What Does 2V0-651 answers Mean?

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Q1. An organization's ThinApp packaged applications are being delivered to both physical and virtual desktops using a login script.

The administrator has implemented Workspace Portal across the organization. Instead of using login scripts, the administrator needs to provide the applications to users from the Workspace Portal application catalog.

Which ThinApp utility and parameter should the administrator use?

A. relink.exe -a

B. vregtool.exe -h

C. vregtool.exe -a

D. relink.exe -h

Answer: D

Q2. Refer to the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which two paths are used for PCoIP traffic? (Choose two.)

A. Path A

B. Path B

C. Path C

D. Path D

Answer: A,C

Q3. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator recently updated a linked-clone desktop pool with optimizations to improve performance. After the desktop pool is recomposed, users are unable to connect to their client printers. The administrator examines the services on the desktop, as shown in the exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which Windows service is causing the client printers to fail to connect to virtual desktops?

A. Desktop Window Manager Session Manager

B. VMware USB Arbitration Service

C. TP AutoConnect Service

D. Windows Firewall

Answer: C

Q4. In addition to the default user attributes, which specific Active Directory attribute is required for integrating View with Workspace Portal?

A. User Distinguished Name

B. SAMAccountName

C. SAMAccountType

D. User Principal Name

Answer: D

Q5. An administrator is configuring the View Connection Broker Agent. The Adapter instance is properly configured within vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon. When the administrator clicks on the Test button to pair the server, the test fails. IP address and name resolution are validated and working for both servers.

What should the administrator do to verify connectivity between both servers?

A. Verify that a proper Fully Qualified Domain Name exists for the vCenter Operations for Horizon servers.

B. Verify that the certificate on the vCenter Operations for Horizon server is recognized by the View server.

C. Login with a domain admin account, instead of a local account on the View server.

D. Verify that the proper port is open between vCenter Operations for Horizon and the View server.

Answer: D

Q6. An administrator is configuring a Group Policy Object (GPO) for an Organizational Unit (OU) that contains virtual Windows 7 desktops. The administrator needs several user settings to apply only to users accessing desktops in this OU.

After configuring the GPO, the administrator notices that the group policy user settings are not being applied.

Why are the user settings not being applied?

A. The Loopback processing GPO setting was not enabled on the Computers OU.

B. The OU does not contain both User and Computer objects.

C. The Windows 7 desktops were not restarted after GPO was configured.

D. The user settings must also be applied to the default Users OU.

Answer: A

Q7. An administrator needs to increase the number of desktop resources in a dedicated assignment manual pool. This pool is made of unmanaged virtual machines.

What should the administrator do?

A. Create additional virtual machines and add them to the pool as desktop sources.

B. Edit the pool settings to increase the minimum number of desktops.

C. Change the vCenter Server settings in the pool to Provision on demand.

D. Increase the number of available replica virtual machines in View Composer.

Answer: A

Q8. An administrator is overcommitting storage in an attempt to more efficiently use the available capacity. The administrator needs to ensure that linked-clones are evenly distributed across available datastores.

Which feature of View should the administrator use?

A. Storage DRS

B. Storage vMotion

C. Rebalance

D. View Storage Accelerator

Answer: C

Q9. An administrator in a large organization needs to delegate authority to manage a group of desktops to another administrator at a remote site. The desktops have been placed in a folder in View Administrator so that a user can be assigned to manage those desktops only.

The remote site administrator must be able to:

✑ Perform all desktop, session, and pool-related operations

✑ Manage persistent disks

✑ Resync, Refresh, and Rebalance linked-clone pools and change the default pool image

What is the most restrictive predefined role that can be assigned to meet these requirements?

A. Administrators

B. Agent Registration Administrators

C. Global Configuration and Policy Administrators

D. Inventory Administrators

Answer: D

Q10. An administrator is creating a pool of desktops for a group of developers. The administrator needs to provide control to a user from the group to manage the recompose and refresh operations. The user's controls must apply only to the developer pool.

What should the administrator do?

A. Create a developer folder, add the developer pool, and assign a user with the Inventory Administrators role to the folder.

B. Create the developer pool and assign the Manage Desktops global privilege to the virtual desktops.

C. Create the developer pool and assign the Inventory Control global privilege to the virtual desktops.

D. Create a developer folder, add the desktops, and assign a user with the Manage Desktops role to the folder.

Answer: A