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2021 Apr 2V0-631 free practice test

Q41. Which two tools would a vRealize Automation administrator use to extend the default installation for the implementation of Anything as a Service (XaaS)? (Choose two.) 

A. vRealize Orchestrator 

B. Advanced Service Designer 

C. vCloud Automation Center Designer 

D. Infrastructure Organizer 

Answer: A,B 

Q42. After registering the vCloud Connector plug-in with vCenter Server, an administrator discovers that the private cloud does not appear in the plug-in interface. 

What step could be taken to resolve this issue? 

A. Add the vCenter Server information for the private cloud. 

B. Reboot the local node to reload the private cloud data. 

C. Restart the vSphere Client to enable the vCloud Connector plug-in. 

D. Add the local node information for the private cloud. 


Q43. Which three actions should an administrator take before creating a vRealize Automation Business Group? (Choose three.) 

A. Identify the Active Directory distribution groups for the users. 

B. Determine which users will be assigned the Business Group Manager role. 

C. Identify the Active Directory security groups for the users. 

D. Determine which Cost Profiles will be used for the users. 

E. Identify the Distinguished Name of Containers where the Users and Groups for the Tenant are located. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q44. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A manager in the administration group cannot access a new application blueprint named Multi-TieredLampStack. Access should be restricted to applications used by the administration group. 

An administrator examines the information shown in the exhibit. What should be done to grant access? 

A. Publish the application blueprint. 

B. Add a new application version and grant permissions to the administration group. 

C. In the application, set Sharing to Shared. 

D. Add the administrator to the Rainpole Developers group. 


Q45. The vRealize Automation administrator has created a vSphere blueprint. During the entitlement configuration, which action should the administrator configure to allow users to delete machines that have been provisioned from this blueprint? 

A. Destroy (Virtual Machine) 

B. Destroy (vCD vApp) 

C. Destroy (Multi-Machine Service) 

D. Destroy (Cloud Machine) 


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Q46. An administrator needs to enable a cluster to be used by vRealize Automation. The cluster has the following configuration: Which change to the cluster must the administrator make? 

A. Enable HA. 

B. Add additional ESXi hosts to the cluster. 

C. Enable DRS. 

D. Create a resource pool. 


Q47. As part of a capacity planning exercise, a user needs a report of all reservations for all Business Groups within the user's department including the percentage used for machine quota, memory, and storage for powered-on virtual machines. 

How should the user collect the data for this report? 

A. As a fabric administrator, select the columns needed in the Reservation work area and export the data in a convenientform. 

B. Request that each Business Group Manager provide the Reservation data for the user's department and combine the results. 

C. Request that the database administrator pull the data needed from the appropriate database view exporting in CSV format. 

D. As a fabric administrator, run the Reservation Summary Report from the Reports section in vRealize Automation. 


Q48. Which value should be entered for the default tenant when configuring the SSO settings on the vRealize Automation Appliance? 

A. vsphere.local 

B. system-domain 

C. system.local 

D. vsphere-local 


Q49. An administrator incorrectly enters password information for the darwin_user account and locks the account. 

What procedure can be used to unlock the account? 

A. From the vSphere Web Client, browse to Administration > Access > SSO Users and Groups > Locked Users, right-click on the darwin_user account and select Unlock. 

B. From the VMRC Console of the Application Services appliance, log in as the root user and enter: faillog -u darwin_user -r 

C. From the Application Services Remote CLI, log in as the root user and enter: passwd -u darwin_user 

D. From the Application Services Web Interface, choose Administration from the drop down list and select Users, right-click on the darwin_user account and select Unlock. 


Q50. Which two network services are available when NSX for vSphere is integrated with vRealize Automation? (Choose two.) 

A. Dynamic creation of a one-armed load balancer 

B. Network Isolation for multi-machine blueprints 

C. Network Isolation for blueprints 

D. DNSServer 

Answer: A,B