10 Tips For 2V0-651 customers

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Q41. An administrator is installing View Connection server and stops at the Authorize a View Administrators account step.

Which user or group is the default suggestion at this stage?

A. The Domain Admins group

B. The local user performing the install

C. The local Administrators group

D. The domain user performing the install

Answer: D

Q42. An administrator creates a Windows 7 parent virtual machine for a linked-clone pool but finds that some of the virtual machines fail to customize. The administrator has confirmed that the View Agent is installed with the correct components. The virtual machines are configured with the following hardware specifications:

✑ 1 vCPU



✑ 64MB Video RAM

What is causing the problem?

A. The Receive Side Scaling (RSS) setting for the VMXNET3 driver is set to 2.

B. Parent virtual machines for a linked-clone pool require a minimum of 2 vCPUs.

C. The parent virtual machine does not have enough video RAM configured.

D. The Microsoft Windows 7 patch for the VMXNET3 driver has not been installed.

Answer: D

Q43. An administrator is preparing a virtual machine guest OS for a View pool deployment. A security policy requires that non-VMware View Clients must not be able to connect directly to virtual desktops using RDP.

Which configuration option should the administrator choose to meet the requirement?

A. Set Allow users to choose protocol to No

B. Set Default display protocol to PCoIP

C. Set AllowDirectRDP to Disabled

D. Set Default display protocol to RDP

Answer: C

Q44. An administrator increases the number of virtual desktops in a desktop pool and finds that the provisioning task fails with an error. The error indicates that an Active Directory object already exists with the name of the virtual machine being created.

After reviewing the error, the administrator checks the inventory of the pool and finds that there are two virtual machines with the same name in the inventory list.

What is causing the issue?

A. The naming pattern configured for the pool has been modified since the pool was created.

B. The Computer Account in Active Directory was moved out of the Organization Unit in which it was created.

C. An existing virtual machine with the same name was moved out of the desktop pool folder in vCenter Server.

D. The Allow re-use of pre-existing computer accounts setting is selected in the pool settings.

Answer: C

Q45. An administrator is creating a new Floating Assignment Linked-Clone pool. The pool will contain approximately 30 virtual machines based on a parent virtual machine with a 12GB disk and 100GB datastore.

What is the lowest Storage Overcommit Level that will support this pool?

A. None

B. Conservative

C. Moderate

D. Aggressive

Answer: B

Q46. Which two requirements must be met to enable use of the View Composer Array Integration feature? (Choose two.)

A. A Full-Clone Desktop Pool

B. A Linked-Clone Desktop Pool

C. An NFS Array

D. A VMFS Array

Answer: B,C

Q47. An administrator has set the default display protocol for a desktop to PCoIP to support 1080p quality video on the LAN. Group Policy Object (GPO) settings are applied to the virtual desktops to enforce the following settings:

✑ PCoIP session bandwidth floor = 0

✑ Enable Build to Lossless = Enabled

✑ PCoIP Maximum Frame Rate = 20

✑ Minimum Initial Image Quality = 90

Which configuration option is responsible for users reporting that video playback is choppy?

A. PCoIP session bandwidth floor

B. Enable Build to Lossless

C. Minimum Initial Image Quality

D. PCoIP Maximum Frame Rate

Answer: D

Q48. Which prerequisite must an administrator verify before installing a View Connection server?

A. Internet Information Services (IIS)

B. Dynamic IP address

C. Apache Web Server

D. Static IP address

Answer: D

Q49. An administrator is configuring Kiosk mode in View. The administrator completes the following tasks:

✑ Verifies that clients on the Windows machines that are being used can connect with a normal username and password.

✑ Creates accounts with appropriate Active Directory attributes for the machines that will operate as kiosks.

When the clients are tested, they do not automatically log in after connecting to the Connection Server.

What is causing this issue?

A. The Kiosk mode user account was not added to the Connection Server to which the client is connecting.

B. The Connection Server to which the client is connecting has not been enabled for Kiosk mode clients.

C. The Kiosk mode user account was created in the wrong Organizational Unit.

D. The View Client machine has not been enabled for Kiosk mode using the client registry settings.

Answer: B

Q50. A View environment includes a View Connection Server and View Security Server.

The View Connection Server has the following configuration:

✑ DNSName: view.company.com

✑ IP Address:

The View Security Server has the following configuration:

✑   DNSName:security.company.com

✑ IP Address:

An administrator needs to set up View to allow external access for users via PCoIP.

Which option represents the format in which information must be entered into the PCoIP External URL field in View Administrator?

A. https://security.company.com:443



D. security.company.com:4172

Answer: C