

Q27. Which two statements are true regarding Virtual SAN Fault Domains? (Choose two.)

A. They enable Virtual SAN to tolerate the failure of an entire physical rack.

B. Virtual SAN ensures that no two replicas are provisioned on the same domain.

C. Virtual SAN ensures that all replicas are provisioned on the same domain.

D. They require VMware High Availability (HA) to ensure component distribution across domains.

Answer: A,B

Q28. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator is reviewing a vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) enabled Cluster and observes unexpected behavior as shown in the Exhibit.

What are three potential causes of the cluster imbalance? (Choose three.)

A. A local device is mounted to one or more virtual machines.

B. DRS rules prevent virtual machines from being moved.

C. vMotion is not configured and enabled.

D. There are insufficient cluster resources to perform the migration.

E. DRS has been configured for a conservative migration threshold.

Answer: A,B,C

Q29. An administrator is configuring virtual machines to use Worldwide Port Names (WWPNs) to access the storage.

Which two conditions are required? (Choose two.)

A. The switches in the fabric must be N-Port ID Virtualization aware.

B. The virtual machines must be using passthrough Raw Disk Mapping (RDMp).

C. The virtual machines must be using Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK).

D. The switches in the fabric must be Storage I/O Control aware.

Answer: A,B

Q30. Which two vCenter Server services are migrated automatically as part of an upgrade from a Distributed vCenter Server running 5.x? (Choose two.)

A. vCenter Single Sign-on Service

B. vSphere Web Client

C. vSphere Inventory Service

D. Storage Policy Based Management

Answer: B,C