[May 2021] 2v0 621d pdf

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Q91. A common root user account has been configured for a group of ESXi 6.x hosts.

Which two steps should be taken to mitigate security risks associated with this configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Remove the root user account from the ESXi host.

A. B. Set a complex password for the root account and limit its use.

C. Use ESXi Active Directory capabilities to assign users the administrator role.

D. Use Lockdown mode to restrict root account access.

Answer: B,C

Q92. An administrator is troubleshooting network communications between the vCenter Server and the ESXi 6.x host.

Which log shows the interaction events between these components?

A. /var/log/syslog.log

B. /var/log/hostd.log

C. /var/log/vpxa.log

D. /var/log/fdm.log

Answer: C

Q93. A task fails while creating a VMFS5 datastore on a disk with these characteristics:

✑ Was previously used by a Linux server

✑ Was not erased

✑ Is visible with the vSphere Web Client

Which action can be performed to resolve the issue?

A. Delete the partitions on the disk manually with partedUtil first.

B. Create a VMFS3 file system first, then upgrade it.

C. Create the VMFS5 file system manually using vmkfstools.

D. Delete the data with the vmkfstools command.

Answer: A

Q94. When attempting to remove a host from a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS), an administrator observes the error message:

The resource '16' is in use

What are two reasons why this error would be displayed? (Choose two.)

A. VMkernel network adapters on the vDS are in use.

B. Virtual machine network adapters are connected to the vDS.

C. Network I/O Control has been configured on the vDS.

D. There is active network traffic on the vDS.

Answer: A,B

Q95. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator recently created a Virtual SAN but no Storage Policies were defined. A

few virtual machines were deployed to this cluster. The administrator analyzes the default Virtual SAN policy as shown in the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Losing one cluster node will not affect data availability.

B. Losing one Hard Disk in a cluster node will not affect data availability.

C. Creating a virtual machine Swap file will fail if it violates default storage policy.

D. Creating a virtual machine will succeed even if it violates default storage policy.

Answer: A,B

Q96. A virtual machine is exhibiting these symptoms:

✑ Memory usage is constantly high (94% or greater) or constantly low (24% or less).

✑ Free memory is consistently 6% or less and swapping frequently occurs

Which three solutions could correct this problem? (Choose three.)

A. Verify that VMware Tools is installed on each virtual machine.

B. Decrease the memory reservation setting, if higher than active memory.

C. Add physical memory to the host.

D. Disable the balloon driver in each virtual machine.

E. Create a memory limit for each virtual machine.

Answer: A,B,C

Q97. A failed upgrade from vCenter Server version 5.x to version 6.0 produces the following error:

[00800 error 'Default'] Database version id '600' is incompatible with this release of VirtualCenter.

What is the cause of the upgrade failure?

A. There was a database schema upgrade failure during the installation.

B. The VMWAREVCMSDS service was upgraded before the vCenter Server service.

C. The VMware Directory Service database failed during the installation.

D. There was an incompatible ODBC driver version for the database.

Answer: A

Q98. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator has configured Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) groups and Affinity Rules as shown in the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. If ESXi-A and ESXi-D failed, VM-A and VM-B would not failover.

B. A new conflicting affinity rule will be disabled by default.

C. VM-B and VM-D can run on the same hosts.

D. The administrator must disable Rule3 in order to enable Rule4.

Answer: B,D

Q99. A vSphere 6 High Availability cluster has been configured with default settings. Four virtual machines in the cluster have been configured with these priorities:

✑ Prod-DB. High

✑ Prod-Email: High

✑ Prod-VC. Medium

✑ Dev-VDI: Low

How many VM Overrides would need to be defined at the cluster level to meet the restart priorities?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

A. D. 4

Answer: B

Q100. Which three services can be enabled/disabled in the Security Profile for an ESXi host? (Choose three.)

A. CIM Server

B. Single Sign-On

C. Direct Console UI

D. Syslog Server

E. vSphere Web Access

Answer: A,C,D