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Q21. From the NSX Edge CLI, which command would show VIP statistics?

A. show service loadbalancer pool

B. show service loadbalancer virtual

C. show service loadbalancer monitor

D. show service loadbalancer

Answer: B


Q22. A network administrator is troubleshooting an issue and needs to observe an injected packet as it passes through the physical and logical network.

Which tool will accomplish this?

A. Traceflow

B. NetFlow

C. Flow Monitoring

D. Activity Monitoring

Answer: A


Reference 8B84-02C18781186F.html

Q23. An administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a routing issue between the Edge Services Gateway (ESG) and the Distributed Logical Router (DLR).

Based on the exhibit, which method CANNOT be used to troubleshoot the issue?

A. SSH session into on the ESG.

B. Console session into the ESG.

C. Console session into the DLR.

D. SSH session into on the DLR.

Answer: A

Q24. Which is a prerequisite for deploying an Edge Service Gateway?

A. Firewall Default Policy

B. An interface

C. Default Gateway

D. High Availability

Answer: B



Q25. If the Applied To scope is set to Distributed Firewall, which virtual machines with have the firewall rule applied?

A. Only the virtual machines defined in the Source field.

B. Only virtual machines defined in the Destination field.

C. All virtual machines in a Datacenter.

D. All virtual machines on prepared hosts.

Answer: C



Q26. Which two statements are true about NSX Data Security support? (Choose two )

A. It supports HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance policies as well as U.S. Driver License and Social Security numbers.

B. It supports both Windows and Linux-based virtual machines.

C. It only supports HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance policies.

D. It only supports Windows-based virtual machines.

Answer: B,C



Q27. An NSX administrator is validating the setup for a new NSX implementation and inputs this command:

A. It helps verify that VXLAN segments are functional and the transport network supports the proper MTU size for NSX.

B. It helps verify that the source virtual machine is configured with the proper MTU size for NSX.

C. It helps verify that the NSX Controller is communicating with the destination VTEP.

D. It helps verify that the NSX Logical Switch is routing packets to the destination host.

Answer: A



Q28. Which load balancing algorithm is only available on a vSphere Distributed Switch?

A. Route Based on Source MAC Hash

B. Route Based on Originating Virtual Port

C. Route Based on IP Hash

D. Route Based on Physical NIC Load

Answer: D

Explanation: 2D2E13765715.html

Q29. Which type of VPN should be configured to ensure application mobility data centers?

A. Application VPN




Answer: B


Reference 23)

Q30. An organization has PCI compliant application deployed as part of a larger NSX environment. Every year a team of contractors evaluates the security of the environment and recommends changes.

What NSX Role and Scope should the contractors be given to minimize access but still allow them to fulfill the staled requirement?

A. Security Administrator, No restrictions

B. Auditor. Limit access scope

C. NSX Administrator, Limit access scope

D. Enterprise Administrator, Limit access scope

Answer: B

Explanation: d_Reference_Architecture_for_PCI_v3.0_June_2014b1844892b9e7e4c6aa280f5fd9df5a0f. pdf

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